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Los Angeles, Alicornia

New Years Day, 2015. 10:21 AM

SeanTheHedgehog Presents


Starring Pierce Hawkins as the detective

Also starring

Master Sword from Windwakerguy430
Ditto from Canada24
Power Play from Edvine2
Leaf Pile from SeanTheHedgehog
And Nikki West from Jade_23

Power Play: Alright, just like we planned.
Master Sword: Got it.
Leaf Pile: *Loads gun*
Ditto: *Puts on mask*

The others put on their masks, and loaded up their guns. Then they went into a bank.

Power Play: Alright, everypony down on the ground right now!!
Ditto: We're taking all of the money in this bank!
Master Sword: We don't wanna kill you, so don't make any mistakes!
Bank Pony: *Putting bank inside a bag*
Power Play: Come on, let's go!
Pony 53: *Hits alarm*
Leaf Pile: Hey! *Shoots pony that turned on alarm*
Power Play: We warned you. Now take a look at that pony who turned on the alarm!
Bank Pony: *Finishes putting money in bag* Here you go.
Power Play: *Takes bag* About time, let's go.

Four police cars were heading towards the bank.

Leaf Pile: Let's get to the train station quick!
Ditto: You go, I got you covered! *Takes cover behind a car*
Power Play: *Running to train station*
Master Sword, and Leaf Pile: *Following Power Play*
Ditto: *Shoots two bullets at police car*
Police Pony: *Driving one of the cars, and gets shot. He crashes into a pick up truck*
Ditto: *Shoots two bullets in the tire of another police car*
Police Pony 2: *Loses control, and crashes into a fire hydrant*
Ditto: *Runs to train station*
Power Play: *Shooting three bullets at security guard*
Ditto: *Arrives*
Power Play: About time you got here, the security won't give us a break!
Ditto: Leave it to me. *Grabs grenade, and throws it at security guards*
Guard 4: Grenade! *Dies*
Power Play: Move up.

The other bank robbers followed Power Play, and they got to a platform where they found a train.

Police Ponies: *Running into train station* Find the bank robbers!
Power Play: There's a train to San Franciscolt, let's get on it!
Master Sword: *Runs to entrance on train*
Ditto: *Follows Master Sword*
Power Play: *Follows Ditto*
Leaf Pile: *Follows Power Play*
Conductor: Hey, you're not allowed to have weapons on the train!
Master Sword: Fuck you! *Knocks conductor onto the ground, and gets on train*
Ditto: *Follows Master Sword*
Power Play: *Follows Ditto*
Leaf Pile: *To conductor* Get this train moving now! *Follows Power Play*
Conductor: Sometimes, I wish I had a different job. All aboard! *Gets on train*
Master Sword: Attention passengers, we're riding the train with you, but don't be alarmed! We won't kill you unless you do something stupid.

The train pulled out of the station, and the police ponies arrived just in time to see it leaving.

Police Pony 38: They're probably on that train!
Police Pony 39: Who knows where that train is going?
Pony 36: It's going to San Franciscolt officer.
Police Pony 39: Contact the SFPD immediately. I'm gonna ask some ponies about what happened.
Police Pony 38: Copy that. *Gets on walkie talkie* One Adam-7, bank robbers have escaped. They're en route to San Franciscolt. Advise the SFPD immediately.
Dispatch: Copy that One Adam-7. Get back to HQ ASAP.

In San Franciscolt, the police were being notified about the bank robbers.

Police Pony 36: *On phone* Right. We'll alert all of our units now. Thanks again. *Hangs up* We got news from LA everypony. Four bank robbers are coming here by train. They just robbed a bank, and got on the train as fast as they could.
Police Pony 94: We need to tell the commissioner.
Police Pony 36: I'll notify him, and you must tell Detective Hawkins about it.
Police Pony 94: I will.

Detective Hawkins was a green earth pony with orange hooves. He was pulling over a pony in a station wagon for speeding when he heard one of the police ponies.

Police Pony 94: Detective 46, do you copy?
Pierce: What is it dispatch?
Police Pony 94: We're alerting you about four bank robbers on their way here by train. Head over to HQ for breifing right now.
Pierce: I just pulled over somepony for speeding. I need to deal with her first, then I'll be at HQ. Over, and out.
Police Pony 94: Copy that 46.
Pierce: *Walks out of his car, and goes to the station wagon* Open the window.
Mare: *Opens window*
Pierce: Hi. Let me see your license, and registration.
Mare: What?
Pierce: I said let me see your license, and registration.
Mare: I can't hear you!
Pierce: Alright, look. I'm trying to be nice with you. If you wanna pretend to be deaf, that's your problem, but don't play around with me.
Mare: *Sticks hoof out of window* No, it's not raining. You should know that. *Drives away*
Pierce: *Grabs his gun, and shoots a tire in the station wagon*
Mare: *Loses control, and crashes into a garage*
Pierce: That wasn't supposed to happen. *Gets in his car, and drives away*

By the time Pierce got to HQ, the commissioner was informed about what Pierce did to the mare in the station wagon.

