Californication Soundtrack of the Show Season 1

JenniferDempsey posted on Jun 16, 2009 at 02:27PM
Just thought I'd post a list of the songs in every episode in season 1 for anyone who was curious :)

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" The Rolling Stones
"Pushin' On" Quantic Soul Orchestra
"A Beira Mar" Ive Mendes
"Mojo" Peepin' Tom
"Rocket Man" My Morning Jacket

Hell A Women:
"Japanese Girls" Robbers on High Street
"LA Woman" The Doors (Paul Oakenfold Re-mix)
"Sarcastically Yours" Kenneth James Gibson
"Light of Day" Tommy Stinson

The Whore of Babylon:
"I'm Ten Feet Tall" She Died
"Pain & My Misery" Josh Blake
"The Ballad of Whiskey And Tears" Creosote
"Walkin' Up The Road" Betty Davis
"Toy Piano" Dawn Landes

Fear and Loathing at The Fundraiser:
"Lenda" Ce'U
"El Cielo" Radio Citizen
"Brown Town" 8 Bold Souls
"Ha Dias (There Are Days)" Luca Mundaca
"Popcorn 2006" Arling & Cameron
"Meu Esquema" Mundo Livre
"Peace of Mind" Mindy Smith
"Lullaby" Arco

"Reversed Mantra" Marsmobil
"While You Wait" Mark McAdam
"Little Round Mirrors" Harvey Danger
"If You See Her, Say Hello" Bob Dylan

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder:
"Don't Let Us Get Sick" Madeleine Martin
"Paranoid" Gus Black
"The Garden That You Planted" Sea Wolf
"Don't Let Us Get Sick" Pat Guadagno

Girls Interrupted:
"Sunny Day in Hell" Argyle Johansen
"Mississippi Freestylin'" Slow Train Soul
"Sweetless" Lady Sa
"A Girl Like You" Mexican Institute of Sound
"Passenger Seat" Death Cab For Cutie

California Sun:
"Mohammed's Radio" Warren Zevon
"Between The Lines" Bonobo Feat. Bajka
"In Ancient Rome" Perry Keyes

Filthy Lucre:
"Surrender" Madeleine Martin
"That Kind of Man" The Heavy
"Black Grease" The Black Angels
"The Pretender" Foo Fighters

The Devils Threesome:
"Bad Place To Earn a Living" Lodger
"13" The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Psycho" Airwaves
"Loose Talk" The Purrs
"One Man" Eulogies
"Keep On" Champion

Turn The Page:
"Butterfly Blues" Lodger
"Coma Girl" Joe Strummer

The Last Waltz:
"Reconsider Me" Steve Earle & Reckless Kelly
"High Flying Bird" Elton John
"Only Woman Bleed" Madeleine Martin
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" Tommy Stinson and Friends for Done to Death

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over a year ago bedrok4 said…
Thank you! I had a song off of the 7th show that was driving me crazy! Couldn't think of it.
over a year ago CraigGee said…
For thsoe of you who loved the Perry Keyes song-In Ancient Rome-that was not included on the soundtrack CD-here is some news about his new album: link