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heeeresjoyce posted on May 18, 2009 at 11:18PM
Woohoo! Another contest! Lol, anyway here's what it's about.

Credit for this idea go to wazngirl and Numbers (x5mp1xp1nx22x).

This is just a contest for the best word to describe something. For each round, I'll tell you what the subject is and you must describe it in one or two words. After about a day or so, I'll post a pick where everyone can vote on the entries!


- One entry per round.
- You cannot use any part of the name of the round.
- You can only use ONE OR TWO words! If you use more (that includes small words like "and", "the", "to", etc.), your entry will not count. Also, words with dashes still count as multiple words.
- Try not to copy other people. If your entry is very similar to another that was posted before you, yours will not count.
- Do not vote for yourself.
- For most rounds, there will be extra rules on what your entry should be. Please always remember to check to see if there are any.

List of winners and picks:

link - winner is Lucretia (Brennan: Iceland)
link - winner is ballaholic (Booth: paladin)
link - winner is TypicalSquint (Angela: Free spirit)
link - winner is JoweSparrow (Cam: The Empress)
link - winner is suu (Sweets: baby duck)
link - winner is deedeedot (Hodgins: Hodgepodge)
link - winner is natulle (Zack: Zackaroni)
link - winner is ebathory (Goodman: Dad)
link - tied!
link - winner is TypicalSquint (Vincent: Fun Factoids)
link - winner is heeeresjoyce (Wendell: "Mob connections")
link - winner is Bones_Obsessor (Clark: Too undramatic)
link - winner is TypicalSquint (Fisher: Morbidly Cynical)
link - winner is deedeedot (Daisy: Buttercup)
link - tied!
link - winner is deedeedot (Arastoo: Mysterious Persian)
link - winner is natulle (Caroline: Cherie)
link - winner is vann (Max: Columbus)
link - winner is TypicalSquint (Russ: Marco polo)
link - winner is bonezrulez (Epps: 50th Kill)
link - winner is deedeedot (Gormogon: Gorgonzola)
link - winner is deedeedot (The Gravedigger: God)
link - winner is ebathory (Parker: Future Squint)
link - winner is Bones_Obsessor (Grayson: Giant)
link - winner is deedeedot (Wyatt: James Bond)
link - winner is heeeresjoyce (Cullen: Brennan Hater)
link - winner is bl0ndy (Perotta: Blonde Bitch)
link - winner is Bones_Obsessor (Jared: Selfish Coward)
link - winner is natulle (Rebbecca: Full Custody)
link - winner is Bones_Obsessor (Sully: Peanut)
link (still in progress)

Current round is: Tessa
EXTRA ROUND RULES: You cannot use "Booth's girlfriend" or anything else having to do with her role on House. :p

Once we start running out of ideas, feel free to make suggestions on what the round should be about. :)
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over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Brennan: Queen Bee
over a year ago renrae said…
Brennan: Booth's 'One'

Coming from a biased shipper. :)
over a year ago Serienjunkie91 said…
Bone lady
over a year ago iluvtheshow said…
Quirky Lovableness

? I may have made "lovableness" up. idk. :)
over a year ago Cladra said…
Brennan: Fighter
over a year ago Lucretia said…
Brennan: Iceland

over a year ago verbatim33 said…
Brennan: Miss Independence
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
All right, guys! Round 1 is up! Next round is Booth. You are not allowed to use "FBI agent". :)

EDIT: You are also not allowed to use "agent". :p
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Cladra said…
Booth: Mr.Muscle
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Booth: Heart
over a year ago ryans_love said…
booth: agent hot stuff
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Sorry ryans_love, but it has to be one or two words. You need to change your entry.
over a year ago ballaholic said…
Booth: paladin
over a year ago Lucretia said…
Booth: Ripley
over a year ago Serienjunkie91 said…
Booth: Eye Candy
over a year ago deedeedot said…
Booth: (Brennans) Cowboy
over a year ago suu said…
Booth: Puppy eyes (I know, I know, not that good but it was the first thing that came to mind)
over a year ago szabrina995 said…
Booth: sperm donor ( that's so stupid xD )
over a year ago iluvtheshow said…
Care Giver
over a year ago ChinaMarie said…
Booth : In Denial
over a year ago verbatim33 said…
Booth: Mr.Sweetheart
over a year ago TypicalSquint said…
Booth: Brennan's Love
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Next round! This one is for ANGELA. Extra round rules are that you cannot use "best friend", "artist", or "facial reconstruction". :)
over a year ago Cladra said…
Angela: Cupid
over a year ago renrae said…
Angela: Official Matchmaker

Is that too much like cladra's?
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
I think it's alright, renrae. :)
over a year ago renrae said…
Ok. :)
over a year ago deedeedot said…
Angela: Exotic princess
over a year ago babybell said…
or 'facial reconstruction' ? XXD
Angela: Spicy
I was gonna go with Fruity but then i realized the connotation..
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Haha BB, yes. "Facial reconstruction" seemed unlikely, but I thought it would be kind of a cop-out if someone did do it. :p
over a year ago renrae said…
I almost did, and then realized that would be stupid. :)
over a year ago TypicalSquint said…
Angela : Free spirit
over a year ago Lindy52 said…
Angela: Pearly Gates

(Her middle name!)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Hilson said…
Angela: Brennan's Heart
over a year ago 22243 said…
Angela; whimzically loving
over a year ago woopwoop said…
Angela: flakey
over a year ago verbatim33 said…
Angela: Devil
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Next round! This one is CAM. There are no extra round rules this time, so go ahead and do what you want! :)
over a year ago Cladra said…
Cam : The Catwoman
over a year ago deedeedot said…
Cam: Mom
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Serienjunkie91 said…
Cam: Squint's Queen
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago renrae said…
Cam: Royal Pathologist
over a year ago Evanescencefan said…
Cam: Bossy
over a year ago JoweSparrow said…
big smile
Cam: The Empress

(you know... Hodgins: King of the Lab! (notices Cam)... A loyal servant of the empress.))
I almost went with kindergarten teacher... :D
over a year ago verbatim33 said…
Cam: Miss Slimness
over a year ago TypicalSquint said…
Cam: Zoo Keeper
over a year ago heeeresjoyce said…
Cam: Wank-tard

I don't actually think this, but I couldn't resist. XD
over a year ago iluvtheshow said…
Cam: Experiment Killer

I really like empress though :) Wank-tard LOL
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago natulle said…
Cam: Booth's ex ;)

(Didn't know what else to say, the others have been taken ;D)
over a year ago VolleyKane said…
May I join in?

Cam: Big Cheese
(I have no idea)