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BtVS 5in5 Character Icon Contest [CLOSED]  pinkbow67 58 887 over a year ago
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BtVS 20in20 Wall of Fame  TVD-DE4ever 0 114 over a year ago
Buffy I Spy  LovingLucy 9 166 over a year ago
demon and baddy game  i_luv_spike 57 1336 over a year ago
Xander, a ever growing hate  Broody_4_Cheery 18 5379 over a year ago
Spuffy Hall of Fame!!  brileyforever77 38 112 over a year ago
Spuffy 5in5 Icon Contest Round 5 (DEADLINE: CLOSED)  brileyforever77 68 1798 over a year ago
BtVS Fans Birthday Calendar!  brileyforever77 4 130 over a year ago
BtVS Icon Contest!! Round 1 [CLOSED CONTEST]  brileyforever77 12 267 over a year ago
◆ New Spot Look [ CLOSED]  flowerdrop 76 1103 over a year ago
Slay-A-Thon 2013  slayathon 0 232 over a year ago
BtVS Fun Games  brileyforever77 9 220 over a year ago