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Opinion by Marth911 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
that just the way broly is
you all know that broly is big and powerful. But I feel bad for him king vegeta won't him killed and with that lets get to the story.

I broly am starind into my haret and I see not a thing inside all I feel is my hunger to kill and figth and no love at all I hate my dad to him I am his toy a pet more or less I sit here on the higthset pont on the plant feeling the softed wind tsiwed all a rowed me I love the quited and peace of it all and that makes me forgetted my sad life ever time I think back to it is pain and blood the cry of katarotad run throw me the cry it makes me mad very mad soon the sun sarts to rise and I take off I flow the nigth were ever it gose for I am broly and my pain and hate coved and battle and that is why I am the way I am