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Fan fiction by nickjonasfan001 posted over a year ago
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Cal was in his office looking through old files, reminiscing about the days when he was first getting started. He then opened his drawer and pulled out a photo of his mother. He smiled but there was sadness in his eyes.
'I'm sorry mum.' He put back in the drawer and locked it. He blames himself for what happened, he wished he spotted it earlier.
'Sorry darling. Didn't hear you come in.'
'You ok?.'
'I'm fine.' He got up and hugged her. 'Hows your mum?.'
'Under stress, as usual.' She sat down on the couch. 'She's been real moody lately.'
'Isn't she always like that?.' Emily threw a pillow at him.
'I guess i deserved that.'
'You think?.' They both started to laugh. 'I miss you when i'm with mum.' Cal sat down next to her.
'I miss you too.' They smiled at each other. 'Your mum's just under stress right now darling. Once she finishes her case then she'll be fine.'
'I know. Thanks dad.' He kissed her head.
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted over a year ago
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Emily was up and was making breakfast in the kitchen. Cal still wasn't up and that wasn't like him. Emily began to get worried until she heard his footsteps coming down the stairs

"Morning dad"
"Morning darling"
"You okay?"
"Yeah i didn't get a good night sleep though"
"Yeah i had to sleep on my stomach because of my back"
"How is it?"
"Well it's still sore and it hurt to sleep on it so i'm guessing it will take a little while to heal"
"Well you did practically rip all of those feathers out"
"Yes i did, sorry you had to see that"
"It's okay, you were upset"
"Yeah i was"
"So how are you feeling about...you know"
"I'm okay"
"Dad it's okay if your not, i'll understand"
"I'm fine, i mean sure i was shocked at first but.. she's made her choice"
"Dad do your really think i forgot about what i saw yesterday"
"You and Gillian"
Fan fiction by joejonasfan001 posted over a year ago
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Cal was sitting on the floor in his office leaning against the wall. He kept going over the situation in his head. James? Why did he recognize that name? Why would he just pop up out of the blue like this? He kept thinking about Foster. He couldn't stop

"Hey Em"
"What's wrong?"
"Then why are you sitting on the floor?"
"I just needed sometime to think"
"About what?"
"Nothing, What are you doing here?"
"School got let out early today"
"Don't lie to me"
"I skipped class to come and see that you were okay"
"Thanks Em but you really shouldn't do that you need to get into university don't you?"
"Don't worry i can catch up"
"Okay but don't do it again"
"Fine i'm going to go see Gillian"
"Okay love, i'll go with you i need to speak to her"

"So what do you actually do here?"
"Well the short version is that we read people's faces and determine if they are telling truth or not"