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Announcer: Have a good day, and enjoy our feature presentation.

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
December 7, 1941, seconds before the Japanese attack

Pierce Hawkins, a reverend at one of the churches was walking on the sidewalk by the harbor.

Pierce: *Sees airplanes in the sky* Hm, silver airplanes. They must be Japanese.
Japanese Pilots: *Dropping bombs on ships in the harbor*
Pierce: *Runs away from the harbor*

He was only 700 feet away from his house.

Japanese Pilot: *Flying towards Pierce, and shoots at him*
Pierce: *Falls on the ground*
Japanese Pilot: *Drops a bomb on Pierce's house*
Pierce: *Looks at his house* NO!!! *Runs to it, and looks inside* NO, NO, NO!!!!

During the rest of the attack, he hid in his church.

One month later, he was at his church, again.

Pierce: *Kneels on the ground in front of his wife's grave* Dear lord, I realize I'll end up in hell for this, but I want to join the United States army, and kill every Japanese pony I encounter. They killed my wife, and my two children. *Cries, and lays down on the ground* We haven't done anything, and they attack us for no reason!

Later, Pierce went to a gun shop, and bought a pistol. He went to his backyard, and practiced shooting a tree.

He shot twenty one bullets at that tree. While doing so, he remembered the things he saw during the time of the attack. He remembered his house getting bombed, and burning to the ground, he remembered nearly getting shot by one of the Japanese planes, and he remembered looking inside his house, not able to do anything to save his wife, and kids.

Pierce: *Stops shooting his gun. He goes to his house, and finds a chair to sit on*

There's knocking coming from the door.

Pierce: *Goes to the door, and opens it. He looks at the army ponies standing on his front porch*
Lieutenant Logan: Next time you practice shooting at the enemy, don't do it in your backyard. The cops will arrest you for noise pollution, and owning a firearm.
Pierce: I'll try to remember that. How did you know it was me?
Lieutenant Logan: We waited here for ten minutes. I saw you when the Japanese were attacking us. You lost everything, didn't you?
Pierce: *Nods*
Lieutenant Logan: Then in that case, I got good news for you. Of course, most ponies wouldn't think of it as good news, but knowing what you're going through, I know you won't mind. You're drafted into the United States Army.

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Lieutenant Logan: Ready to kill some Japs?
Pierce: I don't see why not. *Walks with the army ponies to the Jeep*

Once they enter the Jeep, they floor it down the road to the military base. Everything changes from color to black & white, and the sounds goes away.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents


Starring the Equestrian ponies

Pierce Hawkins from SeanTheHedgehog
STH's Tony Wineglass as Lieutenant Logan
Lance Gungrir from Alinah_09
Joseph Getraer from SeanTheHedgehog

Starring the Japanese Ponies

Ditto from Canada24, and his other OC Saten Twist as Captain Hamada
Fuku Hakumara from SeanTheHedgehog

Also starring the British ponies

Greatsword from Windwakerguy430
Joseph Perfect the 7th from SeanTheHedgehog
Bartholomew Perfect the 55th from SeanTheHedgehog

The song fades away

Pierce was taken into the military base on Pearl Harbor. There, he met other ponies that were just drafted.

Lieutenant Logan: *With Pierce* There's two ponies that got drafted shortly after you did. Lance Gungrir, and Joseph Getraer. Go, and say hi to 'em.
Pierce: *Walks to Lance, and Joseph* Hello.
Lance: So you're the third recruit we were told about.
Pierce: Yeah.
Joseph: We're working together to kill Japs. Looking forward to it.
Lieutenant Logan: Attention!
Pierce, Lance, and Joseph: *Standing at attention for Lieutenant Logan*
Lieutenant Logan: Now, you three will be a part of my squadron. There are new recruits just like you, and there are officers like me. We are stationed in Palmrya, in the Line Islands. Our plane will be leaving in five minutes, so let's go.

The four of them get on board the airplane, and it goes to Palmrya in the Line Islands.

By the time it arrived, Pierce, Joseph, and Lance looked around.

Lieutenant Logan: Quite a nice place, isn't it?
Pierce: It certainly is.
Joseph: Where are our sleeping quarters?
Lieutenant Logan: In that building in front of you. Let's take a look.

But before they went inside, a Major arrived, drunk.

