I can’t believe that Mitchie isn’t talking to me after all; all I did was not tell her what is wrong. I mean she doesn’t need to know everything does she? She’s is only my girlfriend not my Mum.
Anyway I’ll tell you what happened.

I was in bed having a nightmare about Mitchie not wanting me, and Nate and Jason kicking me out of Connect 3.
I was having the same nightmare every night for a week or two and it really started to bug me, Mitchie didn’t know what was going on and she asked me a couple of times what was wrong I assured her that there was nothing wrong but I don’t think I sounded that convincing.

Finally Mitchie had had enough and said that she wasn’t going to talk to me until I sorted myself out.
She wouldn’t answer my calls and didn’t talk to me at school.

Then 2 weeks later I realized that my nightmare hasn’t come true and I was still in connect 3.

That night I had a dream, it was about all the good things I have: a roof over my head, a super hot girlfriend, food to eat and fame and fortune.
I woke up and called Mitchie on her mobile and left a message that said that I was so sorry and I was troubled because of a nightmare that I had and it was all over.
I saw her at school the next day and said the same thing when she silenced me and said that she was glad it was over.
She came to my house that afternoon and said that she was so worried that I wasn’t ever going to talk to her again and I said the same thing to her.

“I love you” she said before she leaned close to me and lightly pressed her lips on mine. That was when we had our first kiss. I liked it so much, so I wrapped my arms around and started to kiss her passionately, she kissed me back.

We didn’t stop kissing until Nate knocked on the door and said that Mitchie’s mum called and asked if Mitchie was there.
Mitchie called and said that she was at my house and she would be home at 7.

“Now where were we?” she asked sexily
“I think I remember” I answered and so we started pashing again but this time I took a step backwards and fell on my bed with Mitchie on top of me.
“I’ve missed you” she said in between kisses
“I’ve missed you too” I said
“What an awesome life I have.” I thought to myself.

Suddenly she stopped kissing me
“Don’t ever do that again” she said
“Don’t so what again?” I asked
“You know not tell me what’s up cause you know that I’m always there for you” she answered

“Okay let’s make a deal, you don’t ignore me and I will tell you everything in other words lets be honest with each other” I suggested
“Deal” she said and started kissing me again.