Matthew Lawrence in 2005
I have a OMLD which stands for Obsessive Matthew Lawrence Disorder

for those who are a fan of Matthew Lawrence
If you have a OMLD you may have these symptoms:

1. Smile when he smiles or acting cute
2. Feeling faint when he does something sexy.
3. Kiss one of his pictures goodnight.
4. Have a Mattgasm when he's shirtless.
5. Have dreams of him.
6. Watch any one of his movies everyday.
7. Think of him everyday.
8. Cry or tear up when something sad happens to him in any movie or show he's in.
9. Get very defensive when someone threats him.
10. laugh when he's funny or teasing someone.

If you have any of these symptoms, don't be ashamed.
Or any fan who has a OD of their own favorite actor don't feel ashamed, it's how you feel about him.
Matthew as Jack Hunter showing the women his muscular abs