After eating breakfast Jacob and I went up to our room to get dressed. Finding the closet was pretty easy because there are only two doors in our room, the bathroom and the closet. “Oh. My. Gosh. Alice went way over board with this.” Jacob said in a normal tone. I walked over and looked in the closet and she did. It was the size of my parents bedroom back at there house. Jacob and I had our own sides. Aunt Alice hadn’t put any of Jake’s or my clothes in the closet she bought all new clothes for us. We walked in to find something simple to wear but that was impossible with Aunt Alice buying clothes. “I can’t find anything comfortable to wear.” I could hear him getting mad. “Jake just go back to your house and grab your clothes and bring them here and we’ll put every thing ells away. Though went we go the see them we should probably wear something Aunt Alice bought.” I said taking off his shirt and putting on a nice little sun dress. “K, I’ll be right back give me five minutes.” After saying that he was heading off to his dad’s house.

“Hey look who it is. It’s the new married couple.” Uncle Emmett teased as we walked into the kitchen. “Hey Grandma, hey Aunt Alice thanks again for the house it’s beautiful.” I said heading for the kitchen table. “So what’s your favorite room in the house?” Aunt Alice skipped around us excited to hear everything. “Well… I love the kitchen its huge, the living room is great. Jake likes the fact that the couches are big enough for him and the TV was big. Um… our bedroom is beautiful it reminds me of the way my mom describes the bedroom that her and dad stayed in on there honeymoon.” I said trying to remember other parts of the house, though it was hard to because we didn’t see much of the house because we ended up getting caught up in the moment in the bedroom. “Oh and I love the closet, though Jacob hates the fact that none of the clothes are easy to get off when he as to phases.” You could see Aunt Alice had something she wanted to say. “Ya well he can phase in those clothes we’ll just buy more.” Aunt Alice had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face. Probably the fact that she’s be able to go shopping for someone ever other day. “So what do you think about the rest of the house?” Aunt Alice didn’t look patent. “Well you see we didn’t really see the whole house.” I looked down to the floor. “Well why didn’t you check…” “Renesmee, Jacob come here.” My dad yelled from the living room cutting off Aunt Alice. “We’ll talk about this later. OK. Ok good bye.” I grabbed Jacob by his wrist and ran to the living room.

“What’s up dad?” Jake and I walked to the clutch and sat down. “Well right now the ceiling is what’s up but if you go out side the sky is what’s up.” I looked at Uncle Jasper and he just smiled back at me. “Haha. Funny Uncle Jasper.” “Your Grandma and Grandpa said it was ok if we did this. But you know were your mother and I went on our honeymoon? Well your Grandparents said that if you two want to leave Forks for your honeymoon there are whiling you let you stay at Isle Esme. Your Grandma’s Island.” I just looked at Jacob and he didn’t look like he really wanted to go. So I touched his face to let him remember what last night was like and before I finished showing him he took the key. “We should probably go and pack if we want to leave tonight.” I got up thanked them with a smile and Jake and I headed back to our house to pack.