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What is this '447' thing??

So I was watching the PaleyFest and they were talking about '447' and how it appears everywhere or something but I don't ever recall seeing it. If someone could please explain or if it is too much to explain give me a link with explains it all that would be great.
 mimialliwell posted over a year ago
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kspilstead said:
It's the time on the clock in 'The End in the Beginning' at the start of the episode with Booth and Brennan in bed. It also appears in 'The Beginning in the End' (Season 5) in the apartment of the hoarder. Hanson mentioned the time being in other episodes, not that I have yet noticed.
But Hanson states the meaning of the numbers 447 will be revealed in the last episode ever.
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posted over a year ago 
yup:) if you recall during paleyfest, HH mention is something very dedicated fans will notice. it will also appear as the time of when B&B little girl is born. no one knows, only HH and SN do but they arent gonna tell us jst yet
alisonfaith297 posted over a year ago
Its also in episodes: 4:26, 5:22, 6:22, 7:6, 7:12, 7:13, and 9:1....these are only the episodes I am aware of so far.
Grace_E posted over a year ago
I was just watching Prisoner in the Pipe and Christine was born with 4:47 left in the episode.
BeastyBones posted over a year ago
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