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Buffy Seasons Game - Take Two  ArabellaElfie 257 5199 over a year ago
Buffy Episode Game!!  Christie129 3 310 over a year ago
Actors  Railroadspike 1 328 over a year ago
Ask a character (?)....  SweetPea2007 1 371 over a year ago
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans Birthday Calendar❤  buffyl0v3r44 5 546 over a year ago
Kiss Slap Hug. (Game)  EastendersRox 38 2404 over a year ago
Rate the Picture!  buffyl0v3r44 1 466 over a year ago
Buffy stakes edward.  EastendersRox 2 436 over a year ago
New member  Stormrider82 0 247 over a year ago
BTVS Icon contest [Round 24] Villains [Open]  x-missmckena-x 271 26715 over a year ago
Scoobies - Screencaps/Fan-Videos  movygirl 32 7209 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap  spikes_girl 37 1719 over a year ago
ღBuffy the Vampire Slayer Opening Credits Contest [Round 1] Season 1 {OPEN}ღ  buffyl0v3r44 0 734 over a year ago
Top Ten, Characters?  nataliejade 31 3279 over a year ago
Buffy Style Story - Desperately Need Honest Opinions :)  JSSummers 0 175 over a year ago
Sleepwalker the us!  VOIDcollective 0 318 over a year ago
Dear Miss Landau  dogeasyfox 0 3369 over a year ago
Buffy college course!?  Echo123 4 1091 over a year ago
Buffy Remake 2012..  H2o_James 23 19227 over a year ago
{New!} BtVS Icon contest (Round 2)  EastendersRox 5 2053 over a year ago
Ƹ̴Ӂ̴ƷBuffy the Vampire Slayer Photo Editing ContestƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ {Open} {Round 2}  buffyl0v3r44 9 2574 over a year ago
Who Would Win Continued  CordyChase4evr 0 418 over a year ago
Conducting a Survey on the Buffyverse Fandom  Eilowyn 0 465 over a year ago
Who would win?  CordyChase4evr 0 358 over a year ago
rate season 7.... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 1 719 over a year ago
✿Best Way to Describe Contest✿ {Round 1 Open} {Willow}  buffyl0v3r44 0 538 over a year ago
countdown to 10,000 fan!!  hot4spike 43 1807 over a year ago
Season 8 Comics  CallMeCrazyCA 8 448 over a year ago
which dead character would you want back the most and the least?  deathtokennedy 7 426 over a year ago
Hate the dawn  spuffyromy 1 900 over a year ago
BTVS Picture Contest. {Round 1} Buffy Summers  TitanicLeoKate 1 622 over a year ago
Buffy Battle Royal  J-C 17 3579 over a year ago
his cheeks are fat  buffyfan 30 11063 over a year ago
Favourite Buffy quotes!?  Echo123 3 534 over a year ago
Buffy hangman  amazondebs 517 12534 over a year ago
Is Buffy becoming a dead spot?  spikes_girl 25 1126 over a year ago
Mothers Opposed To The Occult - a buffy-inspired band  MOOyeah 0 650 over a year ago
rate season 6.... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 0 298 over a year ago
rate season 5..... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 0 354 over a year ago
rate season 4..... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 0 444 over a year ago
rate season 3..... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 0 404 over a year ago
Rate Season 1.... favorite to least favorite episode  buffyl0v3r44 2 602 over a year ago
Rate Season 2... favorite to least favorite  buffyl0v3r44 1 1528 over a year ago
how to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer online?  hamsterornold 0 820 over a year ago
list your top ten favorite quotes  buffyl0v3r44 2 1188 over a year ago
Buffyverse Spots Spring Cleaning  x-missmckena-x 75 4899 over a year ago
Best Song To Describe Compatittion ( Round 2 OPEN Buffy SUMMERS)  EastendersRox 6 871 over a year ago
One Reason game!  buffyl0v3r44 1 291 over a year ago
New Icon Contest!  TitanicLeoKate 1 423 over a year ago
top 3 villains!  deathtokennedy 6 779 over a year ago
best songs played on buffy  deathtokennedy 5 10068 over a year ago
Buffy Season 8 and Angel After the Fall Comics  ekid020 7 46250 over a year ago
Top 5 Episodes  spikes_girl 8 635 over a year ago
Best Big Bad?  Joker 11 2587 over a year ago
I Spy  LovingLucy 0 213 over a year ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vending machine game!  spikes_girl 94 5863 over a year ago
New Icon Contest  TitanicLeoKate 11 644 over a year ago
Ask a question get a stupid answer game  Twilightfan_10 0 357 over a year ago
vampire tv series  TheCountess 3 587 over a year ago
Ideas on Buffy  beckles 0 251 over a year ago
Buffy/Angel/Spike Love Triangle  bhcreations 7 976 over a year ago
What shows/movies with Buffy actors do you watch?  Cinders 22 3629 over a year ago
Kristy Swanson Fan Club:  Jeffrey2112 0 3133 over a year ago
Question about Buffy the vampire slayer, season 1, "I, Robot - You, Jane"?  Nikita_Oleynik 0 2227 over a year ago
Nightmares  LG194 0 528 over a year ago
Buffy A-Z  LovingLucy 52 2159 over a year ago
SLAYERFEST 2008: The First Official Fanpop Buffy Video Contest  Cinders 13 1303 over a year ago
Dawn...  pkeati01 0 1476 over a year ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer design contest  ZahraAnn 0 558 over a year ago
ICON CONTEST!!! {Round 10 OPEN}  shannon9396 155 11722 over a year ago
Background Contest!  LovingLucy 0 229 over a year ago
Andrew quotes  spikes_girl 28 19960 over a year ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Imagine If..." Competition [round 1: open]  LovingLucy 1 3012 over a year ago
Countdown to 8000 Fans!  SUPERGRL 33 1582 over a year ago
New spot icon!!!  willow96 82 3439 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest !!!!!!Round 14 is open!!!!!  shannon9396 237 12873 over a year ago
do you think buffy will remake in 2012 ? will megan fox will play as buffy ??  mikethecat 3 971 over a year ago
Nominate! Faavourite Special Effect!  LovingLucy 1 434 over a year ago
Who has the complete series for Buffy the vampire slayer?  Superdirtycheap 16 825 over a year ago
Emma "Anya" Caulfield's webcomic  CBeranek 0 597 over a year ago
Banner Suggestions??  x-missmckena-x 39 1525 over a year ago
Caption contest  willow96 1 515 over a year ago
BtVS Quote Contest [Round 4]  BeautifulN 33 2174 over a year ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1-7  carolzhang 0 309 over a year ago
Buffy Chat - With people to actually talk to...  0oSquirto0 1 1055 over a year ago
Wouldnt this be brilliant for an episode?  ant4real 1 361 over a year ago
Nicholas Brendon Guest Appearance  tcolegrove 0 544 over a year ago
A BuffyVerse FanFiction Event 2009  adwbuffy 10 1100 over a year ago
the new wish  willow96 2 1682 over a year ago
New Story  shannon9396 8 773 over a year ago
the "spuffy story"  willow96 3 531 over a year ago
Spike is even better in the flesh...  julesb666 1 313 over a year ago
Anyone recognize this from the show?  althea48 1 465 over a year ago
As above  julesb666 0 541 over a year ago
As above  julesb666 0 545 over a year ago
Buffy Christmas 2009  adwbuffy 2 605 over a year ago
favourite..?  LG194 9 655 over a year ago
Watching Reruns on your Seasons: Do things happen to you?  adwbuffy 4 1438 over a year ago
Buffy Spot Poppies: Categories  ArabellaElfie 7 961 over a year ago