“I like to be surprised when I watch television, and nothing on television right now is surprising me more than Captain Hook’s sincere feelings for Emma. Their initial flirtation in this episode was very cute (the bit about perms was hilarious), and I liked that Emma actually seemed to be bantering with him and flirting with him rather than just rolling her eyes. The girl needs something to make her smile, and I think Hook could be exactly that.All of that initial flirting culminated in the scene where Hook once again offers Emma rum to heal her wounds. I’m continually impressed with just how intuitive Hook is concerning Emma; he can read her so well, and he offers her a kind of comfort she can accept because it’s simple. He’s not trying too hard like her parents; he’s just a pirate with a flask of rum and a knack for knowing exactly when she needs it.I loved the way that scene progressed, from the simple intimacy of drinking together from the same flask to the way Emma suggestively says, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” But then the whole flirtatious tone of the scene shifts when Hook tells her that he does want to know her. The sincerity O’Donoghue gave to that line reading was brilliant; it floored me as much as it floored Emma. There was something so honest, so vulnerable, about Hook in that moment. He wants to know Emma—to know who she is at her core. That’s not just a rogue looking for a conquest; that’s a man developing real feelings for a woman he genuinely cares for.The interesting thing about Hook’s desire to know Emma’s truest self is that he already knows it. It took Emma until this episode to admit that she still feels like an orphan, a lost girl. But Hook saw that in her the moment he first found himself alone with her. In an episode where true love was shown as understanding of who a person is at their core (Belle helping Rumplestiltskin see his goodness, Charming helping Snow see her leadership abilities), I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Emma sees in herself exactly what Hook saw when he first looked at her. ”