Commissioner: You shot the tire of somepony's car.
Pierce: She was speeding away from me. What did you want me to do, let her get away?!
Commissioner: You could have called in back up, and the extra units would've stopped her. You know she died right as soon as her car crashed, right?
Pierce: No. I didn't know that.
Commissioner: And speaking of the car, that was a classic. You know what year it was?
Pierce: Who cares about what kind of car it was?!
Commissioner: 1978. That was the year the car was manufactured. You have no respect for anything from the past, do you?
Pierce: Actually I do. I have a Tokarev pistol from World War 2. A gift from my grandfather when he was taking over Berlin, causing the Allies, and Russians to win.
Commissioner: I don't need to know about your grandfather, and what he did to help win that war. Now listen, I'm not sure if you know about it or not, but four bank robbers are coming here by train. They robbed one bank in LA, and are now on their way here. You should go tell your wife.
Pierce: Yeah. She works at one of the richest banks in this town.
Commissioner: I suggest you go tell her now.
Pierce: I will.

At the San Franciscolt Federal Credit Union, where Pierce's wife works.

Pierce: They told me to let you know about these bank robbers coming here on a train from LA.
Nikki: Are you sure about it?
Pierce: Yes, I'm sure. It's on the news, the LAPD told us, and I got to wait at the train station with a bunch of other ponies.
Nikki: Do they know which station to go to?
Pierce: What are you talking about?
Nikki: Will the train be going to the station here, or in Oatland?
Pierce: I don't know.
Nikki: Is there anything you do know about the train?
Pierce: It's from Amtrak. We saw some of the news footage, and that's all we know about the train. The engine is owned by Amtrak, the cars are owned by Amtrak, the entire thing is by Amtrak.
Nikki: Then it's going to the station in Oatland.
Pierce: How do you know?
Nikki: The only trains that go into this town are either AlTrain, or the BART's.
Pierce: I better tell the commissioner then, and have all the other cops know about it. Thanks Nikki. *About to leave the bank*
Nikki: Pierce?
Pierce: *Stops, and turns around to look at Nikki*
Nikki: I love you, but do be careful out there.
Pierce: *Knods* I will. *Leaves bank*

As he stepped out of the bank, Pierce heard gunshots.

Pierce: *Runs to his car, and gets on walkie talkie* Detective 46, I heard gunshots by the Federal Credit Union. Shots are being fired south of my position by Smuggler's Cove.
Police Pony 93: *On Walkie Talkie* Detective 46, that's us! My partner has just been hit by four armed ponies. Get down here quickly!
Pierce: I'm on my way! *Gets in his car, and drives to Smuggler's Cove*
Bad Pony 64: *Shoots four bullets at police pony with a P90*
Police Pony 93: *Taking cover*
Pierce: *Parks his car, and runs out with his Tokarev pistol* Freeze! SFPD!
Bad Pony 64: *About to shoot Pierce*
Pierce: *Shoots bad Pony 64. He looks at the police pony* How many are left?
Police Pony 93: Three. They're all inside that building.
Pierce: Come with me. I might need all of the help I can get. *Runs into store*
Police Pony 93: *On walkie talkie* Officer Edmunds going into Smuggler's Cove with Detective 46. *Follows Pierce*
Bad Pony 96: All of you stay down. We don't want any of you civilians getting hurt.
Bad Pony 37: *Takes an apple, and eats it*
Bad Pony 75: *Sees Pierce, and the police pony* Two cops, get them!
Bad Pony 96: *Shoots two bullets*
Pierce: *Taking cover behind door, and shoots bad pony 96*
Police Pony 93: I'm going in. *Runs into store, and hides behind a counter*
Bad Pony 75: *Shoots door*
Pierce: *Stays behind door*
Police Pony 93: *Shoots Bad Pony 75*
Bad Pony 37: *Runs out the back exit*
Police Pony 93: Pierce, the other pony is making an escape!
Pierce: I noticed, follow him. *Runs to the right, and goes towards the exit of the store*
Police Pony 93: *Runs to back exit*
Bad Pony 37: *Jumps over a car, and is running through a parking lot*
Pierce: *Sees bad pony* Stop!
Police Pony 93: *Chasing the bad pony*
Pierce: *Chasing the bad pony*
Bad Pony 37: Leave me alone, or I'll shoot you!
Pierce: *Shoots gun out of bad pony's hoof* Now what hotshot?!
Bad Pony 37: *Trips*
Police Pony 93: *Stops running*
Pierce: *Stops running* What kind of criminal do you think you are? You're pathetic if you trip while somepony is chasing you down!
Police Pony 93: Take it easy Pierce.
Pierce: *Puts hoofcuffs on bad pony* You're underarrest for murder, and robbery.

