Muffins: The very name encourages happy thoughts and laughter. Such a fitting name. Muffins are my favorite food...ever. Particularly lemon poppyseed muffins. There is something about the muffin that makes it unique from any other baked good: the perfect combination of moisture, sugar, flavor, and scrummy texture that is found in even the most common muffin.

Muffins are the perfect breakfast food. First, there's that amazing name. Muffin, muffin, muffin. I could say it all day! It's the perfect way to get yourself happy in the morning. And then, there's the aroma of a muffin. A muffin is a object that appeals to every sense, and thats what you need in the morning: stimulation! A warm, freshly baked muffin is one of the best smells imaginable. Then, when you finally bite into this ideal food, your tate budss are immediately assaulted with an amazing flavor and texture combination. There are no words for this step in muffin consumption! When you are done with your breakfast delectability, rest assured that your energy will stay up throughout the rest of the morning. Muffins are a grain, and grains are some of the best foods to keep up energy, which is why there are so many breakfast foods that are grains...including muffins!

Muffins also go great with lunch, dinner, or tea! There is absolutely nothing like a good muffin and some warm milk for a midnight snack!

Muffins are good. Eat muffins whenever possible, and trust me, you will be great in life!