Heading into the final half of the final season, Breaking Bad is running high on 5 years of momentum. As the a full-steam-ahead plot machine begins its sprint to the finish, we here at link polled some of our (figurative!) methhead staff writers to answer the question on everyone's mind: what happens at the end of the ride?

Here's what WE think will go down:

A Shakespearean Bloodbath

Walter has often been compared to a Shakespeare villain. He’s sociopathic, manipulative and power-hungry. Breaking Bad has always felt Shakespearean to me, in part because the perpetually high stakes, but also because it’s a world dominated by corrupt men and powerless women... read more at link

A "Happy" Medium

The question on everybody's mind is - will Walt get away with it? Will God (aka Breaking Bad mastermind Vince Gilligan) let Walt's descent into evil go unpunished? Lots of us want to see Walt get crucified, others want to see him redeem himself. To me, the most satisfying ending lies somewhere in between. I tend to root for Walt when he has a mission - like when... read more at link

An Epic Trial

Over the past year there's been a lot of Johnny Knowitall Q. Guessington's out there trying to predict how Breaking Bad will finish up it's methercoaster of doom. Will Walt die? Will Jesse kill Walt? Will everyone die but Walt? Will Walt get cancer again and he'll die from that? Will Hank die? Will only Skinny Pete die? One thing that Gilligan and Associates have proven time and again is that they are better than us and our shitty ideas. Thus, it will be something none of you or I can possibly predict.... read more at link

What do YOU think will happen to Walter & co.? link