Major: Hey Logan, come join us man!
Lieutenant Logan: No thank you.
Major: Aw, please?!
Lieutenant Logan: Fine. You three wanna go with us in the officer's club?
Lance: But, we're not officers.
Lieutenant Logan: So? Stick with me, and no one will give you trouble.
Joseph: eh, no thanks I'm good. *Walks into the building*
Lance: I agree with Joe. *Follows him*
Lieutenant Logan: Pierce? Are you coming?
Pierce: I don't see why not. *Follows Lieutenant Logan, and the drunk major into the officer's club*

Inside were fourteen officers. Five lieutenants, a captain, three majors, and five colonels. One of the majors was playing piano.

Lieutenant Logan: *Looks at Pierce* See the Captain playing pool?
Pierce: *Nods*
Lieutenant Logan: He's really good. No doubt about it, but I'd like to see him get beaten by somepony else. Wanna try?
Pierce: Okay. *Walks over to the Captain*
Captain: *Hits the 8 ball into a side pocket* What did I tell you Colonel? You'll never beat me.
Pierce: May I play against you?
Colonel: *Shakes his head* You don't know what you're getting yourself into. *Walks away*
Captain: He's right kid. Why don't you go home where you belong, and let the big ponies fight?
Pierce: I'm not a kid. As a matter of fact, I'm older then you.
Captain: Yeah right. I'm 30. How old are you?
Pierce: 35.
Captain: *Eyes widen* You probably got demoted a lot.
Pierce: I was just drafted.
Captain: What did you do before you got drafted?
Pierce: Reverend.
Captain: *Laughs* Y-you- you were a reverend?! That's very helpful!
Pierce: Are we gonna play pool?
Captain: Okay, fine. We'll bet $800.
Pierce: I don't have $800.
Captain: Well then. What do you have for betting?
Pierce: Ranks. If I win, we switch our rank. I become a Captain, and you become a Private.
Captain: And if I win, you get discharged, and go right back home without any action.
Pierce: Deal.
Lieutenant Logan: *Watching the game*
Captain: *Put the balls in a triangle*
Pierce: Mind if I break first?
Captain: Go right ahead, I'll still win. *Removes the triangle*
Pierce: *Hits the cue ball, and breaks up the balls, putting the 7 ball in one of the pockets*
Captain: Call your shots from now on.
Pierce: *Looks at the 5 ball, between the 14 ball, and the 8 ball* 5 ball, corner pocket. *Slowly hits the cue ball, and knocks the 5 ball into the pocket he called*
Lieutenant Logan: Good shot Pierce.
Pierce: *Looks at the table. He sees the 2 ball behind the 4 ball* 4 ball, corner pocket. *Hits the cue ball, and watches both the 4 ball, and the 2 ball go in*
Captain: Goddammit.
Pierce: *Looks at the 1 ball* 1 ball, side pocket. *Hits the 1 ball into the pocket* Only two more. Want me to stop, and let you take your turn?
Captain: No, I'm sure you'll screw up later.
Pierce: Suit yourself. *Looks at the 3 ball* 3 ball, corner pocket. *Hits the cue ball, and watches the 5 ball hit the 3 ball into the called pocket*
Captain: *Nervous* Have you played this before?
Pierce: Nope. 5 ball, side pocket. *Hits the cue ball, and watches the 5 ball go in the side pocket*
Captain: Oh man.
Pierce: You sure you don't want me to let you go? I can see you have an easy opportunity to get the 9 ball in that corner pocket.
Captain: You'll scratch when you hit that 8 ball, I know it.
Pierce: Why do you think I'll scratch?
Captain: Shut the hell up, and make your move!
Pierce: *Shrugs* 8 ball, corner pocket. *Hits the 8 ball into the pocket he called*
Captain: Scratch, scratch! *Watches the cue ball stop, not going into any pocket* Damn!
Pierce: Did you enjoy your time of being captain?
Captain: I worked hard to get all those promotions.
Pierce: And your overconfidence failed you. Now you're back to being an enlisted stallion.
Captain: *Gives Pierce his captain's bars* I'll get back at you for this.
Lieutenant Logan: *Chuckles* Well done Pierce.

They hoof bumped each other as they left the officer's club.

Pierce, and Lieutenant Logan joined Lance, and Joseph in the sleeping quarters.

Lieutenant Logan: Guess who just got promoted to Captain.
Lance: You?
Lieutenant Logan: Ha, I wish.
Pierce: *Arrives wearing a Captain's uniform* Good afternoon.
Joseph: How did you get up to that rank so quickly?
Pierce: Beat somepony at pool.
Lance: Alright. I better practice, and go against whoever you went against.
Pierce: I don't think you'll see him ever again. Let's just say, he got demoted in order for me to be a Captain.
Message Pony: *Arrives* Lieutenant. *Gives Lieutenant Logan a telegram*
Lieutenant Logan: Thank you Corporal. *Looks at the telegram*
Joseph: What is it?
Lieutenant Logan: It appears that the Japanese are attacking the British on Christmas Island, and they need our help.
Pierce: I thought the British were only at war with the Germans.
Joseph: No, the British are at war with Japan, because they have some Islands around the Pacific that got attacked, just like us.
Lieutenant Logan: Grab your weapons, and meet me at the jeep near the Commanding Officer's quarters.

