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Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 16

On A Cold Night

December 1, 1952

It was 6:00 PM. The ponies would be heading home in an hour after a long day of work.

Hawkeye: Ugh. It's freezing.
Coffee Creme: How can anypony stand to be out here?
Hawkeye: I've got no idea. We better wait in the station.
Coffee Creme: Or at least drive a train.
Hawkeye: We only have an hour left of work Coff.
Coffee Creme: Coff?
Hawkeye: Yeah, short for Coffee. I thought you'd like that.
Coffee Creme: Well it sounds like cough.
Hawkeye: *Walking towards station* You coming?
Coffee Creme: Yeah.
Hawkeye: *Opens door for Coffee Creme*
Coffee Creme: Merci *Enters station*

Meanwhile in the train yard

Orion: *Pushing freight cars*
Red Rose: You're going a little too fast.
Orion: Well I have to go fast, otherwise the heater doesn't work.
Red Rose: Forget about that heater, and slow down. *Sitting in chair next to heater* Ah, how I love my job.
Orion: *Looks through window* Hey Red Rose. Where are you?
Red Rose: Oh *stands up* Right here.
Orion: Okay, stay there. We've got work to do.
Red Rose: Aye aye, captain asshole.

Back at the station

Gordon: *Shows up* Hey. What are you two doing?
Hawkeye: Nothing, what are you doing?
Gordon: You're standing. That's not doing nothing.
Hawkeye: You didn't answer my question.
Gordon: I don't have to. You lied to me.
Coffee Creme: If you really want to know what we're doing, we are standing by a heater.
Gordon: And you gotta let me be there with you.
Hawkeye: Yeah, no. The heater is blowing a narrow section of warm air to us, and there's not enough room for you.
Gordon: Don't care *Pushes Coffee Creme*
Coffee Creme: Whoa! *Falls on heater*

The heater then broke

Gordon: Great, look what you've done.
Coffee Creme: You pushed me!
Gordon: You fell.
Coffee Creme: Because you pushed me.
Hawkeye: *Sighs* Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only pony who does the right thing here.

Gordon, and Coffee Creme kept arguing about who was to blame for breaking the heater.

Gordon: You broke it you piece of hell! How am I supposed to stay warm while it's freezing?
Coffee Creme: Uh? You could go excercize?
Gordon: NO!
Coffee Creme: Ok...
Hawkeye: Hey, I have an idea. Let's not argue, and head to the kitchen to get some beans.
Gordon: No, I don't like beans. You two go in, I'll stay here.
Hawkeye: Ok, but you won't get warm over there. *Enters kitchen*
Coffee Creme: *Follows* Are we allowed here?
Hawkeye: Yeah, this place is closed, and we're workers on this line. Now let's find some beans.
Coffee Creme: I found a can *Takes can* Hmm.
Hawkeye: What is it?
Coffee Creme: 1943! These beans are from World War 2.
Hawkeye: That's also the year Percy started working for this railroad. I wonder how his dad is doing.

Meanwhile at Percy's dad's house

Dan: *On phone*
Operator: Hello?
Dan: Yes *Carrying toothpaste* I bought your Colgate toothpaste. The one with tartar control. And it made me feel, like a piece of shit!

Back on the Union Pacific

Coffee Creme: Yeah, he's fine *Cooking beans*
Hawkeye: Man. *Yawns* I don't know why, but... I feel a little drowsy. *Falls asleep*
Coffee Creme: Pierce?! Oh no. *Runs off*

Meanwhile in the yards

Orion: *Slowly driving locomotive* I don't care anymore. I can't stay warm, I'm going back in the station *Jumps off engine*
Red Rose: Orion, what do you think you're doing?
Orion: Going to stay warm. *Runs to station*
Percy: I'll go get Hawkeye. He can do the rest of his job. *Goes to station*
Orion: *Enters station* What? The heater is destroyed.
Gordon: Thanks to Coffee Creme.
Percy: Orion, you gotta get back there.
Orion: No! I need to stay warm.
Percy: *Opens kitchen door* Some beans are being cooked in there. Why don't you stay warm by standing near them?
Orion: That won't work, I'm going to the stallion's room. *Goes to bathroom*
Gordon: Me too *Follows Orion*
Percy: *Sees Hawkeye sleeping* Hawkeye. I don't appreciate this.
Hawkeye: *Slowly waking up* Hmm?
Percy: Orion is on a quest to stay warm, and we need someone to push the train cars while he's away.
Hawkeye: *Wakes up* Leave it to me.

Hawkeye, and Percy then left the station, and went to the train yard.

Hawkeye, and Percy got to the yard, and Hawkeye started doing the work Orion was too careless to do.

Percy: Hey, at least Jeff isn't here to make things exactly the way he likes them.
Hawkeye: Yeah, that's true. *Pushing freight cars* Now why would Orion not want to do this? I mean, there's a heater in this engine.
Percy: It only works when you go under five miles an hour.
Hawkeye: Oh. They need to fix that.
Pete: *Arrives* What's this? I thought Orion was doing this!
Hawkeye: He left just to stay warm, and Percy wanted me to do his work.
Pete: Well, where the fuck is Orion?

Inside the station

Pete: *Walks in* Coffee Creme? What are you doing?
Coffee Creme: Pete. Hawkeye passed out, and now he turned into a ghost!
Pete: Impossible. I just saw him working at the train yards, which is Orion's job. Where is he anyway?
Coffee Creme: I don't know. *Hears banging noise* Wait a minute *Runs into kitchen*
Pete: *Follows* Oh my god! There are beans everywhere!
Coffee Creme: *eating beans from can* 1943. A good year for beans.
Pete: You were cooking beans?!
Coffee Creme: Uh, yeah? Gordon pushed me into the heater here, and I had no other way to stay warm.
Pete: And where is Gordon?!

Inside the bathroom

Gordon: This is very warm. I'm so glad the both of us went in here.
Orion: Yes, I agree. *Hearing hoofsteps* We better get in the stalls. *Gets in stall*
Gordon: *Gets in stall*
Pete: *Arrives* Alright, come on out of those stalls!
Gordon & Orion: *Standing still*
Pete: *Knocking on stall door*
Gordon: *speaking with japanese accent* Herro? Reave me arone.
Pete: Is that you Orion?
Gordon: No, I am Sakutaki Konnichiwa. Now reave me arone so that I can poop in peace.
Pete: *Breaks stall door open*
Gordon: *standing on toilet* *Still speaking with a japanese accent* This is not what it rooks rike.
Pete: Why didn't you just tell me it was you?
Gordon: *Speaking normally* I thought I'd get in trouble.
Pete: You thought correctly. You shouldn't push anypony whatsoever. Orion is also in trouble. Where is he?
Gordon: In the stall next to me.
Orion: You dick! *Comes out of stall*
Pete: You were supposed to be pushing those freight cars down the hump, but I saw Hawkeye doing that instead. Why are you in the bathroom?
Orion: I was freezing, and I decided to come here.
Hawkeye: *Walks in* Amen to that.
Pete: Oh no you don't *Pushes Hawkeye out of bathroom* Orion, I want you to get back to work, whether you're freezing or not.
Orion: *Sighs* yes sir. *walks away*

Suddenly, bells were ringing on the clock outside of the station. It was seven O' Clock. Time for the ponies to go home.

Orion: *Walking out of station*
Pete: Orion, you got lucky this time. If you do something like this again, you're fired!
Orion: Ok.

The End

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