A Police car arrived, and Pierce put the bad pony inside it so that he could be taken to jail.

Pierce went to the commissioner. He wanted to tell him about what Nikki told him about the criminals, and what station they would be at.

Commissioner: *On walkie talkie* You sure about it?
Police Pony 66: Yes sir. They showed us the wanted posters, and we saw them with the drugs.
Commissioner: Notify the Coast Guard, and have those drug addicts arrested.
Pierce: *Arrives*
Commissioner: *Turns off radio, and looks at Pierce* What is it?
Pierce: I told my wife about the bank robbers, and she believes they will arrive at the train station in Oatland.
Commissioner: How does she know about it?
Pierce: She knows, because she saw what railway the train was from. How much time before those bank robbers arrive?
Commissioner: About ten minutes.
Pierce: Alert all units waiting for the robbers to go to the train station in Oatland as soon as possible.
Commissioner: Thanks Pierce.
Pierce: *About to leave*
Commissioner: One more thing.
Pierce: *Turns around*
Commissioner: I want you to help out a few other officers attempting a drug bust. They have reason to believe the drug ponies are on a freighter about to pass the Golden Neigh Bridge. Meet up with them at Fisher Stallion's wharf.
Pierce: I'm on my way over there now. *Leaves police headquarters*
Commissioner: *Gets on walkie talkie* Attention all units waiting for the LA bank robbers, special update. They are arriving in Oatland, I repeat Oatland. Get to the Amtrak station immediately.

But it was too late. Before any of the officers could get into Oatland, Power Play, Ditto, Master Sword, and Leaf Pile got at the station.

Power Play: Alright, let's make this quick. We need a car.
Ditto: *Sees a red sedan* How about that one?
Power Play: Perfect. Everypony in it now before the cops arrive.

Surprisingly, all of the doors were unlocked.

Master Sword: *Sits in the back with Ditto*
Power Play: *Sits in the driver's seat*
Leaf Pile: *Sits next to Power Play*
Power Play: *Sees keys on dashboard* No wonder why all the doors were unlocked. *Takes keys, and puts them in the ignition. He starts the car*
Ditto: That's why I chose it as our getaway car.
Power Play: *Backs out of parking space* Good work Ditto. What would we do without you? *Drives out of the parking space* Now we just gotta enter San Fran, and rob a few banks. After that, we hit a couple of banks around Oatland, and return to LA.

Meanwhile, Pierce arrived at Fisher Stallion's Wharf. He saw three police ponies, and five Coast Guard Ponies.

Pierce: *Exits his car, and walks to the police ponies with the coast guard* What's happening fellas?
Coast Guard Pony 3: Chinese Authorities say that a couple of drug dealers are hiding out in a freighter. We see it over there in the Pacific, and it should be passing the Golden Neigh Bridge soon. Once it does, we get in three boats.
Police Pony 49: Three ponies per boat.
Coast Guard Pony 3: Then, we get on board, and take down the drug dealers.
Pierce: Alright, let's do it.

Pierce got in a boat with two coast guard ponies. The second boat had the other three coast guard ponies, and the last boat had all three of the police ponies together.

Pierce: *Driving boat*
Coast Guard Pony 1: *In second boat with coast guard ponies 4, and 5*
Police Pony 49: *In boat with police ponies 98, and 66*
Pierce: Alright, I'm gonna get close to the back, and you two sneak on.

But the drug ponies already saw them, and they jumped off the edge of the ship with jetskis. When they landed in the water, they rode off quickly.

Pierce: Get on the radio, and inform everypony else about the jetskis. I'm chasing them down. *Follows drug ponies*
Coast Guard Pony 3: *Gets on radio* Heads up, the drug dealers are escaping on jetskis. We need at least two ponies to make sure that cargo ship doesn't go out of control.
Coast Guard Pony 5: I'm calling in extra units.
Coast Guard Pony 3: Not enough time. We need to stop that thing now!
Coast Guard Pony 5: In that case, I'll go.
Coast Guard Pony 1: *Stops boat by ladder*
Coast Guard Pony 5: *Climbs up*
Drug Pony 1: *Grabs Skorpion*
Pierce: Look out, he's armed!
Drug Pony 1: *Shoots at Pierce*
Pierce: *Taking cover* We need to stop these guys now.
Drug Ponies: *Riding jetskis by the beach*
Ponies: *See the guns, and run away*
Drug Ponies: *Turn right*
Police Pony 49: They're turning around.
Pierce: Try, and block them! They might be heading back to that ship.
Drug Ponies: *Passing under the Golden Neigh Bridge*
Pierce: *Follows the drug ponies*
Coast Guard Pony 1: *On walkie talkie* How's it going up there?
Coast Guard Pony 5: I'm dropping anchor now. This thing should stop soon.
Coast Guard Pony 1: Good. Make it quick. We need to go out there, and help out Pierce, and the others.
Coast Guard Pony 5: I'm going as fast as I can. *Feels the ship not moving anymore* It stopped. I'm coming back down.
Drug Pony 2: *Riding past the ship*
Police Pony 66: *Talks into loudspeaker* Stop right now, or we will shoot you!
Drug Pony: *Shoots Police pony 49*
Police Pony 49: *Dies, and leans on steering wheel*

