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Brooke & Lucas | The Love Is Gone

Brooke and Julian | Certain Things

Brooke & Lucas | Love In The Dark

brooke & lucas | love's to blame

Brooke & Lucas | Poison & Wine

• Brooke Davis │ i am one in a million

sharing a life with somebody|Brooke&Lucas

brooke&lucas | i'd never let you go again.

brooke & lucas | certain things

Lucas and Brooke | Happier

One Tree Hill Females – Bubblegum Bitch

Brooke Davis | Now You

brooke & lucas | can we surrender ?

brooke & damon | once upon a time

one tree hill | brooke davis voiceover

Brooke Davis | Jack Of Hearts

[One Tree Hill] Brooke Davis ; Stand

Beautiful Disaster- Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis ll I was here

Brooke Davis- Because of you

Brooke Davis Shattered

►[Brooke Davis] || Life and Death◄

Brooke Davis - Sugar {how you get so fly}

Brooke Davis - Fight Song

Brooke Davis - Breathe Me

Brooke Davis- Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy, me

I Don't CARE-{Brooke Davis}

brooke davis | 'oh my god!' {HUMOUR} {dedicated to Gem}

Brooke Davis tribute | titanium {seasons 1-9}

►[Brooke Davis] || Fight Song◄

Brooke Davis Skyscraper

Brooke Davis Tribute ~ I lived I loved

►Brooke Davis || "I am one in a million"

Brooke Davis|| "As If I'm Becoming Untouchable..."

Brooke Davis || Fight Song

Brooke & Julian|| "Bullets Coming Off Our Lips..."

Brooke Davis|| You still have all of me [dedication]

Brooke Davis Paradise

primadonna. (brooke davis)

brooke davis | don't you worry child

Who is Brooke Davis? | One Tree Hill

Brooke Davis [OTH] - Nobodys Perfect

"Let's call you...Brooke!" {HUMOR}

Brooke Davis ► "I am who I am. No excuses"

Brooke Davis - You shoot me down but I won't fall

brooke davis || one of a kind

Brooke Davis - Fighter

Brooke Davis // Sad

Brooke Davis // My Happy Ending

Brooke Davis►Brooke Penelope Davis

Brooke Davis || I'd rather feel nothing...

What Makes You Beautiful

Brooke Davis - Titanium

Brooke Davis || "Stronger..." [OTH 1-9]

wide awake | brooke davis

[Brooke/Haley] • "You totally sleep like a dead person" {HUMOR}

Brooke Davis [throughout seasons 1-9]

Brooke Davis - "He's my hot dad fantasy!" [Humour]

Brooke Davis (S1-9) | You shoot me down but I get up..

brooke davis | only human (s1-9)

brooke davis | afraid of failure

Brooke Davis || Wow Oh Wow

lucas + brooke | no light, no light

No love without pain || Klaus+Brooke

► Brooke Davis | "That's what I'm afraid of.."

[Brooke/Lucas] • "Brucas in 2 minutes"

[Brooke Davis] • Breath of Life {OOTHC}

alex+brooke | my defenses hit the ground

Brooke and Ryan

Brooke & Klaus || Falling Away

▶ Brooke/Peyton | Fragile [w FlowerxHearts]

Brooke/Dean [Oth/Spn] Part 1

Brooke Davis | So Cold (9x07-9x10)

[OTH|TVD] Brooke & Damon || Departed

[Brooke/Rachel] • For better, for worse • {OOTHC}

sexy right now (brooke)

brooke & nathan | so far from where we've been

brooke davis | breathe me

brooke&chase | i loved the simple thought of you

davis♥scott » "this is where it all happened for the first time..."

[ Brooke | Julian ] • "Wait for me, will you be the only one...?"

• Brooke | Nathan - 23

brooke+jax // its like you're screaming

~Brooke Dαvis, Blαir Wαldorf & Erin Silver | ××She's a Genius××~

{Brooke&Lucas} "Forget what we're told, before we get too old.."

B.Davis•[My Smile Looks Out Of Place]

the patron saint of lost causes (brooke davis)

► so far away

brooke davis | runaway. †

brooke davis || " a skyscraper"

Dean & Brooke | Video Games

I told you not to come (Brooke/Lucas)

{Brooke&Lucas} AU "Living out our dreams.."

Brooke Davis || Stronger

Einstein /// Brooke/Leyton

multifemales | B.I.T.C.H [/w sarah]

The last flashback || In memory of [ Brooke Penelope Davis Baker] AU

brooke&haley; "let's be bigger than that and remember.. (wish#1)

brooke & nathan | i wish nothing but the best for you.

Brooke Davis | Cause I'm awesome