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Chlarkfan posted on Jun 05, 2007 at 01:11AM
What do you think the best booth and bones epsidoe is?? Tell us wat you base it on. Why is it the best?? TELL US PLZ

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over a year ago vann said…
Judas on a Pole (because of all the thinks he does for her and because the end rocks!)
Also Santa in the Slush (reasons are obvious) and The Con Man in the meth lab (because of Brennan's speach at the end)
over a year ago meekkka246 said…
Verdict in the Story. That scene at the end, hugging her dad but gazing into Booth's eyes. One of my fave B/B moments.
over a year ago bonesluvsbooth said…
two bodies in the lab; the end to the begining( hellooo!! they have sex!{even though its a dream}still one of my many favs); santa is the slush; woman in the limbo; aliens in teh space ship; two bodies in the lab; what the heck all of them except when they date other people its so sad how bones looks so hurt int he headless witch in the woods when booth and cam hold hands): so sad how she looks hurt and wishes it was her he was holding hands with(:
over a year ago skullkitty said…
I think there is a new best episode and that is Harbingers in the Fountain of season 5!!! Booth admitted that he was in love with Brennan (I don't feel right calling her Bones, thats Booths special name :) )!! When Brennan was talking to the psychic, and the psychic said that she thought that Brennan was confused as to why someone would love her. If you look at Brennan's face you can totally tell that she's in love with Booth. Not to mention the part at the end where he tells her that he loves her (but then chickens out. Look at her face and tell me that she doesn't love him. I think that this is by far the best Booth/Brennan episode.
over a year ago bl0ndy said…
Herbingers In A Fountain,Santa In The Slush,Woman In The Limbo... and many many more
over a year ago callstories said…
When did they almost kiss in Judas on a Pole? I love tat episode, I need to rewatch. My favs are Woman in the Sand (Roxy and Tony!), Man in the Morgue (He flew down from D.C. to check on her!), Harbringers in the Fountain (Because we learn that Booth really loves Brennan!). Oh, and Death in the Saddle because of Booth speech at the end. "Making love. Making love is when to people become one." and the way he's looking at her while he says it.
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over a year ago natulle said…
I'm with tvfan5! how can you make me choose ;D ? They are all amazing!!! But just to add some new(ad one repeat), the scene where Booth feeds her with ice cream (The Girl in the mask), and the ice-skateing scene where they hold hands, and says the cutest things to eachother (Fire in the ice), oh and there's the scene where Booth saves Brennan and calles her baby, and the "kiss the forehead" scene and things said by others about this episode (Harbingersin the fountain) and the scene under the zink (Bond in the Boot)I could just keep going!!!!!!!! ;D When isn't there a GREAT BB moment !? :D And all the ones that's said is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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over a year ago heywhatsup said…
two bodies in te lab.
at the end when he saves her when he escapes from the hospital with hodgins.
it gets me every times.
over a year ago jessikat said…
I love the one called "The Pain in the Heart" I love how Brennan just walks in on Booth while he's in the tub drinking beer and reading comics. That was hilarious.
over a year ago skullkitty said…
I think that Night at the Bones Museum deserves a mention here to. They almost kissed at the end! They would have, had Angela and the other squints not interrupted.
over a year ago bonesisinlove7 said…
I like the newest one with the chickens... You know what I mean :)­sur­pri­se.­jpg
over a year ago xhelpmefly said…
big smile
Verdict in the Story is definately my favourite. The scene when Booth is being questioned at the end gets me every time.
over a year ago han-han said…
my fave from season one would have to be the two bodies in the lab. it is so cute when booth gets out of hospital to save her.
my fave from season two would have to be the woman in the sand. they are so cute as a fake couple.
my favourite from season three would either be the santa in the slush for obvious reasons or the pain in the heart in the funeral scene.
season four would have to be double trouble in the panhandle (its an odd episode name but yeah) we're they're pretending to be a couple in the circus and i can't make an informed decision about season five cos i haven't seen it all yet, but i do have to say that the scene where they are together in the egyptian exhibit is absolutely gorgeous.
over a year ago BieberFan546 said…
Mine is when Booth and Brennan go to Vegas for the under ground boxing
over a year ago boothluvsbones said…
it has to be harbingers(is that spelt right?)in the fountain, because booth admits his true feelings for bones to cam.
over a year ago bonesfan44 said…
verdict in the story...There were some great B&B moments.