His boat scraped alongside the ship making this noise for three seconds: link

Police Pony 66: *On walkie talkie* Officer down.
Pierce: Is he okay?
Police Pony 66: He's dead.
Pierce: Okay Coast Guard, do your stuff.
Coast Guard Pony 3: *Grabs an MP5, and shoots at the drug dealers*
Drug Pony 2: Head to Alcatraz! We'll go around it once, and we should be able to lose them that way!
Drug Pony 1: I got it! *Rides toward Alcatraz*
Drug Pony 2: *Follows*
Pierce: *Following the drug ponies*
Coast Guard Pony 5: *Gets back on the boat with coast guard pony 1*
Coast Guard Pony 4: It's about time you got back.
Coast Guard Pony 5: It's a big ship.
Coast Guard Pony 1: *Drives boat, and makes a 180 degree turn to the right* There they are. Heading to Alcatraz.
Drug Ponies: *Riding jetskis around Alcatraz*
Coast Guard Pony 1: I got an idea. *Goes left around Alcatraz*
Coast Guard Pony 4: Sir, they're going to the right.
Coast Guard Pony 1: I know. I just wanna surprise them.
Drug Ponies: Look out! Another boat in front of us! *Fall off the jetskis*

The jetskis scraped alongside the coast guard boat making the same noise the boat made when it hit the cargo ship. It only lasted for a second.

Pierce: *Stops his boat*
Coast Guard Pony 1: *Stops his boat*
Police Pony 66: *Stops his boat*
Pierce: You two are under arrest.
Drug Pony 1: Ah, save it!
Drug Pony 2: Tell us something we don't know!
Pierce: You'll be in jail for ten years. Maybe more.
Commissioner: *Talks on radio* Detective 46, do you copy?
Pierce: *Picks up walkie talkie* Yeah, what's up Commissioner?
Commissioner: We got a problem. Get to the Federal Credit Union Bank quickly.
Pierce: On my way. *Puts away walkie talkie* Get me back to Fisher Stallion's wharf. Will you?
Coast Guard Pony 2: You're the driver.
Pierce: *Drives boat back to Fisher Stallion's wharf*

Pierce got to the Federal Credit Union bank, and saw four police cars there.

Pierce: *Stops his car in front of the bank* What happened?
Police Pony 46: Those bank robbers got out of the station before any of us could reach them. One of our units saw them in the Fillmore District.
Pierce: Where's Nikki?
Police Pony 46: She's inside.
Pierce: I swear, if any of those bank robbers hurt her.. *Quickly walks into bank* Nikki?
Nikki: *Sitting on bench* Over here Pierce.
Pierce: *Sits down next to Nikki* What happened?
Nikki: There were three robbers. One of them knocked me onto the ground, and the other two started taking the money.
Pierce: How much did they take?
Nikki: $75,000.
Pierce: Did they hurt you?
Nikki: Just my head, and my back.
Pierce: *Hugs Nikki* I swear, I'm gonna kill those four for what they did to you!
Commissioner: You will do no such thing.
Pierce: *Stands up* What?
Commissioner: Those four are wanted alive by the LAPD.
Pierce: I know you're in charge, but you need a reminder of what those bank robbers did. They shot, and killed a few officers, robbed banks, and now they hurt my wife.
Commissioner: Revenge isn't going to solve anything.
Pierce: It will for me.
Commissioner: Promise me you won't kill those four no matter what.
Pierce: Alright, I promise. Can you tell me what kind of car they had?
Commissioner: A red late model Flam.
Pierce: Thank you.

Pierce left the bank, and got into his car. He wanted to go visit a friend in Oatland when he saw the red car that Power Play, and his gang stole. They were on the Bay Bridge, just leaving San Franciscolt.

