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whiskers98 said …
I'm relishing the fab images that Brandy_H and Flafflewaffle have kindly submitted to this spot by the way; they bring back fond, enchanting memories, I tell you! ='D Posted over a year ago
whiskers98 said …
*Sigh* It’s a darn shame that Disney (relatively recently) requested YouTube to take down all of the Brandy & Mr. Whiskers episodes that user BrandyHarrington so kindly uploaded for the world to enjoy (well, OK, two have been left up, but that’s undeniably truly derisory). Posted over a year ago
whiskers98 commented…
I’d be appreciative of this course of action if Disney still aired the show on TV (at least, they haven’t done so in the UK for years :/) or just released a flipping boxset (they certainly have the profits to easily do this for the fans), but it appears that they’ve just left the show to fade out of our memories. Thankfully (and I don’t want to delve into much detail about this for obvious reasons) there are fan-made bootleg boxsets floating about the internet which fans who don’t have access to the show otherwise yet want to relive all of the episodes can pick up for a reasonable price. over a year ago
whiskers98 commented…
Excuse me if this almost sounds like some sort of a rant, but it genuinely does seem that Disney’s acting as if this show never happened, and while I’m fully aware that as a growing company they’re focusing on other things that’ll be more worthwhile for their business, they’re acting quite apathetic and indifferent towards their old Disney show enthusiasts. Thus, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting my hands on one of those bootleg babies ASAP! Peace to y’all! over a year ago
Brandy_H said …
Not sure if this is true or not, but according to wikipedia and the big cartoon database, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers will get a third season by September. Posted over a year ago
whiskers98 commented…
If only this were true; it would be fantastic if Disney could rehire the people who worked on the show back in the day and get them to make another season… but I’m afraid that it’s just a hopeful dream (and evidently just trolls spreading rumours and posting BS on Wikipedia and BCDB =V). Let’s face the reality of the matter folks: whether you like it or not, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is never coming back. As joyous as it would be for some of us, Disney has no reason to continue the show, and would make significantly more money from producing other things, which (I don’t mean to bash this company that I love or anything but) is definitely in their best interests; ergo, that’s what they’ll be doing. over a year ago