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Opinion by boolander25 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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[12:41] Lalalulu321: well if it sexually offends or uses horrible language rnt we supposed to flag it as fanpop citizens?
[12:42] boolander25: Yes, but you don't have to keep answering the questions.
[12:42] boolander25: Just report it and move on.
[12:42] Lalalulu321: well maybe if its that bad we wanna tell them off
[12:42] boolander25: But it just gets annoying with this "telling off."
[12:43] Lalalulu321: it does when its not deserved
[12:44] Lalalulu321: but if they do its like a spoon full of sugar helping the medicen go down
[12:44] boolander25: But everyone always goes "OWND" or "lol thts sooo funny omg" and it just gets even more aggravating.
[12:44] Lalalulu321: well do you want all people to keep their mouths closed?
[12:45] boolander25: Yes.
[12:45] Lalalulu321: then y post it?
[12:45] boolander25: Why post what?
[12:45] Lalalulu321: anything that would be flagged and people would think funny
[12:46] boolander25: Because people are stupid and think posting inappropriate things would be funny.