Ditto: *Counting money* We're gonna live like kings gentlecolts.
Power Play: Even better then kings. We live as multimillionaires.
Master Sword: You don't mind if I put on the TV in this thing, do you?
Power Play: Not at all, go ahead.
Master Sword: *Gets TV hanging from ceiling* I still can't believe this thing as a TV inside it.
Leaf Pile: Lucky for us the doors were unlocked with the keys inside here.
Master Sword: *Turns on an episode of On The Block* I heard this was good.
Leaf Pile: Yeah. There's one skit called The Story Of Corporal Agarn.
Master Sword: Okay, let's see what it looks like. *Skips to The Story Of Corporal Agarn*

In the TV

Ponies: *Singing* Though he goes on a rage from time to time
He is a very good friend of mine
And in Fort Courage he is well known as
Corporal Agarn.

Starring Master Sword as Corporal Agarn

In the car, Master Sword stared at disbelief. He never remembered playing as a corporal in a comedy skit.

Master Sword: When did this happen?
Leaf Pile: Well actually this is the pilot episode. I think it was filmed sometime in September last year.
Master Sword: I really don't remember playing as a Corporal. I mean look at him. Can you hear what he's saying? He's such an idiot! Why would I play as some stupid Corporal that had no clue about what he was doing? *Turns off TV*
Ditto: Aw, come on, I wanted to see that!
Master Sword: No. *Looks out back window and sees Pierce in his car* Say, that's a nice Chevy over there. I wonder why the driver looks angry.

Song: link

They went through a tunnel, and onto another part of the Bay Bridge.

Power Play: *Drives 50 miles an hour*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play*
Power Play: *Looks to the right as he continues driving on the bridge*

When they got off of the bridge Pierce stayed behind Power Play, and his car.

Power Play: *Turns right off the highway*
Pierce: *Takes the same right turn Power Play took*
Power Play: *Driving on the Bay Bridge Trail*
Pierce: *Stays behind Power Play*
Power Play: *Takes a right onto a ramp*
Pierce: *Takes a right onto the ramp*

They were now on another bridge heading towards another highway.

Power Play: *Takes a right, and goes over a trainyard*
Pierce: *Also turns right to go over the trainyard*
Leaf Pile: *Looks to the trains on the right*
Power Play: *Goes into the left lane*
Pierce: *Stays in the right lane*
Power Play: *Passes a big rig*
Pierce: *Gets into the left lane to pass the big rig. By the time he passes it, he goes back into the right lane*
Power Play: *Drives under a train bridge*
Pierce: *Gets into left lane as he passes the train bridge*

The were both driving on the Nimitz Freeway for a while. When they went over the train tracks, Power Play wanted to find an exit off the freeway.

Pierce: *Looks at the trainyard to the left*
Power Play: *Goes all the way to the right, and passes three cars*
Pierce: *Goes all the way to the right*
Power Play: *Sees an exit, but decides not to take it*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play on the freeway*
Power Play: *Drives under another bridge*
Master Sword: *Looks at Pierce*
Pierce: *Staring at Master Sword's car*
Power Play: *Takes an exit off the highway*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play onto the exit*

Both ponies slowed down to follow the speed limit, twenty five miles an hour.

Power Play: *Drives past an intersection, and continues going straight*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play*
Power Play: *Decreases his speed to 20 miles an hour, and passes a Railroad Crossing*
Pierce: *Passes the Railroad crossing*
Power Play: *Gets to another intersection, and turns left*
Pierce: *Turns left*
Power Play: *Stops at another intersection to let a pony cross the street. Then he drives straight*
Pierce: *Slows down, but continues to follow Power Play*
Power Play: *Sees another railroad crossing in front of him*

The crossing gates started going down as the lights flashed.

Power Play: *Stops at Railroad crossing*
Pierce: *Stops behind Power Play*
Leaf Pile: *Sees a freight train going across the railroad crossing*
Master Sword: *Looks at Pierce*
Power Play: *Looks at Master Sword, then at Pierce*
Pierce: *Taps his hooves on the steering wheel to the rhythm of the music*
Ditto: *Sees the end of the freight train*
Power Play: *Waits for the gate to raise. Once it does, he starts to drive at 20 miles an hour*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play at the same speed*
Power Play: *Turns right*
Pierce: *Follows Power Play*
Master Sword: Okay okay, stop the music! We've been going too long without anything to say! Power Play, I think we're being followed!
Power Play: I agree. Let's lose him. *Floors it, and turns left*
Pierce: *Turns on sirens, and follows Power Play*
Power Play: *Turns right*
Pierce: *Turns right, but nearly hits a car*
Power Play: *Turns right twice*
Pierce: *Drifts on the two right turns*
Power Play: *Turns right onto Fruitvale Avenue*
Pierce: *Drifts onto Fruitvale Avenue*
Power Play: *Drives straight, and goes over 100 miles an hour*
Pierce: *Rams a car out of his way, and continues to chase Power Play*
Power Play: *Passes another car*
Pony 38: *Stops car, and honks horn*
Pierce: *Passes the car, and follows Power Play*
Power Play: *Turns left onto Foothill Boulevard*
Pierce: *Turns left, and lowers window*
Ditto: *Lowers window on his door, and grabs a gun*
Pierce: *Shoots the back window three times*
Ditto: *Shoots another car*
Pony 9853: *Stops*
Pierce: *Nearly hits the car Ditto shot, but continues to chase Power Play*
Power Play: *Honks the horn four times as he drifts right onto Mitchell Street*
Pierce: *Turns right, and hits the lamp post*
Master Sword: *Shoots the tire on Pierce's car*
Pierce: *Shoots both back tires on Power Play's car*
Power Play: *Crashes into another car*

