Brazil is in terrifying mudslide horror synchronizing as worst ever natural disaster that killed 500 people and rain is predicted for the next few days and the death toll is expected to rise.

Storms early Wednesday dumped the equivalent of a month’s rain in just a few hours before dawn, sending mudslides through towns destroying homes, roads, bridges, telephones and power lines. The rain has lost its intensity over the mountains around Rio de Janeiro but the risk remains high as the soil is extremely wet and unstable. Any new rainfall could cause new and deadly landslides. These said to be small towns are very popular mountain holiday destinations for people from Rio de Janeiro and the destruction has affected both rural communities and homes.

Brazilian navy is sending a field hospital to the area and more than 800 rescue crews are conducting searches said more bodies were yet to be discovered raising the death toll from the walls of earth and water that crushed homes and lives of many. They are hoping to locate more survivors and bodies even under risk of further mudslides as rain continued to fall down on the waterlogged region, making it even more unstable.

According to municipal officials, most affected regions were Nova Friburgo, which recorded 225 deaths, Teresopolis, with 223 deaths, and Petropolis, with 39 deaths and 19 fatalities were registered in the village of Sumidouro.

Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral blamed local governments for allowing poor building and illegal occupants.

Meanwhile, President Dilma Rouseff said after visiting damaged areas in Nova Friburgo Thursday, “It’s very overwhelming. The scenes are very shocking.”

Expressing solidarity with the victims, she pledged strong action by her government, which has already released 470 million dollars in initial emergency aid and sent 6.4 tonnes of medications to the area, enough to treat 45,000 people for a month.

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