20 minutes later, Lieutenant Logan, Pierce, Lance, and Joseph were with twenty other ponies on a boat. On the boat were vehicles, Jeeps, a supply truck, and troop carriers. The second boat had ambulances, and two tanks.

Lieutenant Logan: Alright, this is what we'll do. The convoy will start off with the Jeeps, then the troop carriers. The supply truck will be in the middle, and the rest of our vehicles will be behind it. Captain Hawkins, you will be the driver of the first Jeep.
Pierce: *Nods*
Lieutenant Logan: Private Gungrir, and Private Getraer will be the drivers of the troop carriers, and I will drive the second Jeep in the convoy.

After the rest of the orders were given about the convoy, they drove the vehicles off the boats.

Pierce: *Drives the Jeep*
Lieutenant Logan: *Drives the second Jeep*
Lance & Joseph: *Drive the troop carriers*
Army Pony: *Driving the supply truck*
Army Ponies: *Driving the ambulances*
More Army Ponies: *Driving the tanks*
Pierce: I see a group of Japanese ponies up ahead.
Lieutenant Logan: Okay, everyone stop.

All of the vehicles in the convoy stopped.

Lieutenant Logan: *Walks up to Pierce, and looks at the Japanese ponies with binoculars* Looks like the British do need help. They're being held prisoner by the Japs.

Seven British ponies were standing by a Japanese truck. Thirty Japanese ponies were with them. Two of them were Captain Hamada, and Major Subaru, also known as Ditto.

Captain Hamada: Now. You have brought dishonor to yourself by failing to defend your land.
Greatsword: You won't hold it for long.
Ditto: What makes you so sure?
Joseph Perfect the 7th: We have powerful friends. You won't have us as your prisoners for long.
Captain Hamada: Sirence!!!
Pierce: *Hiding in a bush*
Captain Hamada: You are close to dishonoring us as well!! If you do so, we will execute you here!
Ditto: *Grabs a Katana sword*
Captain Hamada: There are only seven of you, and thirty of us! If you try to escape, it will only make things worse for you!!
Pierce: *Sticks out a Browning M1919 machine gun, and points it at the Japanese*
Captain Hamada: You no good British scum!!
Pierce: *Shoots the Japanese Ponies*
Ditto: What was that?!
Captain Hamada: *Looks at the Equestrian Ponies running towards him* Equestrians! We must retreat!! *Runs to the truck*
Greatsword: Oh no you don't! *Tackles Ditto, and makes him drop the sword*
Ditto: *Punches Greatsword, and runs into the truck*
Captain Hamada: *Drives away*
Joseph Perfect The 7th: *Finds weapons* They left their weapons behind.
Bartholomew Perfect The 55th: *Watching the other four British ponies get shot* We better stop talking, and do something before the Japs kill us as well.
Japanese Pony: *Charging towards Greatsword with an Arisaka that has a bayonet* BANZAI!!
Greatsword: *Grabs the Katana sword Ditto dropped, and stabs the Japanese pony with it*
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Nice work Sargent. *Grabs a Type 99, and shoots the Japanese ponies with it*
Bartholomew Perfect The 55th: *Using a Nambu pistol to shoot the Japanese* How many are left?
Greatsword: *Looks to his left* Well, I see Japanese reinforcements coming from the West, so I'd say there's eighteen of them.

Then suddenly, three Japanese airplanes were heard.

Lieutenant Logan: Good thing we brought those tanks with us. *Points at the airplanes* Fire!!
Ponies in Tanks: *Shooting the Japanese planes down*

As two of them were heading towards the ocean behind the convoy, one airplane crashed into the Japanese ponies. Only three of them were left.

Bartholomew: Well, I'd say that was a mighty good shot by the Equestrians.
Equestrian Ponies: *Shooting the rest of the Japanese*
Pierce: *Walks over to the British ponies* Hello.
Greatsword: Right on time, thanks for saving us.
Pierce: No problem. Need a ride back to your base?
Bartholomew: Yes please.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: The sooner we go, the better.
Pierce: I can't argue with you there. Let's go.

As Pierce walked back to his Jeep with Greatsword, Bartholomew, and Joseph Perfect the 7th got into the first troop carrier in the convoy.

