Bunnymund couldn't say he was preparing for Easter exactly. Well, he was, but he wasn't.

Do you understand? No? Oh well, let me explain it differently.

He was "surveying the land" to decide where he would place the eggs on Easter Day for the 11th time today. He had to be "extremely prepared" for anything ranging from pit bulls to huge pools, but he wasn't looking different yards, oh no.

He kept looking at _________'s yard.

And no, she didn't have a huge yard or a huge pool or no bushes which would normally cause a problem in hiding his eggs. Her yard was fine!

Especially one particular thing was peeking his interest. And no, it wasn't the vegetable garden.

It was _________.

She was sitting on a tire swing which hung off a branch on the big, shady tree. She was swinging gently and softly back and forth as she sipped her ice cold tea which was fitting for the warm spring weather.

The pooka's nose twitched and his ear did a small lift of interest as he watched her. Her (h/l), (h/c) hair flowed ever so gently with the swinging and her lips curved into a smile that was as gentle as a mother's as she looked around her surroundings.

Bunnymund felt his heart do a flip as he saw _______ smile carelessly towards his direction. Even though he knew that you didn't believe in him or any of the others, he shrunk slightly back, terrified you may see him.

A strong wind blew suddenly, pushing your swing so much that your tea poured onto your dress.

His breath got caught in his throat and his ears stood straight up as he waited to see what you would do. You gasped.......then laughed! You laughed with the ring of a young child who just discovered dandelions could make wishes come true!

Bunnymund's ears fell ever so slightly down as he blushed. You were so beautiful to him and he couldn't talk to you! He couldn't even approach you! He felt terrified!

And why was he so terrified? Well, he wasn't sure.... He just knew that your smile would make his day that not even Frostie or North could ruin it.

"__________! Hey __________!" a small voice of called it. Bunnymund knew he had to hide extra well in the bushes once he heard that voice. It belonged to _________'s 6 year old brother, Antonio. Antonio believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and well, he believed in everything that __________ didn't.

It did make Bunnymund sad that he believed when __________ didn't, but it was ok because you would talk to your brother about the guardians, including him.

He just didn't like how you compared him to a baby bunny.

Antonio run up to you with a sheet of paper, a pen, and an Easter egg. Well, a plastic one that could be opened.

"_______! Can you write a letter to the Easter Bunny for me? I wanna say hi to him and tell him what to get me for Easter!" Antonio asked you as he shoved the piece of paper to your face.

Bunnymund felt the corners of his mouth twitch into a smile. The little ankle-biter wanted to send him a letter? That was thoughtful of him. He felt bigger than North on that moment until he heard you say, "A letter to the Easter Bunny? But he doesn't receive letters! He's much too busy!"

Bunnymund felt his heart break a bit. Were you trying to discourage your brother from sending him a letter?

"B-But please! I want him to at least know I am waiting for him!"

Then all was silent. Bunnymund turned to look at you and see what you would say.

".....Fine. We can write a letter to the Easter Bunny."

Bunnymund's heart lept for joy!

"Just let me change. I have tea all over myself. I don't think the Easter Bunny would like for the letter to smell like my tea." You giggle as you grab your brothers hand and took him inside.

Little did you know that Bunnymund would accept anything from you. Even your tea stained letters.