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The fans pick: Buffy & Spike
Buffy & Spike
Buffy & Angel
The fans pick: Faith
The fans pick: "Once More, With Feeling"
"Once More, With Feeling"
"Becoming, Part II"
The fans pick: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
The fans pick: spike & buffy
spike & buffy
angel & buffy
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Fannyfire06 said …
My mom have all buffy series Posted 19 days ago
Fannyfire06 said …
I agree do you love buffy the vampire slayer as i do Posted 19 days ago
Caden4567 said …
I think Angel should be with Buffy not opinion Posted 4 months ago
Flickerflame commented…
I agree. I think the Fangel fans are Spuffy fans who just don't want to leave Angel alone (and either don't like Cangel or are blocked by the fact that she died) personally. 4 months ago
ElloMatez commented…
Buffy and Angel's love was forbidden due to his obvious....err....pleasures getting in the way. And because she makes him so happy, they could never work. Which is why I stopped rooting for them after the first time he went so-called "bad." I was a Spuffy fan until the almost-rape. So I guess Buffy should be on her own and with her friends, saving the world one kick ass fight at a time xD 1 month ago