Pierce, and the rest of his convoy stopped at a British base.

Greatsword: Thanks for the ride.
Pierce: And thank you for the directions.
Greatsword: *Laughs*
Bartholomew: *Gets out of the troop carrier with Joseph Perfect The 7th* Oh that was a great joke. Thanks for telling us that.
Equestrian Soldier 35: No problem Major.
Bartholomew: You don't have to call me that. After all, we're in different armies.
British Pony: *Runs out to Greatsword* Sargent, I got a telegram. The Japanese are between us, and the Equestrians at the Line Islands.
Greatsword: That can't be good. How are you going to get back to your base?
Pierce: Are the Japanese using boats, or planes?
British Pony: Both. There's hundreds of them out there. You'll be seriously outnumbered if you try to go against them.
Pierce: Well then, the best thing to do is to wait here, until they leave.
Lieutenant Logan: *Arrives* What's the problem?
Pierce: Hundreds of Japanese boats, and planes are between us, and our base.
Lieutenant Logan: It's risky if we try to go back. We better wait here.
Pierce: That's what I was just telling Greatsword.
Bartholomew: Alright. Come inside with us, and make yourself at home.
Lieutenant Logan: I'll tell the others about the Japs.
Pierce: *Nods, and follows the British into their base.

A group of British, and Australian ponies were watching Dumbo:
The scene they were watching starts at 1:27

Joseph Perfect The 7th: I told you to wait for us before watching that!
British Pony 63: Sorry Joey, but the Australians were getting impatient.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Don't call me Joey. My name is Joseph Perfect The 7th. Get it right.
British Pony 82: *Arrives* Corporal Perfect, we're short on water.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: I'll tell Sargent Sword to get us more then.
British Pony 82: Right.
Greatsword: *Walks in, and sees the British,and Australian ponies watching Dumbo* Why did they start watching that without us?
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Apparently, the Australians visiting us got impatient. We need you to get more water.
Greatsword: Do you realize how complicated that will be?
Pierce: Not with me. I'll give you a ride.
Greatsword: Thank you Captain.

Pierce, and Greatsword get out of the base.

Lance: How is it in there?
Pierce: They need more water.
Lieutenant Logan: We got some in the supply truck.
Pierce: How much?
Lieutenant Logan: Private Getraer, go see how much water we have.
Joseph: Okay. *Goes to the supply truck, and looks at the water* A quarter of a jug left.
Greatsword: That isn't enough.
Lieutenant Logan: Alright, go with Captain Hawkins, and get some water.
Pierce: *Starts the Jeep*
Greatsword: *Gets in the Jeep*
Pierce: *Drives*

Pierce, and Greatsword stopped near a lake.

Greatsword: Our unit likes to get water here. It's very clean.
Pierce: *Looks at the lake* The water does look very nice. I gotta refuel the Jeep.
Greatsword: You do that, I'll get the water. *Grabs a bucket, and goes to the lake*
Pierce: *Grabs a fuel jerry, and pours gasoline from it into the fuel tank*
Greatsword: *Gets the bucket full to the brim with water* Perfect. *Walks back to the Jeep*
Pierce: *Halfway done with refueling the Jeep*
Greatsword: *Returns with the water* I got the water.
Pierce: Alright. I'm almost done with refueling our Jeep.
Greatsword: May I drive it? I never got the pleasure.
Pierce: Okay. *Finishes refueling the Jeep, and goes to the seat next to Greatsword, and sits down* Start it up.
Greatsword: *Turns the key in the ignition, and starts the Jeep. He does a U turn backwards so that they can go to their base. Then he drives forward* I may need your help.
Pierce: I'll be more then happy to give you directions.

Both of them didn't notice that they passed a truck behind a group of trees, and bushes.

Captain Hamada: Sorera ni shitagatte kudasai. (Follow them.)
Japanese Pony 63: Kashikomarimashita. (Yes sir.) *Drives the truck*

Eight Japanese ponies were in the back of the truck.

Greatsword: *Looks behind him* Pierce, there's a Japanese truck behind us.
Pierce: Okay make this thing go fast, I'll get rid of them.
Greatsword: *Goes faster*
Japanese Ponies: *Shooting at Pierce, and Greatsword*
Pierce: *Grabs his Tommygun, and shoots the ponies in the back of the truck*
Greatsword: *Turns left, and sees a bullet shoot the rear view mirror off*
Pierce: *Shoots the driver of the truck*
Captain Hamada: *Pushes the dead pony out of the truck, and follows Pierce, and Greatsword*

Two more trucks blocked the road

Pierce: Turn right!
Greatsword: *Turns right, and goes into a jungle*
Captain Hamada: *Follows them*
Japanese Ponies: *Follow Captain Hamada in the other trucks*
Pierce: *Shooting at Captain Hamada, but runs out of ammo* I have to reload.
Greatsword: *Looking at the trees* I have an idea.
Captain Hamada: *Catching up to Pierce, and Greatsword, but sees a grenade blow up a tree. He floors it before the tree hits the ground. The other trucks do not make it*

Greatsword's idea was to throw grenades at the enemy.

