Bones is an awesome singer!
I know that when you sit down to watch another great episode of Bones, the last thing that goes thought your mind is what kind of music will be on the show! Well, if I'm honest, its not my first thought either but I have to admit, the music on Bones is really good and I don't think the show would be the same without it! So, I've made a list of my top ten songs ever featured on Bones! Hope you enjoy! :)

10: This song, played as Angela walked down the aisle in the last episode of season two, is one of my faves! Its "Gimme all your lovin'" by ZZ Top. I thought it was really "Angela" to play that instead of the tradtional wedding march!
And the fact that her dad was none other than Billy Gibbons, the lead singer in ZZ Top makes it one of my faves!

9:The Bones Theme tune is number nine on my list, and although it isn't technically a song I think its really important because when you hear it, you know to make your way to the TV fast, cause Bones is starting!

8: Coming in at number eight, we have "Pride" by Syntax. Although I don't really know the band, I do know that I love this song, from season one. I think thats the great thing about all the different types of music on Bones, it introduces you to cool new bands!

7: "Something" by the Cary Brothers is my number seven. I love this song so much! Although its probably not one of the most popular songs in Bones, I think it sums up the relationship between Bones and Booth perfectly!

6: Just missing out on the top five is "Girls just wanna have fun". Although the Cyndi Lauper's version wasn't used, Bones did an amazing version of it in season three at the karaoke bar. I guess her mum was right, she does sing it almost as good as Cyndi!

5: Number five is one of my all time faves! Its "Feel it now" by Black Rebel Motorcycle club. It was played in "The superhero in the alley", when Bones and Booth go to a young murder victims funeral. It's a sad song but is still very beautiful.

4: At number four is "Running up that hill" by PLacebo. Although its played when Bones' dad is killing someone, its still a great song and is one of the first songs I think of when someone mentions the music in Bones!

3: "Bring on the wonder" by Susan Enan is my number three. It's a beautiful song and I think it suits the scene they played it on. Bones tells a foster kid that "The weight of the world is not on her shoulders" and its a really cute scene.

2: And narrowly missing out on the number one spot is "Tears and Laughter" By Tall Tree Six Ft. Man. This song sums up Bones in a nutshell in my opinion! Its played in season two at Hodgins friend's murder trial. It shows the love that Angela and Hodgins have together as she supports him throught this tough time in his life.

1: And the winner is...........
(Drum roll please!)
"Fountain" by Sara Lov! This song is played on the courthouse steps just as Bones finds out that her father isn't guilt of murder. I love the way that the song completly takes over the momment and Bones and Max stand there hugging as Booth looks on.... Its just amazing!!

Well, thats my list! Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'd love to hear what your top Bones songs are!