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News by TheGoldenHeart posted over a year ago
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"Das Goldene Herz" gibt es jetzt auf deutsch zu kaufen

Paperback: http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID37987/Das-Goldene-Herz

Hardcover: http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID38007/Das-Goldene-Herz

E-Book: http://www.tredition.de/?books/ID38012/Das-Goldene-Herz

Man kann das Buch gleich dort kaufen, in allen großen Online-Stores oder im Buchhandel vor Ort bestellen.

Außerdem ist es hier in Verbindung mit Preisen vergünstigt zu kaufen

Article by fletcherrhoden posted over a year ago
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Popular YA author Jenni Frendswith talks about the roll-out of her books in paperback, including the much-anticipated THIS YOUNG JESUS Vol. I. She talks about the future of the series, other projects, paperback vs. ebooks and life at new house Blujesto Press.

Q: Jenni, your books seem to be coming out all over the place! I liked your recent interview for your poetry book, HAIKU FOR YOU. Is that not coming out in paperback?
A: Well, I do still have a few books that are Kindle exclusives at the moment. I suppose it’ll be up to Blujesto Press if they see paperback or not. They already spend so much time and energy on me and my books, I feel badly that I’m dominating their attention. But they seem to be pretty attentive to their other writers.
Q: They just put out the third novella in your series THIS YOUNG JESUS. PANTHEON saw a supernatural battle between Jesus, Joseph and Annabelle and the Roman Gods themselves.
A: Yeah, it was a great third book, a great way to wrap up the first “season” of that series. I really like THIS YOUNG JESUS, which, for those who don’t know, follows the teenaged Jesus as he travels through ancient...
List by leytonfanlove posted over a year ago
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Here is a list some of my favotite books.

Scibbler of dreams mary .e pearson

Beautiful disaster
walking disaster by jamie mcguire

Easy by tammara webber

Grave mercy by R.L LAfevers

Anna and the french kiss
LoLa and the boy next door by stephanie perkins

The selection
Elite by kiera cass

Pushing the limits by katie mcgarry

The pledge
The essance by kimberly derting

Unearthly by cynthia hand

Bar code tatto
Bar code rebellion by suzanne weyn

Vampire academy series
Bloodlines series by richelle mead

Goddess test series by aime carter

Perfect you by elizabeth scott

Hex hall series by rachel hawkins