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Fan fiction by Prtsparta posted over a year ago
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Brave: Merida's Fate.
Chapter 1 Episode 1: Pilot

    Life for Merida has been set back to normal after the three clans left. No more worrying about marriage, no new responsibilities, and no more of that dreaded bear, Mor'du. The only thing that has changed is her mother now truly understands her. Now she has a free life again, and the only person who runs it is her.

    Although, for now she has been grounded and ordered to clean up whatever her mother, Queen Elinor broke when she was turned into a bear. The damage stretched halfway around the castle, and includes the gate that the overflow water from the well exited out of. Since she can't lift it and fit it back on, she has been ordered to clean it until it shined, which took an entire afternoon. Even though this work is very physically demanding, she knew what she did was wrong and figured it was the least she could do. All the heavy furniture knocked over, was also put back in place by the guards since Merida can't lift it either. Still though, there was enough broken trinkets that fell off the furniture she was able to sweep up.
Article by 3xZ posted over a year ago
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Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) is a lullaby sung by Queen Elinor and Young Princess Meerida during a memory of them both and when Merida is tearfully begging her mother back to human form.

Gaelic Lyrics:
A naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth
Mise ri d' thaobh, O mhaighdean bhan

Ar righinn oig, fas as faic

Do thir, dileas Fein

A ghrian a's a ghealaich, stuir sinn

Gu uair ar cliu 's ar gloire

Naoidhean bhig, ar righinn go

Mhaighdean uashaill bhan

English Translation:
Little baby, hear my voice
I'm beside you, O maiden fair

Our young Lady, grow and see

Your land, your own faithful land

Sun and moon, guide us

To the hour of our glory and honour

Little baby, our young Lady

Noble maiden fair
Opinion by cuteasprincie posted over a year ago
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Can't Believe That I am the first one To write an article in this pot...

The villain's role is one of the prime role in the movies of Diseny and Pixar.THere are some villains which turns a prince into a frog(Dr.Facilier),Some keeps a princess for a long time(Gothel),Some wants to break toys and make new ones from them(Sid) while some takes someones sweet voice(ursula).But what about BRAVE?How will be the Villain?Who Will be the Villain?What will be the appearance of the villain?Is it will be a Animal?A DRaGON?A DEMON?A Witch?A human?A non-Living thing????What will be the sex of that villain"Male" or FEMALE"????????????


Well,by seeing the Trailers I think that Merida's Own Mother is Villain or the Bear which appears at somewhat end of the trailer.Here are my views about both of them:

I hope that the bear would be the prince(like in Beauty and the Beast).Maybe he may be cursed by a witch or a VOOOOOOOOOOOOdooo Fellow that he has become a bear?!?!?!Maybe when Merida will shot it,it will turn into a prince or like this???Or he may be a VILLAIN onlY who...