Pierce: *Throws another grenade at Captain Hamada*
Greatsword: *Drives out of the jungle*
Captain Hamada* Catches the grenade, and throws it back at Pierce. It explodes between the two of them*
Greatsword: *Spinning out of control*
Pierce: Keep control-
Greatsword: *Drives into a lake*
Pierce: *Falls into the lake*
Captain Hamada: *Stops the truck* Arrest them.
Japanese Ponies: Hai. *Runs to Pierce*
Pierce: *Punches one Japanese pony, steals his pistol, and shoots him in the forehead*
Second Japanese Pony: *Grabs a sword*
Pierce: *Shooting at the Japanese pony*
Second Japanese Pony: *Blocks bullets with his sword*
Pierce: *Shoots his leg*
Second Japanese Pony: *Holds his wound, and falls down*
Captain Hamada: Your foolishness will not help.
Pierce: Shut up! *Pulls the trigger of the gun, but it's out of ammo*
Captain Hamada: Are you always this stupid?
Pierce: *About to punch Captain Hamada*
Captain Hamada: *Knocks Pierce onto the ground* Learn how to fight before going against me.
Pierce: I'll break your neck!!!
Captain Hamada: How cute. Ditto!!

Ditto arrived with forty other Japanese ponies in three troop carriers.

Captain Hamada: Take these two ponies into the Marshall Islands for interrogation.
Ditto: *Bows*
Japanese Ponies: *Taking Pierce, and Greatsword into the trucks*

Pierce, and Greatsword were sent to The Marshall Islands. They were being interrogated in Majuro.

Pierce: *In a hut with Greatsword, Captain Hamada, and Ditto*
Captain Hamada: What were you doing when we spotted you?
Greatsword: Getting water at the lake.
Captain Hamada: I do not believe you.
Pierce: Well didn't you see a bucket of water in our Jeep?!
Ditto: The captain will ask the questions. Not you.
Captain Hamada: What were you doing when we spotted you?
Pierce: Ugh this is a waste of time. We were getting water. Water! You know what that means in Japanese?
Captain Hamada: I am capable of translating English to Japanese, and vice versa.
Pierce: Then why don't you believe us?
Ditto: *Whips Pierce* No one is allowed to ask questions except for Captain Hamada.
Captain Hamada: I think we need to bring in the Colonel.
Ditto: A wise choice. Get him.
Captain Hamada: *Bows* Yes Major Subaru. *Walks away*
Ditto: You are now in trouble.

On Christmas Island, Lieutenant Logan, and everypony else there was worried.

Joseph Perfect The 7th: This isn't like Greatsword. He should be back by now.
Lieutenant Logan: I wonder if they got in an accident, and crashed the Jeep.
Bartholomew: Good lord, that would be terrible.
Joseph: Or perhaps the Japanese captured them.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: *Nods* That's the only possibility. There's no other explanation on why they haven't returned yet.
Lance: So how do we rescue them?
Lieutenant Logan: Search every island occupied by the Japanese. We don't stop until we find those two. Do you have a radio?
Bartholomew: In the room to your left.
Lieutenant Logan: *Goes into the radio room, and turns it on*
Bartholomew: Are you getting reinforcements?
Lieutenant Logan: Reinforcements, more supplies, more vehicles, and they're all gonna meet us here. *Hears the operator, and talks to her* Hello, operator? Get me connected to the Line Islands. Palmyra. United States Army base 31224.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: If you get in contact with MacArthur, may I talk to him please?
Lieutenant Logan: You mean Douglas MacArthur?
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Yes.
Lieutenant Logan: I doubt he'll be on the other end of this thing... Colonel Palmer, yes. A British Sargent along with one of our Captains has been captured by the Japanese. My squad is on Christmas Island with the British. Send us half tracks, and more ponies with guns. Thank you very much Colonel. *Turns off the radio*

Back in Majuro in the Marshall Islands, Pierce, and Greatsword met Fuku Hakumara, the colonel that Captain Hamada mentioned.

