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Brothers&Sisters // The Time Of Our Lives [Season 5]

kevin n scoty

ships in the night | justin & rebecca

the poet and the beat

ships | justin&rebecca

find a way | justin&rebecca

Brothers and Sisters // Bigger Than Love

"it was the best of times" {5x22} *SPOILERS*

Brothers+Sisters I My Wish

Dave Annable On 'Brothers & Sisters' And Fatherhood


Brothers and Sisters #5.22 Promo SEASON FINALE

Brothers&Sisters • Funniest Moments

Brothers and Sisters - 5x21 - For Better or for Worse

kevin & scotty | you make it real

brothers and sisters | the world is too heavy

Brothers & Sisters 5x18 "Olivia's Choice/Never Say Never" Sneak Peek

not alone | brothers&sisters

All we are I Brothers&Sisters [100+Episodes]

Brothers and Sisters #5.16 Promo

Brothers and Sisters #5.15 Promo

Brothers & Sisters Cast - ["Fix You" - Coldplay]

Brothers & Sisters 5X13 "Safe at Home" Preview

Brothers&Sisters (Season 5) 2011 Promo - Channel Seven 2011

Brothers & Sisters 5.12 Promo

Kevin/Scotty • Gotta Be Somebody

Scotty & Kevin - "Hey, Soul Sister (Glee Cast Version)"

Brothers & sisters // say all i need

Brothers & Sisters 5.11, “Scandalized” promo

Brothers & Sisters 5x10 "Cold Turkey" Sneak Peek

Brothers & Sisters 100th Episode Party

Brothers and Sisters #5.10 Promo

Kevin/Scotty • Beside you

Walkers • All i need

Brothers & Sisters 5X09 "Get a Room" Preview

Meteor shower • Kevin/Scotty

Love you more • Kevin/Scotty

Brothers & Sisters I Feeling A Moment

Brothers and Sisters 5x08 "The Rhapsody of the Flesh" Preview

Scotty Wandell - Perfect {Kevin/Scotty}

When you look at me {Justin/Rebecca} DEDICATED TO SAMMY {BFF}

Kevin&Scotty I Bleeding Love {5x06}

Brothers and Sisters #5.07 Promo

Life is beautiful {Brothers&Sisters}

Brothers & Sisters 5.06 Sneak Peek

Brothers and Sisters 5X06 "An Ideal Husband" Cheat Preview

Brothers and Sisters #5.06 Promo

Kevin & Scotty 63 (S5E4)

Brothers and Sisters #5.05 Promo

Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys interviewed on ET Canada