As he ran away, Ditto, Master Sword, and Leaf Pile followed him.

Pierce: *Stops his car, and grabs a Mossberg 500 shotgun. He runs out with it* Get back here you losers!
Power Play: In that house, let's go! *Runs into house*
Ditto: *Runs into the house*
Master Sword: *Runs into the house*
Leaf Pile: *Runs into the house*
Pierce: *Sees the house, and takes cover behind a car*
Power Play: *Gets onto the second floor, and sticks an AR15 out the window*
Pierce: Come out there now! I'm a police pony!
Power Play: *Shoots a bullet, and hits the car*
Pierce: Drop your weapons or I'll kill you!
Power Play: *Shoots three bullets*
Pierce: *Dodges the bullets, and returns fire*
Power Play: *Gets hit*
Master Sword: He got Power Play! I'm gonna make sure he doesn't die!
Ditto: *Shoots ten bullets at Pierce*

All ten bullets hit the car windows.

Pierce: *Shoots Ditto*
Leaf Pile: *Closes door*
Master Sword: You alright Power Play?
Power Play: *Dead*
Master Sword: Speak to me buddy! Come on! *Takes Power Play's gun, and shoots twenty six bullets at Pierce*
Pierce: *Goes to take cover behind another car, and shoots Master Sword*
Master Sword: *Dies*
Leaf Pile: *Opens door to shoot two bullets, then closes door*
Pierce: *Shoots three shotgun shells at door*

The door opened, and Leaf Pile fell out. He was dead.

Pierce: *Looks at the house, then looks around the town. Three ponies are staring at him with their mouths open* It's okay everypony. *Grabs his police badge* Go back to whatever it was you were doing.
Mare 93: You took out all those guys by yourself?
Pierce: Yeah.
Mare 93: Impressive. I'm glad that the police have ponies like you.
Ditto: *Slowly stands up* Where's my gun?
Mare 93: *Tries to kiss Pierce*
Pierce: No, I'm married.
Mare 93: *Shrugs, and walks away*
Ditto: *Grabs his gun, then walks out the house. He points the gun at Pierce* YOU!
Pierce: *Turns around to look at Ditto. He points his gun at Ditto* Drop it, or else.
Ditto: Or else what?! You ruined everything!
Pierce: Your plan was already ruined before you decided to create it.
Ditto: Well I ain't dropping my weapon.
Pierce: You don't have to. *Shoots Ditto*
Ditto: *Dies*
Pierce: *Walks away from the house*

Pierce got to his car. He had a spare tire in the trunk, along with tools to change the tire that got shot. Before he did that, he got on the radio.

Commissioner: Pierce? Where are you?
Pierce: Oatland. Listen, I found a red car over here. I'm not sure who it belongs to, but you might wanna get a tow truck crew to clean it up.
Commissioner: That's out of our jurisdiction. What are you doing in Oatland?
Pierce: Visiting a friend. *Gets off radio* Now to fix that tire.

After fixing the tire, Pierce drove back to San Franciscolt. He was glad that the four bank robbers were killed, even though the commissioner told him not to kill them.

At home, Pierce talked about it with Nikki.

Pierce: *Sitting at table drinking Colta Cola*
Nikki: *Brings a plate of meatloaf to Pierce* Here you are my handsome police stallion.
Pierce: Thanks Nikki. *Eats a piece of meatloaf* Do you remember those bank robbers that took all of the money from that bank?
Nikki: Yeah?
Pierce: I killed them.
Nikki: You what? I thought the Commissioner said not to kill them!
Pierce: Screw the Commissioner. What does he know? If he had enough common sense to operate a toaster, he would've given me permission to kill them.
Nikki: What has gotten into you?
Pierce: I don't know. Whatever it was must've left after I killed those four.
Nikki: What if you lose your job?
Pierce: I don't care if I lose my job. I had to do what I had to do. Plain, and simple. *Eats another piece of meatloaf* Plain, and simple, I don't get that. Why do ponies say plain, and simple?
Nikki: Please don't change the subject-
Pierce: I'm not, I'm just asking a question. Plain, and simple. Why don't we say simple, and plain? Or maybe, for pilots, simple, and airplane. Speaking of planes-
Nikki: Pierce!
Pierce: *Stops talking, and looks at Nikki*
Nikki: I'm worried about you.
Pierce: Don't be. I'm in perfect health. Watch this.

