The next day Jacob and I went to the store and bought every thing junk food like then we went to a movie store, We got The Covenant, Sweeny Todd, and The Messenger. “Hey Jake wait about Van Helsing?” I looked over at him and he just stared blankly. “Chill I was kidding.” We got home and dumped every thing on the living room table and slipped in The Covenant. We watch ever one of them. “Hey Jake I think I need to go out hunting again.” Jacob stood up with me with a confused look. “Nessie you went hunting this morning, you never go hunting in the same week let alone the same day. Are you feeling ok?” I turned around realizing he was right. “I don’t know my throat is just burning worst then ever.” “Ok but when your done we should probably go see Carlisle.” “Ya that’s probably a good idea.” While I was hunting I was thinking about it and what could possibly be wrong?

“Carlisle?” Jacob yelled . my parents and uncles and aunt came running in to the living room to. “What’s wrong Jacob?” “That’s the problem we don’t know. This morning Nessie went hunting and she only goes hunting once a week right well she needed to go again. She just came back.” Every one looked at me with shocked eyes. “Nessie I think we need to go up into my lab.”

“Ok Renesmee how are you feeling to day honey?” Grandpa asked in a soothing tone. “Well this morning my skin well my whole body felt like it was on fire but yet it didn’t really hurt manly because I’m always lounging on Jacob. But it seems like its getting worse.” “Nessie why the hell didn’t you tell me earlier so we could have come over to see if it could be stopped…” Jacob didn’t have time to finish before grandpa interrupted. “Jacob I don’t think this is something we can take care of.” I looked back and forth at Grandpa and Jacob. “See you guys know when I said that Renesmee could die from the disease that was in the blood but only her human life can? Well from the sounds of it your vampire side is coming out that means your human side is dieing so because your vampires side doesn’t die your turning over.” I was stunned I didn’t know that I could become a vampire unless someone bit me. “But I was going over the test last night and I was looking closer at the ultrasound pitchers and it turns out your pregnant. But I don’t know what’s going to happen because you turning into a vampire.” I stopped breathing I felt like the ground was gone just left. I looked at Jacob and he looked like he was about to die. “Jake?” “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING THAT MY CHILD IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE MY WIFE IS TURNING INTO A BLOODSUCKER?” I knew were this was going. “Jacob please calm down. I didn’t say that I don’t think that the baby’s going to be hurt because if you remember Renesmee had a type of shield around her when Bella was pregnant from everything that I’ve researched this going to be a regular pregnancy but you two have to listen to everything I tell you to do. Do you understand?” We both nodded.

“Now all you need to do is what your doing every day… though you should probably shouldn’t sleep together until this is over.” We walked down stairs to find my father standing at the end of the stairs. “JACOB BLACK YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TRUBLE.” I stood in the middle of my father and my husband with my hands on both of there chest. “Dad this is also my fault now I need to go home I don’t feel myself today ok.” I grabbed Jacobs’ wrist and pulled him home.