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Fan History: Brazil


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Mastree said:
Dear Brazil,
Greetings from Malaysia, my name is Prema and I am your biggest fan and I kove the way you play. Well I am sad that you did not make to the semi finals but I know that you play hard to get into the quater finals and I am still happy that you were the best team to have come this far, so do not be sad that you did make to the final as this not the end of the world, I know that Brazil will pick themselve up and move I know that this hard but look on the bright side your team is the greatest team and world best team to me and you have all the good players and a good coach. So cheer up and think positive and everything will be well. Hope to hear from you soon. My best player is Kaka and will always be the best player for Brazil and for all the players all the best and take care I love all of you from the bottom of my heart. God has something better for you Brazil and just thank God that the worse is over and look forward to something new, as we serve and true and living God who is Jesus Christ I am sure He is proud of all of you and know that you are sad. You will make it the next time round for the World Cup 2014. Cheer up.

Warmest Regards
God Bless You
posted over a year ago.