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Brucas - Will you save me

Black Roses Red- Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Lindsey slideshow

Leyton, Brucas, Lincas-Hot n Cold

Best I Ever Had- Leyton/Brucas

One Day-Leyton

Lips of an Angel - Leyton

Brucas - Collide

Brucas - I Wish

Brucas - As Long As You Love Me

I'll Be There For You

I just want to you to know

Brucas - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Brucas "truly, madly deeply

brucas-What hurts the most

Brooke/Lucas She Will Be Loved

Brucas - "She Will Be Loved"

When You're Gone - Brucas

Who Am i To Say - Brucas

Plan On Forever- Brooke,Lucas,and Lindsey

Brucas vs Leyton/Lincas- Where I Stood Remake

Feel This -- Brooke and Lucas

Brucas (Halo)

Brucas Comet


One Tree Hill 5x18 Ending

The Reason Brucas

Lucas asks Brooke to marry him season 5

The most awesome Brucas moments of Season 5

Brucas-Wake Up Call

Brooke and Lucas - Behind these hazel eyes

OTH 516: Brooke & Lucas at the doctor's office with Angie.

Gallery- Brooke/Nathan/Lucas

Brooke & Lucas - What Hurts the Most

Take Me Away - Brooke and Lucas

Brooke and Lucas - Apologize

One Tree Hill - Brucas - Collide

One Tree Hill - Brucas - P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)

Brucas - "Makes Me Wonder"

OTH Brucas - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

Brooke and Lucas - Speeding Cars

She's No You - Brucas

Brucas Bleeding Love [Brooke & Lucas]

Nathan/Brooke/Lucas - gallery.

One Tree Hill Brucas - It's Gonna Be Love

Brooke and Lucas - We belong together

BL♥ P.S I'm Still Not Over You

Brucas- She will be loved

Brucas - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Brooke & Lucas - Stupid Cupid

Brucas, Leyton - Girlfriend

Brucas vs Leyton

Brucas/Lindsey - I Can Wait Forever (Part 2)

Leyton/Brucas/LucasLindsey Trailer - Holding onto Love

Lucas Scott - Consequence

Leyton/ Brucas / Lincas : 10,000 promises

Brucas - Bleeding love (OTH)

One Tree Hill - (Peyton . Brooke & Lindsey)

You And I Collide - Lucas & Lindsey

LUCAS : Brooke? Peyton? Lindsey? DISCOLIES

Leyton ~ A Fairytale Romance

Brooke/Lucas/Peyton/Lindsey- Love Square