Buffy the Vampire Slayer Favourite..?

LG194 posted on Feb 13, 2009 at 08:37PM
hey ive just joined on here so i thought id post lol..
which is your favourite episode out of each season..? and which season is your favourite..?
AND what is the best season finally..? lol

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over a year ago spikes_girl said…
big smile
welcome! you're a willow and tara fan. *squeals* yay!

favorite season 1 episode: out of mind, out of sight
favorite season 2 episode: 4-way tie between becoming part 2, innocence, passion, and bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.
favorite season 3 episode: 3-way tie between doppelgangland, and both parts of graduation day.
favorite season 4 episode: who are you?
favorite season 5 episode: the gift
favorite season 6 episode: tie between once more with feeling and hell's bells.
favorite season 7 episode: touched (also my favorite BTVS episode)

my favorite season is either season 3, season 7, or season 2. but i really love all of them!

and the best season finale is definitely graduation day part 2. i LOVE that episode!
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over a year ago LG194 said…
big smile
indeed :) there like my favorite couple

hmmm am luvin the choices there!

have to say think mine would be..
season 1- probly nightmares or out of mind out of sight or possibly witch
season 2-halloween or bewitched, bothered and bewildered
season 3-hmm a few a like there lol..band candy, doppelgangland, earshot n the graduation days.. lol love them all
season 4- oh emm gee alot there too lol fear itself, pangs, something blue, a new man ( total creased when Giles chases proffeser Walsh LOL)also like primeval n restless..im really bad at narrowing these down lol
season 5- family, checkpoint and the gift
season 6- once more with feeling, tabula rasa,normal again n entropy (just for the happy ending for willow n tara)
season 7- havnt really watched season 7 since it was aired but probly same time, same place, touched and chosen

favorite season..not sure a quite like the 3rd n 5th but i really do like them all!
probly most of them i really love the massive battles at the end! lol
over a year ago ArabellaElfie said…
I don't know if I can list them, I'll feel all betray-ey.
over a year ago spikes_girl said…
i have a hard time when i can't figure out favorites! i'm still trying to figure out my favorite season, and i'm so frustrated! i also get mad at my mom whenever she can't figure out her favorite buffy character, angel character, firefly character, etc.
over a year ago ArabellaElfie said…
She does not answer Spike without pause?

We must fix that...
over a year ago nataliejade said…
ooh, ok i'll give it ago :)

Season 1: Angel
Season 2: Passions
Season 3: Lovers Walk OR Graduation Part 1 & 2
Season 4: This Years Girl
Season 5: Forever OR The Gift
Season 6: OMWF OR Grave
Season 7: Conversations With Dead People

My favourite seasons are the earlier ones (1, 2 & 3)
Oh and the best season finale is Graduation Part 2, everything about that episode is amazing!
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over a year ago LG194 said…
lol i cant say a favourite character from buffy..there is to many fabulous ones..
here does anyone else know all the words to once more with feeling..? coz i do lol..its quite strange to think really that ive bin watchin it since a was about....4 or 5ish lol a like grew up with it basicly lol total obsessed again tho..watchin season 4 the now lol..
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over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
Favorite Character: Cordelia

Season 1: its between Out Of Mind Out of Sight and prophecy girl
Season 2: Passion
Season 3: Homecoming
Season 4: Pangs
Season 5: Fool For love
Season 6: Once More With Feeling
Season 7: this is tough as i dont tend to watch this season much but probably End of Days and Chosen

Best Season: definatly season 2
Best Season Finale: im guna have to agree wiht everyone on season 3 graduation day i love how its the ending of high school and the schoo blows up and its the last time we see the original scooby gang together at the end and cordy stakes her first vamp and buff goes like ultimate slayer and stabs faith! but becoming season 2 is pretty close!

Best Couple: Xander and Cordy but i am also a bangeler!

hmmmm i dont know what else to tell you, other than you ahve to join all the couple spots if your new, theres bangel and spuffy for whicever side your on or bangel vs spuffy which has got a little ehated at times, theres a willow tara one which youve prob already fund and loads there is loads of couples for buffy!
over a year ago potckool said…
Season 1- Nightmares
season 2- Halloween
season 3- Lovers walk and the wish
season 4- Hush
season 5- The body and the gift
season 6- once more with feeling (evil willow was cool though)
season 7- storyteller
My fav season was 6 but i love the episode Hush and my fav character is willow
and my 2 fav couples are willow + tara and buffy + spike
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