Robotnik says, "Snoopi-" He stopped, forgetting what he was going to say, but he quickly remembered. "Snooping as usual I see."

Before I start this story, let me go over some stuff that happened in the previous stories.

November 23, 2012

I arrived at Ponyville, and met the six main characters of MLP FIM. The next day was the beginning of the Equestria War. A month later Canterlot got bombed, and the Pony Alliance was formed to fight against Robotnik's army.

December 24, 2012

Before his death Dr. Robotnik got Discord, and Blaze the cat to take over his army. Discord would take Ponyville, and Manehattan while Blaze would take Fillydelphia, Stalliongrad, and San Franciscolt.

December 30, 2014

The Pony Alliance finishes off Discord's side of his army named Disci. He went to Stalliongrad to blow the town up. Stalliongrad was the last line of defense for Disci, and they would be destroyed if they didn't defend it. Just when Stalliongrad was about to be destroyed, I used chaos control to get the bomb somewhere else. After ending up in New York City, I had to fight Blaze, and Discord on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. They were both killed, but me, and Rainbow Dash nearly died.

New Years day, 2015

All of Disci gets killed, and Equestria is safe. Some of us took a shit on our enemies graves, then had a party with Pinkie Pie hosting it (as usual.)

Now it's January 7, 2021. After six years I still made weekly visits for Pinkie Pie. Then someone sneaked up behind me while I was heading to Equestria, someone I hated for a very long time. It was only then when I realized my mistake.

After I entered Ponyville, I saw the person that followed me. It was Catie, a grey hedgehog somewhat like me, only she has a russian accent. I ran after her pushing her to the ground. "What was that for?" She asked. "Chaos control." I said, entering Australia. "Die here for all I care. Chaos Control." I made sure she stayed away from me when I left. Now that I'm back in Equestria, it's time to visit Pinkie. I arrived at Sugarcube corner when Pinkie asked who I was. "Really? I've been visiting you once a week for nine years, and you don't know who I am." I replied. Then I found out it was Catie behind me. "WHAT THE HELL?!! How did you get out of Australia?!" I shouted. Before Catie could respond I left with rage. Catie would probably try to destroy Equestria like Robotnik, but there's a possibility she might win. I went to see Rainbow Dash instead, and told her about the situation. "What could she possibly do to defeat you?" She asked. I wasn't sure how to respond to that. So I told her about my last encounter with Catie.

Things were going good for me while I was visiting Australia, then Catie passed me. She tried to kill me with an Ak47 while driving two locomotives at once. I chased her, but she shot my legs. The best thing to do was get a train, and chase her. I had to use chaos control, and take one that was in Tails' shop. He was still working on it, but I took it anyway. As I got in, and used chaos control Tails' tried to get me out, but it was too late. I was now chasing Catie in a blue engine. She didn't notice until I got fifty feet towards her second locomotive. As I got closer Catie got to the coupling, and uncoupled the second locomotive to get in my way. There was only one gadget I could use to get things out of the way, the coupler. When the engine coupled on to mine, I used the coupler to throw it away from me. So much for General Electric's hard work in one engine. Next I had to stop Catie from escaping, so I grabbed my .44 to shoot Catie's brains out. While doing this she shot back at me with her AK, but had to reload. I shot her gun, but I also had to reload. At least I have a weapon. Catie then used Chaos Control to get into Kansas City, and I did the same. I took a look at my radar, and saw Catie was heading towards me. I was on the Missouri side, and Catie was on the Kansas side. I had strong brakes on my engine, I just had to blow the bridge, and have Catie killed in an explosion. I shot two missiles, one for Catie, and one for the bridge. Catie saw it, jumped out of the train, and ran towards a road, where a guy with a bicycle was riding towards her. I had to jump the bridge, and stop her from riding off. I almost made it, then I pulled Catie off the bike. "What the fuck did you do to my cousin?!" I asked her. She beat him up is what she did, but she wouldn't admit it. "You mean Sonic?" She asked trying to be innocent. "He has blood coming out of his body, and a black eye thanks to you!" I said. While I stood above her Catie kicked me, and escaped. I swore that if I ever saw her again she would be dead.

