Ok, I just saw the new episode on Monday, and I just have to say some stuff about it. First, who else thought it was hilarious when she walked down right into the middle of the fight, and everyone just kept backing up saying "Is she pregnant?" and "Get outta the way!" and stuff like that? Also, when she went into labor, why didn't they just go to the prison hospital? Instead they tried to drive 10 miles away! And then they didn't even make it! And if you're driving 60 miles an hour, then you can drive 10 miles in 10 minuets, but they couldn't get there in time. Who has a baby that fast? I've heard of people being in labor for up to 48 hours! How can they not make a 10 minute drive? And even if they only drive 30 miles an hour, that's still only 20 minutes! Then there was the whole manger thing. When I saw that, I started rubbing my temples and saying "Oh god, they're really gonna do this, aren't they? Oh dear god..." I mean, it was just so cheesy, and the way they did it, it almost seemed forced. Like they had that part planned from the beginning, and they were trying to build the whole episode around it, but couldn't quite get it to work. And what makes Booth qualified to deliver a baby? And what about the umbilical cord and all the germs? I mean, if you're not going to make it to the hospital, and all you can get too is a stable, with a horse, it seems like the best choice would be the car. I mean, it's a big SUV, and if they folded down the back seats, it seems like a much more logical choice. Don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, it just seemed like they could have done the birth a lot better. Other than that, it was great. And I thought it was really sweet how they named her Christen Angela. A lot better than Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgens. I mean, I feel really bad for that kid. Try fitting that name on a library card! But what I really want to know is, what's her last name? I know usually you go with the father's name, but knowing Brennan, she'll be pretty stubborn, and say "Anthropologically speaking, parents only did that so that the father would know that baby was his" or something like that. So I can't wait to find that out. Anyway, I think I'm out of rant topics, so I'm gonna go now. Thanks for listing!