1. When the judge makes them move because they are whispering.
2. When Booth tells her to put her heart into overdrive then makes car noises.
3. When he says that Sweets is wrong and she couldn't kill someone.
over a year ago ckaiser25 said…
Oh, my! I think the cast probably had the most fun with Double Death of the Dearly Departed and Mummy in the Maze. I like the Finger in the Nest because I also like the Dog Whisperer-good ending moment too. Fire in the Ice has great ending scenes. I enjoyed the characters' dealing with Bones' desire to get pregnant in The Critic in the Cabernet. Let's face it-I like them all or I wouldn't be on this site! I do think the best this season was Harbingers in the Fountain-even though Booth turned chicken.
over a year ago suneshine said…
on my opinion those episodes are:1."The Man in the Fallout Shelter"
2."Two Bodies in the Lab"
3."The Skull in the Desert"
4."The Man with the Bone"
5."The Soldier on the Grave"
6."The Woman in Limbo"
7."The Blonde in the Game"
8."The Woman in the Sand"
9."Aliens in a Spaceship"
10"fire in ice"
11."The Santa in the Slush"
12."The Verdict in the Story"
13."The He in the She"
14."The Passenger in the Oven"
15."The Hero in the Hold"
16."The Critic in the Cabernet"
17."The End in the Beginning"
18."A Night at the Bones Museum"....waooooo....a lot of episodes.....i have no idea how i made this choise.ha ha ha.....
over a year ago sagigrrl1097 said…
Ummm... lets see... Two Bodies in the Lab, The Woman in Limbo, Aliens in a Spaceship, the Hero in the Hold, Santa in the slush, Wannabe in the Weeds (OHMIGOD one of my absolute favourites) and... damn I forgot the name... but It's the one with JFK and Booth breaks into the lab... These aren't in order, by the way!
over a year ago DiNozzoDavid said…
I think it's officially S5E16 - The parts in the sum of the whole.
but it ended abit weird, i dunno if it was a yes or a no. lol
over a year ago auraheartghost said…
The Parts in the Sum of the Whole- for now. We can interpret that
*spoiler alert* Bones really does love Booth, she's just scared. We just have to wait for the season finale. Oh my god.
over a year ago LeafsFan13 said…
I like the newest one The parts in the sum of the whole
obvious connection and booth finally tells her
so sweet!
over a year ago huddyislove said…
The parts in the sum of the whole :DDD
I watched it 5 times already ^^
one of the best episodes ever :)
over a year ago BandBlove said…
I LOVE reading all the posts. Its funny because I'm new here and had no idea how unoriginal I was. It seems the majority of us all like the same episodes.
I have all the seasons on DVD and I re-watch episodes more than I want to admit. My most watched ones are
Two Bodies in the Lab, The Woman in Limbo, Aliens in a Spaceship, Judas on a Pole, Verdict in the Story, (end) Wannabe in the Weeds, Critic in the Cabernet....

but there are some others that I didn't seem mentioned at all that I really liked and rewatch...
The Con in the Meth Lab with the introduction of Jared and how Brennen reacts to him (I love Angela calling him "Booth-lite") and then her birthday speech at the end is wonderful.
I also really like Mayhem on a Cross and the interaction of Booth and Brennen with Dr. Sweets at the end. I like Sweets and his part in their relationship. (I think his character feels a bit like we all seem to about them getting together!)

Ooh, and in this new season I really like Dwarf in the Dirt. Brennen is wonderful... "BOOOOOO. That man is not the Iron Leprachaun. Booooo. Fake. Fake." and Booth asks what are you doing and she matter a factly responds, "Booing is the appropriate way to show displeasure at a sporting event." "Look at those femurs."

They are great. I love them!
over a year ago brennan1977 said…
finally a site dedicated just to bones!!...this is my first visit here and love it already....
in my opinion b&b are the best couple ever...can't pick a fave episode cos i love em all...i do however like the dancing scene in Death of a queen bee...the looks on both of their faces is priceless...Brennan is very much in love with Booth and is simply just afraid of showing him how much!!
self preservation i spose!!

There are rumours that bones season 5 will end with big changes ahead for the couple,i just hope they dont make us wait too long for the ending we all want...