Colonel Hakumara: Captain Hamada says you are not answering his questions.
Pierce: That's a lie, I answered a question already, and he keeps repeating it.
Captain Hamada: Because you are lying!
Ditto: Captain Hamada saw you two in a Jeep.
Captain Hamada: What were you doing?!
Pierce: *Looks at Colonel Hakumara* Listen, all we did was get some water. Unfortunately, your captain is too stupid to understand.
Colonel Hakumara: Why were you getting water?
Greatsword: Me, and everypony else at my base was running low, and we had to get more.
Colonel Hakumara: How did Captain Hamada capture you?
Pierce: Made us crash into a lake.
Captain Hamada: You did that yourself.
Pierce: You threw a grenade at us-
Captain Hamada: Only because you threw it at me. Colonel Hakumara, how long will these two be here with us?
Colonel Hakumara: We keep them here until they die of starvation.
Ditto: Colonel, the Equestrians, and British will attack our army looking for them.
Colonel Hakumara: Let them attack, they're too weak to do anything. We have great defenses, and we'll crush our rivals with no struggle. Put them in my house, and lock them in there.

The Colonel's house was a medium sized building made out of bamboo, and wood. It only had two three rooms. Pierce was locked in one of them, and Greatsword was locked in the other one. The third room is Colonel Hakumara's bedroom.

Pierce: *Sits down, and leans on a wall*
Greatsword: *Whispers* Pierce, can you hear me?
Pierce: *Whispers back* Barely.
Greatsword: How do we get out of here?
Pierce: I don't know. We have to think of something.

Equestrian soldiers arrived with half tracks on three boats at Christmas Island.

Bartholomew: Alright, let's take a look at those half tracks you mentioned.
Lieutenant Logan: Right. *Goes into one of the boats* Come on in.
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Well, being British, I must say, these look perfect.
Lieutenant Logan: Thank you. *Looks at the back* Hold up. *Walks to the back of a boat. He sees a Dodge truck with a machine gun on the back. He walks upstairs onto the deck of the boat, and looks at the Sargent* What the hell is with the Dodge?
Sargent: Beg your pardon?
Lieutenant Logan: I said half tracks only, and I found a truck in the back of this boat!
Sargent: Sorry Lieutenant, I didn't know about it. *Looks at the other trucks, and tanks on the beach* What's with those trucks, and tanks?
Lieutenant Logan: We're searching Japanese territory for two soldiers that were captured by the enemy. One of ours, and a British Sargent.
Joseph: Sir, Japanese vehicles coming towards us!!
Lieutenant Logan: Let's go. *Runs down the ship*
Lance: *Shooting Japanese ponies with an M1 Garand*
Japanese Ponies: *Shooting at ponies behind a tank*
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Getraer?
Joseph: Yes?
Joseph Perfect The 7th: Never got the pleasure to talk to you before, but do you have grenades I can borrow?
Joseph: Nope.
Bartholomew: *Shooting Japanese ponies with a pistol*
Japanese Ponies: *Running away*
Lieutenant Logan: They're retreating, go get them. *Drives a half track*

Three half tracks came out of a boat, followed by the truck.

Sargent: *Driving the truck*
Lieutenant Logan: *Spots the Japanese ponies by five trucks* There they are, shoot 'em.
Equestrian Ponies: *Shooting the Japanese*

An Isuzu Type 94 truck arrived

Sargent: Enemy troop carrier! *Stops the truck, and is 2,400 feet from the Japanese truck*

Just then, trombones, violins, and drums could be heard being played from nowhere.

Japanese Pony: *Has the truck parked by three trees*
Sargent: *Revs the engine of his truck*
Japanese Pony: *Eyeing the pony in the driver's seat of the truck in front of him*
Sargent: *Stares at the Japanese ponies in the truck*
Japanese Pony: *Loads his Nambu pistol*
Sargent: *Loads his Colt M1911*
Japanese Pony: FOR JAPAN!!

They both drove their trucks towards each other at high speed.

Japanese Pony: *Pushes the Sargent's truck backwards. A tree falls on it* Haha!!!
Lance: *Shoots the driver*
Japanese Pony: *Dies, and leans on the steering wheel, making the truck go right, and crashes into a rock*
Lieutenant Logan: Get everything back onto the boats. We have to go now!!

Pierce, and Greatsword were sleeping in their rooms when Japanese soldiers came to them, and made them get out. They were going to make them do work on another part of the island.

