Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watching Reruns on your Seasons: Do things happen to you?

adwbuffy posted on Sep 02, 2009 at 01:41AM
This forum discuss on how fans get the wierdiest things happen to them when watching reruns on Seasons. For Example:

When I first got Season 7 I watched the first epsiode DUH.. And right in the middle of the episode a daddy-long-leg spider came down right beside me on my "BED". Then I paused the episode and had to kill it.

Another time when I was watching Season 6 I was watching "Smashed" like towards the end of the epsiode a big black spider jumped on my tv. And OMG it was the creepiest thing for me see. I had my brother come in my room and kill.

Here are my creepiest things that had to me when I watched Buffy reruns. Trust me these things do happen me for no reason. But I think it was me believing it would be curse. Even my parents think so.. They suggest that I should not watch Buffy just to calm down the spiders. LOL

So I waited for a week or two and back to watch all the seasons in order.

Share your comments on what things happen to you when watching Seasons

Thank you adwbuffy

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over a year ago Asvini said…
A similar spider thing happened to me. I was watching Buffy (season5 but I can't remember which episode) and a spider crawled across the TV screen. I almost had a heart attack. I used a glass to throw it into the garden, and a few days later I was watching TV and saw a spider scuttling across the floor again. I'm starting to think it's the same spider, and it's just a Buffy fan trying to watch it, lol. The cat chased it off, and it hasn't been back since :)
over a year ago adwbuffy said…
LOL, boy do we have bad luck watching Buffy. It sucks lol
over a year ago TheBigBad said…
big smile
adwbuffy should move into houses with less spiders lol just jokes. Man, I'm a recent fan of Buffy, so I've only seen the whole series once. I'm starting over again though. Last episode I watched was 'The Puppet Show.' Nothing weird's happened so far...
over a year ago adwbuffy said…
Well, guess what happened to me last night, I was watching to special features on both Season 6 and 5. Then I a big spider came on me again!!. I told my parents that, they that thought it was hilarious. Not me, So I really hate having this feeling that I am cursed..lol..