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The fans pick: Daddy Charming
Daddy Charming
Mommy Snow
The fans pick: Oliver and Chloe
Oliver and Chloe
Clark and Chloe
The fans pick: Dan and Serena
Dan and Serena
Dan and Blair
The fans pick: Harry and Hermione
Harry and Hermione
Draco and Hermione
The fans pick: Ron and Hermione
Ron and Hermione
Harry and Hermione
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Saku15 said …
Finally OUAT season 3 has been translated to my mother tounge, so I can rewatch all CS scenes. The last ep in the TV was ep 12. and I realized something. When Emma and Henry talked about Wash, Henry said that he was the first boyfriend who Emma had introduced to him and in the same ep Emma intruoduced Killian to him who will become her boyfriend at the end of season 3.
I don't know why, but I became so happy because of this. I love them! Posted 8 days ago
BeautifulLover said …
Why sherlocked88 never credits me when she uploads my icons? Honestly... I want to know, that's stealing Posted 2 months ago
delenafan123 said …
Finally Emma says I love you to Hook!!! I was so happy Posted 3 months ago