Pierce stood up, and started doing jumping jacks. He was going so fast that by the time ten seconds past, he did twenty six jumping jacks.

Pierce: Let's see somepony else do it as fast as me.
Nikki: Alright, I get it. *Remembers something* What about the money?
Pierce: What money?
Nikki: The money those ponies stole from the bank I work at.
Pierce: What about it?
Nikki: You have to return it.
Pierce: The robbers left it in their car, and I told the commissioner about it. He probably got somepony else to pick it up already.
Nikki: You told the commissioner about the car?
Pierce: He doesn't know about the murders. Not yet anyway. All I know is that the money is most likely gone.
Nikki: Well. So much for the seventy five thousand dollars.
Pierce: I might be able to find something.

Next day, Pierce was sent to the Commissioner's office.

Commissioner: I told the Oatland Police Department about that car you saw abandoned in the street. One of the officers found all four of the bank robbers dead. What do you have to say for yourself?
Pierce: I'd say it's a big coincedence. All I found was their car.
Commissioner: The officer also said that some ponies witnessed a green earth pony with a red, and yellow mane, with orange hooves shooting at four ponies in a house. He had a Mossberg 500 shotgun, and his car was a dark grey Chevronet Pearla. Do these things remind you of somepony? Maybe, yourself perhaps?
Pierce: How many other green ponies do you know have red, and yellow manes, with orange hooves driving around in grey Chevy's carrying shotguns?
Commissioner: Not many.
Pierce: It's Oatland! Every green pony you see there drives grey Chevronet Pearla's while carrying shotguns.
Commissioner: I fail to see your point of view.
Pierce: Of course you do. You fail at everything!
Commissioner: That's it Mr. Hawkins. As of right now, you're fired.
Pierce: You can't fire me. I quit. *Grabs his police badge* Why don't you pleasure yourself with this?
Commissioner: what did you say?
Pierce: I said go jack off in an alleyway. *Leaves*
Commissioner: Mr. Hawkins!
Pierce: *Stops, and turns around to face the commissioner*
Commissioner: Before you go, I want you to know that I'll send an officer over to your house to arrest you. He will have a warrant, and a gun. I advise you cooperate with him.
Pierce: Sure. I'll cooperate. That's the least I can do for somepony that has no common sense to use a toaster. *Leaves*

Pierce got to his house, and ran quickly inside.

Pierce: Nikki? Where are you?
Nikki: *Comes downstairs* Pierce? What's going on?
Pierce: I need you to grab your ID card for the bank, and get out of here.
Nikki: What for?
Pierce: Just do it! We need to leave this town right now.
Nikki: Okay. *Runs to get her ID card*
Pierce: *Takes his Tokarev, and takes the ammo clip out. He checks to make sure it's full. When he sees eight bullets inside the clip, he puts it back into the gun*
Nikki: *Comes downstairs* What are you doing with your Grandfather's Tokarev?
Pierce: It's not his anymore. It's mine.

There were four knocks on the door.

Pierce: Answer that, will you? *Goes to another room*
Nikki: Okay? *Answer door* Hello?
Police Pony 94: Hello ma'am. Is Pierce around here?
Nikki: I don't know. He was here a minute ago. Maybe he left?
Police Pony 94: We saw his car outside. *Shows search warrant* May we look around your home?
Nikki: Do I have a choice?
Pierce: *Arrives with his mossberg 500* No! You leave right now!
Police Pony 94: *Grabs Nikki* Put the shotgun down Pierce!
Nikki: Pierce, what's going on?!
Pierce: Let go of my wife!!
Police Pony 94: PUT THE GUN DOWN!!
Pierce: Be careful what you wish for buddy! *Throws shotgun at Police Pony*
Police Pony 94: *Gets hit in the face, and falls on the ground letting go of Nikki*
Pierce: *Shoots Police Pony 94 five times*
Police Pony 40: Hey! *Runs to house*
Pierce: *Shoots Police Pony 40 in the neck*
Police Pony 40: Ah! *Dies*
Pierce: You got your card?
Nikki: Yes?
Pierce: Let's go. Take the shotgun.
Nikki: *Grabs shotgun* But what's happening?
Pierce: I'll explain later! *Runs to his car* Come on!
Nikki: *Runs to the car*

They both got in, and drove away quickly.

Pierce, and Nikki got to the Federal Credit Union. It was closed, but Nikki could use her card to open the doors.

