Name: Shock
Birth name: Duji King
Adopted name: Duji Thomas
Age: 10 & 1 1/2 (11 in Sep.)
DOB: 9/17/2000
Siblings: Kori the Dog, Gra the Hedgehog
Parents: Dead
Eyes: Green
Fur color: Black & white
Wears: red bandanna, white gloves with red designs on them. And red and white shoes.
Power: Electricity
Abilities: He can strike his enemies with several lightning bolts from the sky. He can fly using his electrical powers, create an electrical force field, channel electricity through any solid thing that doesn't break, and an electric whip. And simply zap you with electricity.
Weakness: Water & anything rubber

He likes pizza, swimming, shocking the heck outta evil with his gloves. He was born with electrical powers--the gloves just help him control them better. The "D" on his bandanna stands for his real name. The bandanna was also given to him by his parents. Ironically, Shock is most vulnerable when he attacks. If his powers are neutral, water won't hurt him. However, anytime he uses his powers, water will get him every time. If he does get wet while not using his powers, he has to wait til he is fully dry. Otherwise, he'll get shocked and kill himself. He's fast when he fly's, but not as fast as Sonic. He has natural electrical powers, but he also has a talent for acting. He may have thought he was an only child, but he does discover his twin sister, Kori. Shock and Kori are mentally linked, which means they can sense where the other one is at all times.

Sadly, his parents were killed by an evil being in the form of a hedgehog, named Malice the Wicked, a week before his 10th birthday. He is an only child, and lives with his friend Gra (short for Gravity) the Hedgehog's family. The sad part is that, even though Shock hates evil, he is forced to do just that. All his life, he had trouble controlling his powers. Sometimes, his powers would go outta control, and end up hurting someone without meaning to. All he wanted was to be a hero like Sonic, but knew he had get his powers under control somehow. In his 10th birthday, Malice (not knowing that he killed his parents) gave Shock these special gloves that would help control his powers. But it was all a trick. After Shock put the gloves on, Malice zapped him with dark electricity, and caused him to lose his memory. He now believes he is pure Evil.

But Malice knew there might be a chance he could get his memory back. Before he gave Shock the gloves, he put a small (but VERY powerful) bomb inside one of them. If Shock ever did get his memory back and refused to be evil, the electric bomb within the gloves would activate and destroy everything within a 10mi radius--himself included. He is unable to take the glove off, cause they are permanently linked to his wrists.

Can Shock ever be able to regain his true memory? Will he ever break free? Or forever go against his true nature?