Pierce: *Walking with Greatsword*
Greatsword: So, where are you taking us?
Japanese Pony 34: Do not talk.
Pierce: We're not allowed to talk?
Japanese Pony 19: No! Now shut up.
Pierce: *Grabs a rifle from Japanese Pony 19, and uses it to knock him out*
Japanese Pony 34: *About to shoot Pierce*
Greatsword: *Tackles Japanese Pony 34*
Pierce: *Shoots Japanese Pony 34*
Greatsword: We have to hide somewhere.
Pierce: How about that shed right next to us? *Goes in*
Greatsword: *Goes in*
Pierce: Hey, check this out. *Points at Type 99 Machine guns, and a Type 100*
Greatsword: Automatic weapons. Thank you very much.
Pierce: But look over there. *Turns on a light*

Two motorcycles were seen in the shed

Greatsword: BMW motorcycles. What are the Japs doing with German motorcycles?
Pierce: *Sees a swastika next to the BMW logo* That explains it.
Greatsword: What does?
Pierce: These motorcycles are a gift from the Nazis.
Japanese Ponies: Shūjin o kensaku shimasu. Karera wa haruka ni suru koto wa dekimasen.
Pierce: Wait here. *Grabs a Type 99*
Japanese Ponies: *Pass the shed*
Pierce: *Comes out of the shed, and sees the Japanese ponies in front of him. He shoots them all, and they die. After that, he runs back into the shed, and grabs more ammo for his Type 99* Greatsword, take the Type 100, and get as much ammo as you can. I know how we're getting out of here.

40 seconds later.

Fuku: *Walking with four Japanese ponies* You must find Pierce, and Greatsword. They have escaped, and we must find them.
Japanese Ponies: Hai.
Pierce: *Crashes through the shed door, and shoots two Japanese ponies with a pistol*
Greatsword: *Following Pierce*
Fuku: They have stolen our motorcycles!!! Captain Hamada!! Major Subaru!!!!!
Captain Hamada: *Arrives with Ditto* What is it?
Fuku: The prisoners have escaped. Go find them!!
Captain Hamada & Ditto: *Bows*
Fuku: *Goes to a radio in a hut, and calls an airfield* Get as many airplanes over the Marshall Islands as you can. We have two prisoners riding motorcycles. German motorcycles.

Fuku joined Captain Hamada, and Ditto with twenty seven Japanese ponies.

Fuku: We will get in three trucks. Find the prisoners. They must not escape.
Captain Hamada: *Gets into a truck with nine Japanese ponies*
Ditto: *Gets into another truck with nine Japanese ponies*
Fuku: *Gets into the third truck with the rest of the Japanese ponies*

Pierce, and Greatsword were riding up a hill. There was lots of grass, and small rocks.

Greatsword: I think there's an airport on the other side of this hill.
Pierce: Good. *As soon as he gets to the top of the hill, the chain on his motorcycle breaks, and he falls down*
Greatsword: Pierce! *Stops his motorcycle, and goes to him*
Pierce: *Stands up, and looks at his motorcycle* Why? Why do the bad things always happen to us?!
Greatsword: Never mind that. Can you fix it?
Pierce: I'll try.
Greatsword: *Grabs the Type 100* Don't worry, I'll cover you.
Pierce: *Starts repairing his motorcycle*
Greatsword: *Sees Fuku, Captain Hamada, and Ditto arrive in trucks* Uh oh, we got company.
Pierce: I'm almost finished.
Greatsword: I better switch to something with more firepower. *Puts down the type 100, and grabs the Type 99*

A Kawasaki airplane was heard in the distance.

Greatsword: *Looks up, and spots the airplane. He shoots 20 bullets, and kills the pilot*
Japanese Ponies: Colonel Hakumara, they are on top of the hill!
Fuku: Get them!!!
Pierce: Okay, it's fixed. *Gets on his motorcycle*
Greatsword: *Shoots the Japanese ponies running up the hill*
Captain Hamada: Colonel, me, and seven ponies will block them off on the other side of the hill.
Fuku: Hurry up!!
Captain Hamada: *Gets in his truck with other Japanese ponies, and drives to the other side of the hill*
Greatsword: *Gets on his motorcycle, and rides with Pierce*
Pierce: Here we go my friend.
Greatsword: Down this hill, and to the airport.
Pierce: And back to Christmas Island with the sun shining behind us.

The sun was starting to set as they rode downhill. The sky was orange, and some clouds were turning pink.

Captain Hamada: *Stops his truck in front of Pierce, and Greatsword*
Pierce: *Spots a small rock between him, and the truck* Ride your bike on that rock.
Greatsword: Are you crazy?
Pierce: Yes, but you gotta trust me. *Rides onto the rock, and goes airborne over the truck.
Captain Hamada: No!! *Runs towards Pierce's motorcycle, but the back wheel lands on his head, and breaks his neck. He dies, and falls on the ground*
Greatsword: *Jumps over the truck, and rides next to Pierce* Did you see Captain Hamada?
Pierce: I think so.
Greatsword: You broke his neck.
Pierce: I told him I would.

