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Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss from DragonAura15

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 18

Sending A Letter, again

January 1, 1953

At Hawkeye's house near the Cheyenne Union Station

Hawkeye: *Writing* Dear Father, I know it's been nearly two weeks since I sent you my last letter, but I want to wish you a happy new year. Did you enjoy christmas? I sure did. In case you want to hear about it.....

December 24, 1952

....Here's how it went. Metal Gloss, and I were talking to each other when Pete came for a meeting.

Pete: Gather around everypony.
Workers: *Gather around*
Pete: Tomorrow is a special day. I want Pierce, and Coffee Creme to go to Denver to get a freight to bring here.
Hawkeye: What's in the train?
Pete: Wait, and see. It's a surprise.
Coffee Creme: Ooh. I love surprises.
Pete: Honey, you go with Metal Gloss to St. Foalis, and deliver a passenger train.
Metal Gloss: I won't let you down.
Honey: *Salutes*
Pete: Percy, and Jeff. I need you two to maintain our engines in the servicing facility.
Percy: We'll do our best.
Pete: Bartholomew, I'll let you try to be conductor again. You can be on Metal Gloss' train to St. Foalis.
Bartholomew: With pleasure sir.
Pete: Orion, you're going all the way to Chicagoat. The Pennsylvania railroad needs more fuel for their engines, and we're to deliver it to them.
Orion: Ok.
Pete: Snowflake, you know what you're doing.
Snowflake: Yup.
Pete: Gordon, I got a special job for you.
Gordon: Yes?
Pete: Work in the yards.
Gordon: No. I want to get that special train that Hawkeye is supposed to get.
Pete: Hawkeye, is that alright with you?
Hawkeye: No, I don't want Christmas to be ruined by the scrooge here.
Gordon: Hey, who are you calling a scrooge?
Pete: That's enough. Gordon, go work in the yards.
Gordon: *Sighs* Yes sir. *walks to train yard*
Hawkeye: Well, this is going good so far.

Near the yards

Gordon: I cannot let Hawkeye take that train. It should be my job.

Hawkeye, and Coffee Creme got to their train, while Gordon was planning to sneak in.

Coffee Creme: *Shoveling coal*
Snowflake: *Turns signal green*
Gordon: *Climbs into cab*
Coffee Creme: What are you doing?
Gordon: Taking over.
Hawkeye: You're supposed to work in the yards.
Gordon: Not anymore *Pushes Hawkeye out of engine* Christmas is my favorite time of day, but I never get anything special. That will all change. *Drives engine*
Coffee Creme: Hawkeye, run!
Hawkeye: *Runs towards engine* I don't think I'll make it!
Coffee Creme: You gotta make it!
Hawkeye: *Sighs* Ok. I will *gets on ladder to freight car*
Gordon: Who were you talking to?
Coffee Creme: No one.
Gordon: Good, now keep shoveling.
Coffee Creme: *Shoveling coal* I hope this doesn't go as bad as your thanksgiving with Honey.
Gordon: Thanksgiving was great. I shot a turkey's head off.
Coffee Creme: *Looks out to scenery* I wonder if this train would be moving fast enough for me to jump off, and die.

Meanwhile at the station

Snowflake: Pete, we got a problem.
Pete: What is it?
Snowflake: It's Gordon. He took off in Hawkeye's train.
Pete: What the fuck? I told him not too.
Snowflake: Well, he did anyway.
Pete: We better find a way to get Gordon out.
Snowflake: I think I saw Pierce climb on one of the cars.
Pete: That's good. Now he just needs to get into the locomotive. From there he can stop the train, and get Gordon out. Then, from there Percy, and Jeff will arrive in a truck. Then, from there, Percy, and Jeff can take Gordon back to the train yard.
Snowflake: Then what happens.
Pete: Then, from there Gordon can get back to work, and get suspended until new year's day.
Snowflake: An interesting way of putting things.

Back to the train

Hawkeye: *Climbs onto tender*
Coffee Creme: *sees Hawkeye*
Gordon: What are you looking at?
Coffee Creme: The coal supply. I just want to make sure we have enough.
Gordon: We have enough you fool. Watch for any red signals. *goes towards tender*
Coffee Creme: Where do you think you're going.
Gordon: That isn't your concern. *Gets to top of train* Alright Hawkeye. Jump off.
Hawkeye: No.
Gordon: I'm sure you'd be more comfortable on the ground, then on here freezing your ass off.
Hawkeye: Well, if you think you could freeze your ass off on here, why don't you jump off?
Gordon: Because I have to drive the train.
Hawkeye: Oh no, that's my job. Don't worry, I'll help you off the train *Pushes Gordon off*
Gordon: No!! *Falls on ground* Uuuugh *Moving legs* I'm alive? I'm alive!! Woo hoo!! *Standing up* I'm alive- ow, ok that hurts *Lays down on ground* Well, so much for getting that special from Denver. I wonder what it is anyway.

