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the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
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alexandre dumas
count of monte cristo
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CHAPTER ONE: My Life Story...

My name: Peyton Strong. My life: Different. My wish: To have someone else do my job. Why?: Cause I was destined to do THIS. Why?: A civilization called The Light, called me in and recruted me as one of there "HELPERS" when really...I'm on a fight for my life to save the world from un explicable things. Demons, thefts, you name it! Right now: I'm on top of a building, wathcing down far below. Knife in hand. Gun in it's holster. And searching. Searching what you ask?: For members of The Shades. Who?: They are just like The Lights, but they are competly different....
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Author Randy Jernigan and Jackson
Author Randy Jernigan and Jackson
When I sat down to dinner at a small Asian Bistro with my old friend and writer Randy Jernigan, he quickly scanned the menu, searching for the healthiest foods. Today would not be one of his famous “cheat days” he shares on his social media pages–usually Mondays when he and best friend, Jackson Fackrell, indulge in what he terms a “free meal.” Today he opts for several veggie heavy dishes with less calories, and of course, minus the fried rice and noodles. Later, as the waitress cleared the table, I notice that she cleared away his half eaten meal.

At the time I remembered our last...
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There are so many great books published every month, some titles worth reading may get lost in the shuffle. So when I heard that my writing coach and mentor of ten years was finally releasing a book about successful freelance writing, I got excited!

It was about ten years ago that I decided to get serious about my desire to make a living with what I loved the most--writing. So I looked up the number of a popular writing group in my home town, got registered and took a class. I had heard of the instructor before, even read a couple of his books and magazine articles, so I was thrilled at the...
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Author and filmmaker Arianna Eisenberg
Author and filmmaker Arianna Eisenberg
Filmmaker turned children's book author Arianna Eisenberg has reportedly secured funds from film investors and plans to adapt her popular children's book into a major film.

The successful Hollywood movie maker, who moonlights writing child to teen fantasy fiction, released her first full-length book in August 2014 titled 'Jemiyah Jones and the Kingdom of Nir.' The Kindle release quickly won Amazon’s “Breakthrough Novel Award” and soon fans of the book began clamoring for a movie.

“I love strong female characters and Jemiyah certainly fits into that category,” says the author. “I was...
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