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[ Brooke&Lucas ] • "Learning to barely feel the pain.."

spencer&toby | start of something good

Brooke&Lucas - Shattered [REEDITED] (dedicated to my 500+ subscribers)

[ One Tree Hill 1 - 9 ] • "You're gonna be the one who saves me?"

Dan & Blair // Last Chance

You're little, but you're big

Pretty Little Liars // Good Times Gonna Come

Vidders4ACause 2012

pretty little liars | we are young

Damon & Elena // Iris

No one will ever understand how much it hurts

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my best friend, you're dead freaking meat

● Stefan + Damon + Elena | "You are better than both of us" ...

[Brooke/Lucas/Jamie] Center of Attention

I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it // SSC

►The Vampire Diaries | Time Reverse

{Brooke&Lucas | AU} "Ten years later, a dream come true.."

i'll be dead before the day is done .. || TVD || for my 1,650+ subbers & Happy Birthday Ann !!!

Dan/Blair & Brooke/Lucas - Anywhere But Here

One Tree Hill - We Are


One Tree Hill - In The Air Tonight

Iridescent | The Vampire Diaries

I can't shake him {damon♦elena}

Sky's Still Blue | One Tree Hill


«brooke&peyton»["We Made It, Didn´t We?"]

{Chad&Sophia} "I still need you, after all.."

Ivi Adamou - La La Love (Cyprus) 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Official Preview Video

Too Late

serena+dan+blair | somebody that i used to know

CE Somebody That I Used To Know

Cause and Effect: How the Media You Consume Can Change Your Life

Make You Feel My Love // Jack x Kate

Jack and Kate || You're not running now

Jack and Kate || Ships in the night ||

I'd still choose you {Jack ♦ Kate}

Shouldn't Be A Good In Goodbye - Jack/Kate

Time Has Brought Your Heart ● Jack x Kate

Sawyer/Kate - All this time

D/E ▪ B/L ▪ L/V || In My Arms

Brooke/Lucas Damon/Elena "What hurts the most"

Brooke/Lucas | Stefan/Elena | Damon/Katherine | Nathan/Haley-Everything I Do

Nothing left to relive | Brooke/Lucas, Damon/Elena

D+E; B+L;; near to you

● Just Say Yes ● Multi-Fandom ●

Set Fire To The Rain || multifandom couples ♥

Damon & Elena / Dan & Blair - shakespeare

Brooke & Lucas║"your mouth is poison,your mouth is wine"

Brooke/Lucas: Somebody That I Used to Know

BMFV: Brooke and Lucas: "Don't make me sad, don't make me cry."

One Tree Hill •|• After 9 years

American Reunion - Theatrical Trailer (2012) [HD]

[ Brucas vs. Leyton ] • Somebody That I Used to Know

{Brooke&Lucas} "Forget what we're told, before we get too old.."

► one tree hill is EVERYTHING ♡ (200 subs!, dedicated to ele)

Katy Perry-Pearl with Lyrics

If you can afford me - Katy Perry (Lyrics)

One Of The Boys - Katy Perry - lyrics

Katy Perry - Mannequin (Lyrics)

Top 40 Feel Good Songs of the 90´s

ʟᴏsᴛ: This is War

BtVS Cast | This Is War

buffy; this is war

this is war : once upon a time

the vampire diaries 'this is war...' [for jenn]

Dan/Blair - Give me love [5x15]

Vampire diaries - I'd do anything to make you stay

Dan/Blair - I don't want anything more

Once upon a time - Wishing on a star

Zoe/Wade - You the one that I dream about all day

Like a Man Possessed

I'm Like The Ringleader

serena&nate: sweeter than heaven,hotter than hell♥

brooke&lucas • angels on the moon.

brooke&lucas // i`m gonna fall down.

Brooke Davis || Only Human.

Grey's Anatomy - Funny moments&quotes

Brooke & Lucas - Hot mess

(REUPLOAD) Brooke&Lucas | Had it all

(REUPLOAD) Brooke&Lucas | It won't hurt so much

Brooke&Lucas | What can I say

That Girl Is a \\ Multigirls

Multifandom Couples: "Fireflies"

BlueSkiesProdz // Siblings; Sweet Disposition

Killing Us Softly 3- Advertising's Image of Women

Giorgio Loves Sonic - I LOVE THIS!!

Brooke&Lucas-"This is the Place"

Funniest Commercial Ever! Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody

One Tree Hill 1 - 9 ] • "It's the first time, the last time we ever met..."

Swallowed In The Sea (dedicated to BlairWaldorfan0 & britneyandtvd19)

brooke&lucas; 'can't see u right now..'

Pretty Little Liars Spoof Ep1

Glee Spoof Christmas Special

multi-fandom | shattered

Chad&Sophia | Pieces

♥ Caroline & Tyler || Breath in breath out..♥

[ One Tree Hill cast 1 - 9 ] • "The hardest part of saying goodbye..." (OVC)

3x11 Far Away - Caroline & Tyler ( Klaus )

Goodbye One Tree Hill