The intro starts with a black man alone in a empty street, on the phone. He's clearly nervous, and starts leaving as a car follows him. But than there's a uncomfortable sequence of the man in the car kidnapping him by knocking him a head lock, wearing a knight mask.

After that creepy prologue. Black photographer Chris Washington reluctantly agrees to meet the family of his white girlfriend Rose Armitage. The first thing he asks her. "Do they know I'm black?" Rose says it doesn't matter, they are not racist. Or she wouldn't of brought him.

During their drive to the family's countryside estate, they hit a deer and report the incident. The white policeman asks for Chris's identification even though he was not driving.. We ALL know the reason. And Chris just shrugs it off while Rose gets angry about it.

So yeah, she Chris meets the family they make very awkward attempts to prove they aren't racist. By making unwittingly racist comments. Like Chris must like or do certain things, cause he's black. And constantly bringing up black role models, or talking in black slang.

I can go on and on.. But I really should not spoiler this movie.. But hint hint, pay attention to the dad's rant about killing off all the deer. It becomes symbolic later on.

So.. Another 10/10

Can not express it enough.. See this movie!