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Opinion by Brylannie posted over a year ago
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Team Bonnie Bennett, Bamon AND Stelena, please join together THIS Sunday(Monday for some) August 31, 2014 to help trend Fan Fav Bonnie Bennett(no hashtag) to prove that Bonnie Bennett IS, in fact, a fan favorite character on the tv series The Vampire Diaries. I have posted links below of many of the articles and polls that have been created to manipulate the writers of The Vampire Diaries into thinking that everyone hates Bonnie BENNETT and that she isn't popular, so that they won't think she is worthy of being paired with 1 of the male leads on the show that she was written to have had a relationship with in the books.. Damon Salvatore. They constantly make unnecessary negative comments towards her character to make the writers and decision makers of TVD THINK that no one cares about her or wants her with Damon Salvatore, who is obviously very popular. In the first article I posted a link to below, the author I plan to classily pay back with this trend unnecessarily referred to Bonnie as "The Decided NOT fan fav" before going into what she think may be in store for Bonnie in season 6. She's clearly a Dullena Fan, who's trying to play down Bonnie's popularity because she fears...
Opinion by nglenn9 posted over a year ago
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Ok, so I thought I'd take some time to explain why I feel Bonnie's treatment on the show is worst than all the other characters. First of all, I think all us Bonnie supporters realize that every character on the show has had their share of issues and pain. TVD is a drama after all so all the characters will end up wth drama filled lives. but there's a formula of cost and benefit that all characters are treated according to; except Bonnie. I'm going to BRIEFLY touch on our main and main supporting characters. not that our villians, supporting side characters and guest characters aren't important. it would just take an eternity to talk abut everyone who's ever been on and our main people prove the point i think..lol! I'll map it out like this:

First, the three "main characters":
Damon has definately experienced pain. Generally, his Katherine problems, his elena problems, and his overall bonding and angst issues. So the writers have his benefits equal or maybe even outweigh his cost or suffering. He gets plenty of screen time so we can have a chance to bond with him, he gets to always show his vulnerable side so we can forgive him, he gets plenty of...
News by flowerdrop posted over a year ago
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The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham: Abby Bennett's Involvement in the Mythology Is Shocking

What does a vampire do when he can't get the job done? Call on a witch.

As we last saw on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore is looking to take Klaus down, but a locked coffin stands in his way. Bonnie's powers seem to be the only thing that can uncover the key to destroying the most dangerous hybrid in town.

"Stefan feels that it's so important to his freedom, it's detrimental to everything that he wants, to get [the coffin open] because he doesn't want to deal with Klaus anymore on any level," Kat Graham tells TVGuide.com. "He calls on Bonnie [who's] resistant at first like."

But Bonnie doesn't just have decide if she should unlock the coffin. She's caught between Stefan's plea for help and best friend Elena, who strongly opposes Stefan's plans for revenge.

"How Elena is affected in all this really is very important to Bonnie [so] she's going to be weighing all the options. If she does [open the coffin], does she let Elena know? Does she not let Elena know? What would happen if she lets Elena...