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Article by truth76 posted 10 months ago
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4. Fergus
He's funny and I liked him a lot at the beginning. I don't like the way he was acting when the lords were introducing their sons. I also liked how he supports Merida. My favourite part is when he was laughing with Merida, while she was making fun of the lords' sons. Overall, he's a great character.

3. The triplets
They're very funny and mischievous. I like their reactions of taking the food from Maudi. I find them a bit intelligent. Overall, I love their reactions.

2. Elinor
I like that she tries to teach Merida lessons. She loves her daughter although she refused to listen to her. She knew what was best for Merida. After all, she is a mother. I agree with her but I just agree with Merida a bit more.

1. Merida
I knew she was wrong at the beginning but I still agreed with her. She made a bad choice but she just wanted to prove herself right. I love that she apologised for what she did and changed a lot at the end.
Article by truth76 posted 11 months ago
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The turquoise dress
It's okay. I love the glitters around it. I don't like the colour (I like the white parts though). It doesn't fit Merida much.

The dark green dress
I think it fits Merida a lot. It's very pretty and comfortable for Merida's skills. It looks gorgeous especially in the sunlight.

Her brown dress
This is the one she wore when she was young. It's very pretty and it fits her. She looks really cute when she is wearing it.

Article by truth76 posted 11 months ago
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6. Learn me right
It has a great meaning and message. The music is also nice, I don't enjoy the singing voice much.

5. Song of Mor'du
I like it but I feel that it's a mess. I love the lyrics but I don't like the way the men shouts.

4. Touch the sky
I love the music and the scene. The singing voice was also amazing. It is meaningful and I can relate to it.

3. Noble maiden fair (reprise)
It's the same as Noble maiden fair, only the scene is different. I think Noble maiden fair's scene is a bit better. But I love the scene for Noble maiden fair (reprise) too.

2. Into the open air
It is very meaningful and I love the scene. I like that it shows mother-daughter relationship. The music is great and the song is very sweet.