The airport was only half a mile away from them now.

The airport Pierce, and Greatsword were riding towards was near the Pacific Ocean.

Pierce: There's a lot of ponies. You think we can handle them?
Greatsword: If we don't give away our position, it oughta be a piece of cake.
Pierce: Too late, sniper. 12 O' Clock.
Japanese Pony: *Inside a tower by the runway. He has an Arisaka with a sniper scope, and shoots the front tire on Pierce's motorcycle*
Pierce: Ah! *Falls down*
Greatsword: *Stops his motorcycle* I need the machine gun.
Pierce: *Gives Greatsword the Type 99*
Greatsword: *Shoots at the tower*

Most of the bullets missed, but eventually, one bullet went through the scope on the rifle, and hit the Japanese pony in his eye.

Japanese Pony: AHHH!! *Falls down*
Pierce: *Grabs the Type 100, and gets on the back of Greatsword's motorcycle* I'm ready, let's move.
Greatsword: *Rides toward the runway*

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean.

Lieutenant Logan: Let's check that island with the airport. We haven't been there yet.
Joseph: Yes sir. *Looks at the island with his binoculars. He sees Pierce, and Greatsword on a motorcycle* Lieutenant!! *Runs to Lieutenant Logan* Look over there!
Pierce: *Sees five boats* Hey, those are Equestrian boats.
Greatsword: Yes they are. I think I see your Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Logan: *Sees Pierce, and Greatsword* It's them alright. Private Gungrir, Springfield.
Lance: Right away. *Grabs a Springfield sniper rifle, and looks at the airport*
Lieutenant Logan: Any enemies shooting at our friends, and you immediately return fire at them.
Lance: Yes sir. *Spots a Japanese pony with a Type 99, and shoots him*
Greatsword: *Rides toward the ocean*

Three Japanese cars followed them.

Pierce: *Shoots at everypony in the first car with his Type 100*
Japanese Driver: *Dies, and hits a small rock flipping the car over*
Japanese Ponies: *Go around the flipped car, and continue following Pierce, and Greatsword*
Pierce: Almost there, keep going.
Greatsword: *Stops the motorcycle right next to the water*
Lieutenant Logan: *Lowers a ladder for Pierce, and Greatsword* Climb up!!
Pierce: *Shoots the Japanese ponies*
Greatsword: *Goes up the ladder. Eight bullets nearly hit him as he makes his way to the top* Thanks for rescuing us Lieutenant.
Pierce: *Goes up the ladder*
Ditto & Fuku: *Arrive in their trucks*
Fuku: Shoot, and kill everypony on those boats!
Joseph: *Shoots all of the Japanese ponies with a Browning M1919*
Ditto: AH!! *Falls down. Half of his body gets covered in the water from the ocean*
Fuku: NOOOO!!!! *Dies. His head hits part of the truck as he falls down*
Lieutenant Logan: Okay, we're clear. Everypony clear out!!

The boats leave the beach.

Joseph: We didn't even have to use those half tracks.
Pierce: Thanks for coming to get us.
Lieutenant Logan: You're welcome.

Ending song: link

Greatsword: *Sees cannons pointed into the air* Are you expecting enemies?
Lieutenant Logan: We just got you guys from the Japs. Of course we're expecting enemies.
Pierce: Well, all I can say is, give them hell.
Lieutenant Logan: That's what I like to hear.

Everything changes to black and white as the sound disappears, just before the end credits.


Starring the Equestrian ponies

Pierce Hawkins from SeanTheHedgehog
STH's Tony Wineglass as Lieutenant Logan
Lance Gungrir from Alinah_09
Joseph Getraer from SeanTheHedgehog

Japanese ponies were flying from the airport, towards the boats that Pierce, Greatsword, and their friends were on.

Lieutenant Logan shouts to everypony on the guns to shoot down the enemy planes.

Also starring the Japanese Ponies

Ditto from Canada24, and his other OC Saten Twist as Captain Hamada
Fuku Hakumara from SeanTheHedgehog

The enemy planes get shot down, and all of them land in the water, behind the boats.

Also starring the British ponies

Greatsword from Windwakerguy430
Joseph Perfect the 7th from SeanTheHedgehog
Bartholomew Perfect the 55th from SeanTheHedgehog

The song fades away as everything fades to black.

The End.

Drafted - SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright, 2015
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