“Ouch!” I woke up to a little pain in my stomach. I turned to look a Jacob but he wasn’t next to me in my bed. He must be out with the pack. I thought to my self. I got out of bed and headed to the dresser which held the pain killers. Grandpa said that if I take one a day I shouldn’t feel the pain. I walked into the bathroom and got a glass of water from the sink and took the pill. I undressed my self and stepped into the tub. I was still freezing so I put that water in the tub on as hot as it would go. I filled it as high as I was able to with out it spilling out. I took a deep breath and went under. Grandpa told me that the animal that I drank had a disease but was it possible for me to have any disease? Well I guess my human side can. The disease seemed to travel quickly because this morning the pain was on my other side of my stomach. My parents did tell me that I should be a little careful when I go hunting somewhere other than home because I don’t know if anything’s wrong with the animals and I didn’t listen. Next time I go some where I’m bringing my own. I hope me and Jacob can have a real honeymoon after all this is over. Well that’s if I live threw it. But my vampire side of me is stronger then my human side. I came up for air ever couple of minuets to make sure I was still alive. Than after about and hour of sitting in the tub I got out and pinned my hair into a bun and put on a new pare of PJ’s.

I opened the door and a huge gust of air filled with the sent of sweets and like something was burning. I ran down stairs to see Jacob trying to cook. He had flower all over him and the kitchen had cracked eggs every where on the counters and flower and sugar every where. There was a huge puddle of milk in the middle of the kitchen floor and sitting right on top of the stove was what looked like a cake, a burnt cake. I couldn’t help my self I just started laughing. I was able to compose my self after a while. I looked up and Jacob and he was still a mess and he stood there with an angry look and his hands on his hips and that got me going again. “Sorry babe you just look so, hold on.” I turned around to try to compose myself again. Ok I turned around to face him. “You just look to cute with the flower and sugar all over you and my cooking apron.” I said walking over to him trying to avoid the spilt milk. I got to him and rapped my arms around him and he bent down to kiss me. “Do you forgive me?” he paused for a second and looked like he was thinking about it. he looked back down at me, “Of course I forgive you. How are you feeling today?” “Well this morning I woke up with the pain on the other side of my stomach so I took some more pain killers. Then I took a bath for about an hour. What did you do, or tried to do this morning?” I said looking around the kitchen. “Well I tried to make you a cake but… ya I can’t cook.” I let go of him and we headed for the couch. “Wait! Don’t even think about sitting down on my brand new couch with flower all over you. Go take a shower, any way we need to go see Grandpa to check on me.” He stood up strait and looked at me, kissed me on my forehead and walked up stairs to our bathroom.

We walked to the house and every one jumped on me asking how I was feeling, did I get any sleep, was I in pain. Before I had time to answer any thing another question was thrown my way. “Hey! Chill she’s still not feeling a hundred percent, So Chill.” Jacob told them standing in front of me. They all walked back the couch and my mom and dad hugged me. “Are you hungry honey?” Grandma asked holding up a plate full of different kinds of food. “Not really but I’ll be back to eat for lunch.” I looked at Jacob when I talked. Uncle Emmett looked back and forth at me and Jake. “What’d he do this time?” “He tried to cook and made a mess in the kitchen. It’s so big that it would take all of you guys about a month to clean.” Uncle Emmett started laughing. “Renesmee I’m ready for you honey.” Grandpa said. Jacob grabbed my hand and we walked up the stairs. Grandpa did the same test today. Though it seemed like it was shorter this time. “Jacob I need to talk to you down stairs.” They walked out of the room and down the stairs. My mind was racing. Was I going to dye had something ells happened? Then a cry broke threw my thoughts. I could hear my mom he voice was rising and she sounded beyond up set. It sounded like she was going to kill someone.

After I got out of the house I felt like I was going to get sick. I didn’t know what was happening. We reached the house and I asked Jacob what was wrong. “Look you can’t tell any of them that I’m telling you this. But Carlisle said the thing inside of you is… killing you. He thought that because of your vampire side that you would be ok but its spreading and it’s getting worse. If your vampire side was taking over it would be disappearing but its doing the complete opposite. I love you Nessie.” After he was done he kissed my forehead. We just stood there shocked holding onto each other. This is the end for me isn’t it? I though to my self then I couldn’t think I was gone my life was flashing before my eyes. What do I want to do before I die I thought to myself.