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Umm... 7x13 ending

Opinion by imcrazybones posted over a year ago
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So a few days ago I have watched the season finale of Bones and I gotta say... IT WAS AWESOME !

I mean, all of these other episodes of season seven was all tutti frutti and that kinda stuff... finally some drama ! I'm not a hater but I think that the show has lost their specifity which is sexual tension between Bren and Booth. And then it was all gone. In one hand you're happy that they are together and in other you're sad and angry because its kinda boring now ! But when I watched the promo I was very happy like ( YYAAYY OLD SCHOOL BONES IS BACK ). But the neding was :'( I DON'T GET IT ! So, between the seasons producers pretend that it is a year later ( I mean the new season ) sooo... Bren will be back in 1 YEAR ???? Or she will be back and they will start the season after she got back or what ? I will be sad if they dont show hers return. That is very confussing... Will they be together or Booth will not forgive her ? Its an blind alley if you ask me. I'm happy that Emily was pregnant but the baby kinda ruined the whole show...

So I don't even know what to think...

(This is just my opinion, if you don't have the same please don't comment rude comments.)
Thank you.
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