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One Tree Hill Cast Tribute | The end

Elena Gilbert - Stronger (Vampire Diaries)

AHS - Tate.

Tate. [American Horror Story] || I'm Not Scared.

HP | Your memory will carry on

Damon&Elena | I Would Wait A Lifetime (HBD Janine)

don't wait too long; there will be no sign.. [HAPPY B-DAY ELI]

Brooke/Lucas - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

The Best Pilot In South West Airline- **Must See Video**

Aria & Ezra | Blink ♡ {For Shannon}

Damon&Elena - Let it be my fault (collab with aninnnn)

Skins - Effy - Waiting for the end - Suicide

Effy and Tony // Please Don't Go

Tony & Effy - Leave Out All the Rest

Effy [nobody's home]

My Christmas Wishlist

Effy&Cassie - "be careful because someone else might be pretending"

Love Me Or Hate Me || Effy Stonem

Effy & Cassie - Love love love what is it good for?

"Hit me, I'm not afraid..." Effy

Damon & Elena : I need a Hero

Brooke/Lucas - I Can Feel A Hot One

tree hill rivercourt "a lot of lost kids, found their way in this park"

Chad&Sophia | Who am i to say

Stefan&Elena • Are you five?

Gotta Be Somebody-Tyler Caroline{VDRC}

goodbye my lover | chad m. murray + sophia bush

This is so adorable!

HP | You are not alone in this

Stefan&Elena • The memory

Brooke/Lucas AU-Fix You

Times | Damon&Elena

Stefan & Caroline - It's just You & Me {dedications}

love | chad&sophia

echo | anna&jeremy

#01 ~ You are not alone

Tyler & Caroline | Ships in the night {for Judith}

Ron&Hermione | Fix You

Ron Weasley | Little Lion Man

Ron&Hermione | Sway

Mini McGuinness | The Fear

Your Guardian Angel | Damon + Elena [TUVO]

Belinda Carlisle - La Luna

Underwear Horoscopes

What Girls Do In The Car

What Boys Do In The Car

What Disney Movies Taught Me

Sluts On Halloween

►[brooke & lucas] • "I don't wanna hurt you .."

Vampire Diaries 3x02 Jason Walker - Echo