Nikki: *Scans her card, and types in a code*
Bank: Doors unlocked. Have a good day.
Nikki: *Walks into the bank*
Pierce: *Follows Nikki*
Nikki: What exactly are we doing here again?
Pierce: We're getting a loan. *Walks to safe* Give me your card.
Nikki: *Throws card to Pierce*
Pierce: *Swipes card, and unlocks safe*
Nikki: How much are you gonna take?
Pierce: Just shut up, and guard that entrance with the shotgun I gave you.
Nikki: *Holding door*

As Pierce was gathering the money, he accidentally had one of his hooves go over a red lazer, setting off an alarm.

Pierce: Oh no! *Sees time bombs* Wait a second. *Takes a time bomb*
Nikki: What do we do now?!
Pierce: Wait there, I'll be with you soon. *Gets a bag full with $193,000, and runs to entrance*

Both ponies ran out of the entrance.

Pierce: *Grabs bomb* See that alleyway across the street?
Nikki: Yeah?
Pierce: Go in there, and wait for me.
Nikki: *Runs to alleyway*
Pierce: *Puts bomb under his car, and sets it to go off in 90 seconds. He runs to the alleyway*
Nikki: You ain't gonna blow your car up, are you?
Pierce: I don't want to, but it'll distract the cops.

Police sirens could be heard.

Pierce: Let's go. *Runs down the alleyway*
Nikki: *Follows Pierce*
Police Ponies: *Stop their cars by Pierce's car*
Police Pony 61: Set up defensive positions, lets go!

Suddenly, an explosion occurred. Pierce's car blew up, which made the police cars blow up, killing all the cops.

Pierce: *Sees a pony standing by a truck* Is this your truck?
Poor Pony: Yes sirree.
Pierce: *Gives pony 500 dollars* We need a ride. *Gets into truck*
Poor Pony: Sure thing.
Nikki: *Sits next to Pierce*
Poor Pony: *Gets in driver's seat, and starts the car. As he drives out of the alleyway, he crashes into a sports car, then he swerves to the right hitting an SUV* Where do you want me to take you?
Pierce: Just go as far south as you can, and don't hit anymore cars.
Poor Pony: You got it buddy. *Drives truck*

A few hours later, they were far away from San Franciscolt. The pony driving the truck saw that they were driving around in a desert.

Poor Pony: You sure this is where you wanna be?
Pierce: Yeah, as far south as you can go.
Poor Pony: Mexico. Does that sound okay?
Nikki: I'm fluent in Spanish, so I wouldn't mind living there. What about you Pierce?
Pierce: I'm okay with Mexico. Let's go there.
Poor Pony: Alright good. *Stares at the steering wheel* Am I holding the correct steering wheel?
Pierce: What are you talking about?
Poor Pony: I see three stearing wheels here. Also, I think I grew two pairs of legs.
Nikki: He's drunk.
Poor Pony: What do I do?
Pierce: You better pull over, and let me drive.
Poor Pony: Good idea. *Stops truck*

Pierce, and the poor pony switched places. Then they continued on their way.

The next day, they arrived at the Mexican border.

Pierce: *Stops at border*
Patrol Ponies: *Looking into car* What are you three doing?
Pierce: Going into Mexico.
Patrol Pony 3: Do you have any drugs?
Pierce: No.
Patrol Pony 2: I can tell by the look in your eyes you're telling the truth. Go on through.
Pierce: Gracias amigos. *Drives away*

Now they were in Mexico.

Pierce: Hey buddy.
Poor Pony: Yeah?
Pierce: How much money did you pay for this truck?
Poor Pony: I paid twenty five grand for this machine when it was brand new in '94.
Pierce: What if I gave you fifty thousand dollars for this truck right now? You wouldn't have it anymore, but you could buy a brand new car.
Poor Pony: You'd do that for me?!
Pierce: Yep. *Pulls truck over, and gives the poor pony fifty thousand dollars* And if you're lucky, you could even buy a house.
Poor Pony: *Takes fifty thousand dollars* Oh thanks a lot Mister! I'll never forget this. *Gets out of truck*
Pierce: *Drives away*
Poor Pony: *Jumps up* YES!! *Jumps up again* I GOT FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!
Nikki: *Glares at Pierce*
Pierce: What? He needed the money, and we needed the privacy. Besides, we still have over a hundred thousand dollars.
Nikki: I still don't think you should've given him that money.
Pierce: Equestrian dollars are worth more money in Mexico. You could buy a thousand tacos with only a twenty dollar bill.
Nikki: In other words, we're rich.
Pierce: That's right. We'll build our own mansion, and live in a life of luxury. We can even get the same jobs we had back in San Franciscolt.

And that's exactly what they did.

The End
Robotnik: Pingas!