"That's why Catie might win this time." I told Rainbow Dash. She was impressed in Tail's work on the train I stole, and could you blame her? "We need rocket launchers on our trains here." "Yeah, and with the hearts on them people would misjudge us." I said. Then the both of us just sat on a rock, and relaxed. Meanwhile, back at sugarcube Catie was still with Pinkie. "I don't know why Sean left when you came here." Then Catie put a spell on Pinkie, "Now you will do as I say. I want you to get everyone in Equestria to destroy Sean The Hedgehog, and anyone that stands in our path." Pinkie copied some of what was just said, and went to get everyone, "Attention everypony. Spetznas needs you to join the fight against Sean The Hedgehog. If not, you'll be executed." Twilight was confused, and ran off to get Celestia. Then Celestia arrived in front of Twilight. Celestia's eyes were red, with a yellow iris. Then she cast a spell on Twilight making her become evil. Her eyes became just how Celestia's were. Then nearly every pony was evil, under Catie's commands. So far the only one not evil was Rainbow Dash, and I had to get help from my world. "I know a lot of people that can help." I said. But Rainbow Dash wanted to stay here, and try to find ponies that weren't evil communists. "Allright. Good luck." I left to get help from Mobius, and possibly Earth. Rainbow Dash decided to check Sweet Apple Acres, and thankfully none of them were evil. She then told Applejack, and the others about what happened. "Everyone in Ponyville are communists?" Applejack asked. "Unfortunately. We've got this though." She said. Appleblooms friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were there as well, and they wanted to help. "I don't know if you guys want to get in this." Applejack said, "Just let me, Rainbow Dash, and Big Mac handle this." Applebloom knodded her head, but she was still going to get in the fight, and so were her friends. I went to Sweet Apple Acres to meet up with Rainbow Dash. Our team was set up. It was me, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Big Macintosh, Sonic my cousin, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, and Espio. "Alright good job." Dash said. Knuckles was wondering why he was here so we briefed him on his mission. "Catie is trying to attack this place. She has started by sabotaging with their minds, and they're now communists. There are also russian soldiers involved with this war on Catie's side. So they have airplanes, and tanks." I I said to Knuckles. Now he was confused, "You want me to kill someone that's using powers to hypnotize people?" We thought it was too hard, but Knuckles said it was too easy. "Count me out!" This made Rainbow Dash pretend to cry. It was clear she was faking it, but some of us were acting like she really was crying. "Don't worry." Applejack said. "He's just scared that our main enemy is a girl." "WHAT?!" Knuckles said. He was now extremely mad. "That's it, I'm in this war!" We were now cheering, and Dash stopped her fake crying. Later, Tails was showing some gadgets he installed into my car. "I have missile launckers, machine guns, and an oil slick. You can use them by hitting a button with the name of it's gadget, but let me show you this." He was showing me the ejector chair, for passengers. "You just have to open the clutch, and there will be a button to activate the chair." Clearly he got that from James Bond. The modifications were awesome, and they really worked. We also had a '70 mustang, and two Lamborghini Countachs. One of them was a green '74 lambo, and the other was a purple '88 25th anniversary edition. Oh and I almost forgot the '59 impala. Now we were ready. "Allright let's do this." I said. I would be in the Corvette with Applejack. Big Mac would drive the mustang while Sonic stood on the roof, and Espio in shotgun. Tails had the '74 Countach, while Knuckles and Rouge had the '88 Countach. Every one of them had great weapons with some of them blowing up buildings. By the time we got back to Ponyville we were in for a surprise. Everyone in Ponyville was about to fight us. The ponies and communists started firing at us, and when they did we avoided their attacks, and killed some of them. "Only shoot the ponies if they attack us!" I said. We were going to need their help, but if they died the unicorns could bring them back to life. We had to kill Catie in order for the communistic ponies to come back to normal. We didn't know where she was so I drove off to find her. "She has to be around here somewhere!" Applejack said. As I continued driving Applejack got pushed out of the car. Sitting where the orange once sat was Applebloom. "You just had to push your sister out of the car." I said. Applejack was lying on the