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Opinion by marianeagoe posted over a year ago
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Hello there,fellas!This is just a random post that I write because I'm a sad loser,but I had to ask it someday,this question is burning my underpants since before our beloved film was released.Why doesn't any Bunnymund fan write about other pookas,or stuff like that?I mean,not necessarily a romantic,peachy one(and definetely NOT jackrabbit),but maybe just a normal one,where,maybe,a pooka gets to be a guardian.Yes,this is a request.I know I am a weirdo,but still,just do me a favor!When I write a fanfic,I'm imagining I'm making a sequel for a movie,or a holiday special,or stuff like that.But,I'm warning you,if nobody will do it,I will do it myself!Do not read this last sentence!
Fan fiction by marianeagoe posted over a year ago
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1.Bunny:Hello,mate!Was a long time...Blizzard of 68,i believe...Easter Sunday,wasn`t it?
Bunny:Say what,mate?Fluffy?
Jack:Sorry,but when i look at you,it`s hard not to think of something fluffy...
Director:Bunny,maybe we should give you a shave...
Bunny:Over his dead body,mate!
2.Pitch:No Christmas,no Easter...
(Bunny throws boomerang)
Director:CUT!What was that?You threw it too soon!
Bunny:Sorry,mate!I`m sensible `bout Easter.
3.Jack:Not bad.
Bunny:You`re bad yourself.
Director:CUT!It`s,,Not bad yourself``!
Bunny:Why,thanks,mate!Coming from you,that`s a real compliment.You must know what``bad``is better than anyone in this room.
4.Bunny:Please not a greyhound,please not a greyhound,please not a greyhound...
Bunny:What now?
Director:It`s ``groundhog``,not ``greyhound``.
Bunny:But i`m just telling the truth!I hate greyhounds...
5.(Sandy throws dreamsand to Bunny,Bunny dreams about crushing Jack)