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Does Bones have Asperger's Syndrome? I read it in an article (where to find it online is in details) and thought someone else might have a bit more information such as if this is true, and if so what episode.

This is where I found the article. link
 iluvhousemd posted over a year ago
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renrae said:
I do not think Brennan has Asperger's. the reason for this is that we are lead to believe that, as a younger kid, she was friends with other kids. As she got older she got more involved in science, and then was put into foster care. All of this probably led her to be less social, and it obviously shows, which, I think, could give an illusion that she has some kind of social impairment. It hasn't been confirmed in canon, so no one can really say for sure. But we know that Brennan can associate with other people if she is in the mood for it, often she just gets very exasperated at the other peron's lower intelligence and stops reacting. I just made her sound like a science experiment. That's my opinion, someone else might say she is.

I do think Zach has Asperger's. He seems genuinely impaired socially, and I've seen people say that he does have it. Can't say for sure.
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posted over a year ago 
I agree. Brennan can actually be quite skilled in social relationships. She may not be a "people person" but I don't think it's a social impairment. However, the writers and Emily Deschanel have both commented that Zack most likely has Asperger's, so I think we can take that as canon. I've heard neither actor nor writer mention that Brennan has the same problem, though if they did, I would feel like it was overkill. Interesting article, but it doesn't have very good sources, nor, it seems, a very solid definition of what Asperger's is.
Cinders posted over a year ago
Apparently I was wrong. Emily and the writers seem to think that Bones does have a form of Aspergers, but I would assume it to be VERY VERY MILD. I'm disappointed-- The writers did a great job with Zack and characterizing the disorder, but I think they just decided half way through to do it with Brennan. I'm sad now. (Source: link
Cinders posted over a year ago
The autism disorder spectrum is so vast, and in many aspects the research ist just at the beginning. Having a son with mild autistic traits, I would concur that Brennan displays definite autistic traits. If Brennan was an actual human being in real life, I would hazard the guess that a diagnosis would be almost impossible due to her high IQ and her ability to learn social conventions as she goes along.
annys42 posted over a year ago
wodin said:
I was married for 12 years and my wife had Aspergers Syndrome. Not mild either. Aspergers effects girls in a totally different way than men and they can form relationships and have mates. They struggle though and when young are seen as odd and kids can be cruel.

Thats why it's so difficult to diagnose girls when they are younger. My ex was 34 when she was diagnosed.

SO after watching Bones recently, yes she does appear to have Aspergers. Infact atypical for female with AS I feel.

You really can't compare male AS to female AS.

I'm now a single parent and bringing up my daughter who also shows signs but she is borderline.She is eleven.

Personally I think Bones portrays female AS very well indeed.

I watch it actually as it reminds me of my ex. I love Bones ways just like I loved them in my ex. Sadly though being in a relationship is very very hard. Especially my was due to violence and like many with AS she ended up resorting to drink.
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posted over a year ago 
chrissytap17 said:
i dont think so
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posted over a year ago 
thor1113 said:
Yes, she does have aspergers.
It's harder to diagnose it in females because the female brain doesn't respond and react the same way a male does. As females we are better at mimicking behaviour so we are able to blend in turn hiding any symptoms.
I have aspergers and I got diagnosed with everything but it as a kid only to be diagnosed with aspergers when I was 24.
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posted over a year ago 
raindawn said:
Yes she clearly has Aspergers she is very intelligent in subjects that she is interested in but lacks the communication and showing her feelings I am 25 and just recently was diagnosed with Asperger's I make the honor society in college every semester but don't communicate well with others and i have a fiancé for 7 years so just because she is married and has friends doesn't mean she does not have A.S but i watch this show all the time because it shows me what someone with AS can do and helps me alot
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posted over a year ago 
asdfghjklthy said:
The four characteristics of Asperger's syndrome are
1) Lack of understanding nonverbal cues.
Plain English: If you don't say it, they don't get it. Body language and sometimes even a smile doesn't mean anything to someone with Asperger's syndrome.
Bones is okay about this one, but she doesn't pick up on people being angry or sad (emotions you express with your whole body, not just your mouth) very well, as is shown time and time again.

2) Lack of sharing.
Plain English: When something excites you, you want to tell the world about it. This is not true for people with Asperger's.
We can definitely cross this one off the list for Bones. Examples would be when she had her ultrasound when she was pregnant and found out the baby's sex - but didn't even tell Booth.

3) Heightened interest in a few subjects and very low interest in others.
Plain English: Crazy and sometimes almost obsessive or sole interest in a few things, and barely any interest in just about everything else.
Bones is amazingly knowledgeable about forensic anthropology and related subjects. She has very few other interests.

4) Lack of reciprocation.
Plain English: You wave at your friend Bob across the street, who has Aspergers. Bob doesn't wave back. He doesn't see the need to.
Bones demonstrates this one in just about every episode.

She definitely has some sort of social disorder. I would say Asperger's, since all of the symptoms line up. Conclusion: Bones has Asperger's syndrome.
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posted 10 months ago 
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