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Bonnie's Multi Shippings Videos

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Kol // Bonnie // Damon **Next Contestant**

| Bonnie & Kol | Begin Again |

Kol + Bonnie | Finally, You and Me

Bonnie vs The Originals - Breath of Life

Bonnie's Harem - Supadope

Bonnie and Mikael - Let Me Feel Your Darkness

Bonnie and Connor - Let the Moment Slip Away

Bonnie and Shane - We Are All Illuminated

Bonnie and Derek - I'm Not Perfect but I Keep Trying

Bonnie and Derek - Outlaws of Love

Bonnie and Derek - Howl

Bonnie and the Originals+Bamon+Stefonnie

Kol / Bonnie / Jamie [Think Twice]

Bonnie & Tyler [O' Death]

Bonnie & Henry [Preview]

Bonnie's appetites promo

3x10 Bonnie scenes

stefanbonnie 'hazy'

3x08 Bonnie and Alaric scene

Stefan/Bonnie/Damon [Only Human]

Klonnie scenes - 3x05

bonnie • it's always darkest before the dawn

All About Klonnie


Klaus & Bonnie & Damon [requested]

Rock god (Dean Winchester/Bonnie Bennett)

Bonnie/ Stefan [I can change your mind; turn it all around]

damon/bonnie • AU STORY • I will try to fix you

Bonnie/Klaus • Such A Waste Of A Young Heart [AU]

Bonnie Bennett

jeremy/bonnie + anna {3x07}; so cold

bonnie & damon | SPITFIRE

B / D - Starry Eyed

Save you (Stefan/Bonnie)

Stefan/Bonnie we drink the fatal drop

Stefan & Bonnie - 'Swap our places'

[please don't go] ღtb -au-

Bonnie & Tyler || Howl


bonnie & elijah || the original & the servant of nature [au vidlet]


Bonnie/Alaric [Stay]

Damon/Bonnie/Azazeal - Pierce me with your darkness

Nate Archibald/Bonnie Bennett - Collide

Dean Winchester/Bonnie Bennett - Simple man

Puck/Bonnie - Falling

Caleb/Bonnie - Get me through

Reid Garwin/Bonnie Bennett - It is what it is

Come home (Dean/Bonnie and Sam/Caroline)

The Vampire Diaries 3x10 "The New Deal" Extended Promo

TVD 3x09 Bamon scene

The Vampire Diaries 3x10 Promo

Damon ❤ Bonnie; I wanted words, but all I heard was nothing

Klaus + Bonnie + Damon | It's getting colder in here

Klaus ❤ Bonnie - I'm only human