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Stormrider82 posted on Jan 07, 2012 at 06:25PM
Well, i had to write member because new fan isn't right since i'm an Buffyaddict since i've first watched the show on tv.
I watched it on an english channel bacause it wasn't on any net in my country. (good thing my english was decent enough to see it : )

After a while it aired in my country too so i watched it again, then watched the reruns.

And after a time i just had to buy the dvd box and from time to time i still start watching the whole series again from 1st to last episode. Can't even count how many times i've seen every episode.
Currently i'm just at the ending of season 6 and when i've seen season 7, i'll probably start watching season 1 again in a few months(or weeks if i feel like it)

There are a lot of shows and movies that i like and watch more then once, but Buffy just never gets me bored.
I love the story, the comedy, the monsters, and offcourse Sarah Michelle Gellar is just an awesome and beautiful actress : )

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