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I pulled out my Candyland board a few days ago and decided to see what has happened to the game since the 1980's version. Turns out A LOT! first of all what's the matter with molasses! Gloppy is now made out of chocolate? no! And Lord Licorice looks less evil! I would know! I was afraid of Lord Licorice as a child! Princess Lolly doesn't have the fun pink hair... now it's a real color; lame and she is no longer a princess! Queen Frostine looks like an old lady going to bed. Jolly is a dinosaur... don't get me wrong I love dinos but Jolly is supposed to be a purple man... whered they get dinosaur from purple man! King Kandy looks like a pedophile. Enough said. Grandma Nut has a basket dog? A basket dog? Really? Plumpy is GONE! They killed Plumpy! You can't kill Plumpy and replace him with a TREE! Mr. Mint is the only one who looks relatively the same. I am dissapointed in the game's changes. I don't care if changes are a part of life! I can still hate on them!
posted over a year ago.
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There should have been no changes made since the 1962 version, which is beautiful, as the 1980s versions (and all following) are not. This should be clear to one and all. Burning Walrus can't spell, and sounds around the age of nine which is implausible, so I think we can dismiss his, or possibly her, opinion.

I realise this brand has been famous through the deposition of vulgar characters, but like so many things, this does not make them, or it, good.

I checked back to the 1949 version which I also found charming but thought the 1962 version more lively, and the colours more exciting; the artwork in both exceeds anything that follows.

Artwork is important.
posted over a year ago.