ground. Her left side was bleeding from falling out of the car, and she couldn't move. Two cars then passed by, another one stopped. "So long Applejack." said Pinkie blowing her brains out. Eventually the two cars caught up to me. One of them was on my left side, and I had another one on my right. "Applebloom shoot that cars tires out." I said. I gave her my .44, and she shot the cars tires on the right side out. Now we had the car on our left side. I just slowed down, and shot it with machine guns. "Did you make this?" Applebloom asked. "The car or the weapons?" "The car." She asked me this when we first met, and I said no. How would the answer change? "The weapons were installed by a friend." I replied. Next we went back to find Applejack, but instead we saw a barricade blocking our path with Catie there. Just perfect. I get the missiles set up while Applebloom sees the crosshairs aim at the blockade. "What is this?" She asked. Oh nothing, just had a few optional extras installed. "Watch this." I told Applebloom as I launched missiles at the blockade. As it exploded I ran Catie over while russians were shooting at me. They missed, but the windows were shot up, and I couldn't see a thing. "At least Catie is dead." Applebloom announced. "Yeah." I said, "At least." Now all the ponies were turning back to normal, and Pinkie realized her mistake. "Oh no! I killed Applejack." Then she started crying as she stared at her dead friend. "I will never kill people again!" Pinkie said throwing her gun away. Only to get killed by russian soldiers. The ponies were back to normal, but the russians wanted to attack Equestria. We got to where Applejack was, and saw four russian soldiers kill Pinkie Pie. When they did that I blew them up with missiles. "We have to bring them back to life." I said, but no unicorns were around, so we were screwed. "Sweetie Belle!" Applebloom shouted. Then her white furred friend came out of my car, and brought Applejack back to life. She was too tired to bring Pinkie back, so we had to go to Twilight. Before Applejack could talk some sense into the C.M.C for sneaking into my car they ran off. We didn't know where they were, but they had to be away from the communists. Once we got to the town square there was pure chaos. Ponies were fighting communists, and blowing up buildings. There was a tank about to blow up a building with poines carrying RPG's, but the tank's guns were jammed. Then we saw Doughnut Joe, he used a spell to disable the tank's weapons. Then the RPG ponies blew it up. "Joe!" I shouted. "Pinkie needs to be brought back to life." We got to Joe without getting shot, and took cover while Pinkie was being brought back to life. After that was done Pinkie grabbed my machine gun. I didn't have my .44 magnum from Applebloom taking it to shoot the tires of a car following us earlier. I wasn't going to need that though. I just picked up a building that the russians occupied, and threw it at a tank. The explosion was massive. Now there were only 20 russians left. I was going to kill more, but Rainbow Dash arrived in the green Lamborghini, and I got in the drivers seat. Somehow Dash got 50 russians to follow her while I killed Catie, or so I thought. We were driving fast, then we saw Catie blocking our path with a helicopter. "This can't be good." Dash said. I didn't have any chaos emeralds, so there was no way I could use Chaos Control. I turned left, and avoided machine gun fire from the chopper. Up ahead was a river, and heading towards that river was me. I didn't even stop, "You like water?" Dash didn't even ask. She tried to get out, but I wouldn't let her. A few seconds later, we were in the river. Dash was confused, why did I drive in the river? I answered her question by putting on submarine mode. Lamborghini's first car/submarine. I just found a chaos emerald, and wanted to get somewhere while Catie was searching the river for me, but I would be at another place, killing her. "Chaos Control." I said, and we ended up back on land, but away from Catie. Instead we ended up next to several russians attacking Sugarcube corner. "Shit! Get us outta here!" Dash said. Her shouting made those guys spot us, so I used Chaos Control to get away from them. Instead we ended up by the Delaware River in Frenchtown New Jersey. I switched back to car mode, and drove off, because somehow the russians ended up being too close to us. The tank followed as I drove onto a bike path heading away from the russians. Six of them stole some motorcycles, and followed. I looked for some possible weapons to use, but the only weapon was mortars. I launched one, and it blew up, killing two of the commies following us. I drove back onto a road the first chance I got, as four communists, and a police car