Percy, and Jeff were driving alongside the tracks in a truck. They soon saw Gordon.

Percy: Of course. Napping on the job.
Gordon: No, I broke my legs.
Jeff: Too bad. We're taking you back to the station.
Gordon: Aw, damnit!

Two hours later in Denver

Workers: *Loading train*
Hawkeye: *Looking at boxes getting loaded into train* What are in the boxes?
Workers: You'll find out tomorrow at the Cheyenne train station.
Hawkeye: Ok.
Coffee Creme: *Waiting in cab*
Hawkeye: I better get going. *returns to engine*

Meanwhile in Cheyenne

Pete: That was a very retarded thing for you to do.
Gordon: I don't give a fuck.
Pete: You are suspended from work until new year's day.
Gordon: Whatever. *walks away*
Percy: He's always getting suspended, isn't he?
Pete: Yep.
Jeff: Well, we're going to get back to the servicing facility, and work on the engines.
Pete: Good for you. At least somepony actually cares about their work.

Two more hours later

Hawkeye: *Stops train at station*
Pete: How did it go?
Hawkeye: Good. Everything you asked for is all set.
Pete: Alright. Let's get everything out of the train then.
Workers: *Getting boxes out of train*
Pete: Are you excited to know what's in there?
Hawkeye: Yeah, I really want to know.
Pete: Well, I'll tell you guys tomorrow.
Coffee Creme: Ok.
Pete: You've got no more work to do for now, why don't we play poker?
Hawkeye: Sounds good to me.
Pete: I'll make an announcement. *Walks to his office*
Hawkeye: *Sits on bench*
Pete: *Speaking in microphone* Attention, anypony that wishes to play poker may meet me in my office.

8 minutes later, Pete, Hawkeye, Coffee Creme, Percy, and Jeff were playing poker. So far, Percy had more money then anyone.

Percy: Ok, one more round.
Hawkeye: How about more then one round? I'm nearly bankrupt here.
Percy: Maybe you guys can play more then one round, but I'm not. I am tired, and want to go home.
Pete: Alright, I'll deal this time *dealing cards*
Coffee Creme: *Counting money* Percy has fifteen dollars, Pete has fifty bits, I have four dollars, Pierce has eight dollars, and Jeff has one dollar, and fifty bits.
Pete: *Finishes dealing cards* Alright, who's going to take cards?
Coffee Creme: trois s'il vous plaît
Pete: What?
Coffee Creme: Don't you speak french? I said three please.
Pete: My mistake *Gives Coffee creme three cards*
Hawkeye: Dos por favor.
Pete: Si. *gives Hawkeye two cards*
Coffee Creme: Oh, you understand spanish, but not french?
Pete: I know a lot of languages.
Percy: Keine Karten
Pete: No cards for Percy.
Coffee Creme: What was that?
Percy: German.
Pete: Jeff, how many?
Jeff: Just one.
Pete: Ok, *gives Jeff one card* And I will take three *takes three cards* Let's start betting.
Coffee Creme: I'll go all in.
Hawkeye: All in? She put in four dollars, so I might as well too *Put in four dollars*
Jeff: I'll have to go all in as well *Puts $1.50 in*
Percy: You're going to regret doing that *Puts four dollars in*
Pete: *Puts fifty bits in* Alright, show your cards.
Coffee Creme: Full house of tens, and queens.
Hawkeye: Full house of kings, and queens.
Jeff: Aw fiddlesticks. Only three of a kind.
Percy: Four of a kind, and they're all aces.
Pete: You might've won every round so far, but this one is all mine. Royal flush.
Hawkeye: How is that possible?
Pete: Good instincts. Now, it's time for us to go home.

Next morning, when everypony arrived at the station, it was decorated in christmas lights, and a sign hung from the roof saying Merry Christmas.

Hawkeye: Oh, I get it. Those decorations were in the boxes that we brought over here.
Coffee Creme: They're so magnificent.
Pete: What do you think?
Hawkeye: It's beautiful sir. It really is.

January 1, 1953

Hawkeye: *Finishing up letter* None of us got any presents, but we didn't care. Those decorations were amazing, we were together, and Gordon was suspended from work.

Your son, Pierce Hawkins.

The End

On the next episode of Ponies On The Rails

A safety video gets filmed on the Union Pacific.

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