followed me. "Use another mortar." Dash said. She flew out of the car, and kicked the police car into the air. It didn't go far. All that police officer could say was "I'm in pursuit of four harleys, and a green Lamborghini Countach." Rainbow Dash then knocked the four bikers off their bikes. She got back into the car, and I used Chaos Control to get back into Ponyville. By the time we got back Catie used Chaos Control, and we got too close to her. It's very unfortunate that she survived being hit by a car. We ended up at 30th street station in Philladalphia. Catie stole a train while I stole another train. Both of us used chaos control, and ended up in Equestria heading down the train tracks towards Canterlot. Catie fired at me while I was getting close to her. I used my gun to shoot Catie's gun out of her hands, doesn't this remind you of a similar chase? Anyway we were heading towards Canterlot when a russian tank was trying to blow up my train. It wasn't going to work though, because Rainbow Dash flew towards that tank, and kicked it, but it didn't go anywhere. 'I'm gonna have to move it' she thought. So she started pushing the tank away from my train. The soldier in the tank saw what was pushing his vehicle, "You really think you can stop me?" "I think I can, I know I can." Dash said. By the time the soldier grabbed his gun the tank went over a ledge. She got rid of that moron in ten seconds flat. "Hey! That's my line!" Dash shouted. Sorry! Where was I? Oh yeah, the second train chase against me and Catie how could I forget? Now she was trying to blow me up with an RPG, but everytime she shot a missile I would jump out, and move my engine. I had to make sure the wheels were on the track correctly otherwise I would be screwed. By the time Rainbow Dash arrived Catie was on her second, and final missile. "I got an idea." Dash said, and she caused Catie to miss her shot blowing up the tunnel behind us. "Good work Dash." But then an SUV arrived with russians in them. They were trying to kill us. When the car got close enough I grabbed it, and threw it at Catie's train. The car hit her engine's cab, and it flew off. "Nearly hit her." said Rainbow Dash. I had one last chance, my gun. I kept firing at Catie as another SUV arrived. Two RPG's fired from the car, and when I hit Catie I noticed that I was screwed. As I jumped out the engine it flew into the air, and hit Catie's train. Both of us lost our trains. I killed the russian soldiers that blew up the tracks, and looked for Catie. Rainbow Dash was doing the same thing to, only she had a knife. Dash then found Catie resting by the wreckage, and as she flew towards her over 200 miles an hour Catie hit her. When she got hit Rainbow Dash dropped her knife, and Catie grabbed a hold of it putting it in Rainbow Dash. She was trying to get her neck, but got her belly instead. "You claim to be the fastest flyer in Equestria?" Catie said. Dash couldn't speak because of the amount of pain in her belly. She felt like she was going to barf. Catie on the other hand wanted to break Dash's wings while shooting her in the head. I wasn't going to let that happen. I jumped towards Catie making her miss Dash's head, and shoot a tree instead. Rainbow Dash tried to get Catie's gun after it got dropped, but Catie wouldn't allow it. "Stay out of this fight!" She said, and punched Rainbow Dash in the face. I snapped Catie's neck, and found a whole army of russian soldiers trying to attack me. I threw a bunch of them at a far distance, and shot others. Some of them I would shoot while throwing. There were some soldiers that got lucky, and shot me, I would break their necks. Afterkilling fifteen russians more arrived, and I kept taking damage. Rainbow Dash saw me being attacked, and knew she had to do something. She tried to pull the knife out of her chest, but it was a very painful process. Even if it moved very slowly it hurt her badly. "Come on." She said to herself thinking that it was almost over. Then she saw a pink hoove grab the knife. Pinkie was helping her get the knife out of her chest. While this was going on there was only one russian left, but I was so hurt that I didn't have the energy to kill him. I got knocked onto the ground, and got punched continuosly. I might have been tired, but it was going to take a lot of punches to kill me. He stopped, and saw a knife thrown into his neck. It was thrown by none other then Rainbow Dash, with a little help from Pinkie Pie. Pinkie helped her friend up while I got back on my feet. "You two are getting beat up a lot." Pinkie told us. "We're tough, what can we say?" I told her. Dash laughed, then coughed out blood. I was tired, but I helped Pinkie carry Rainbow Dash to Twilight's Library. We had a friend to take care of.