The thing about adrenaline was that droids didn't get it, clones did. That was a major advantage for Rex and all the other clones. Rex had just stepped away from Ahsoka and Axender and he could already feel it flowing through him, he supposed it was kinda like what jedi feel. Only that was the force. This adrenaline gave a clone the skills he normallyt had, but ten-fold. His accuracy was great, his endurance was outstanding, and his perception was remarkable.

As Rex made his way to the Mess, taking droids down, he felt a sense of dred as he approched it. A feeling of death. Quite common in the 501st, perhaps too common.

Rex stopped at the entrance, it was quiet. He could hear the battle be held elsewhere though. He creaked open the door, blaster ready. Inside, he saw dead droids and clones alike. As he checked there ID tags, none of the matched his squad's. Where were they? He made his way to the back rooms, still no sign. He poked his head at the entrance to the kitchen. Something was cooking, but it was burnt now.


A clone tackled Rex, taking him down and disarming his weapon. Rex had not seen that coming, if he had, he would have won. But he hadn't, he needed to work on it.

"Hey hey hey!" Rex shouted, "I'm on your side!!"
The clone took a look, then let him go.

"Sir, sorry sir. Can't be too careful." It was Nix.

Rex stood up, "Thats quite alright, wheres the rest of the squad?"

Nix pointed, "This way sir, follow me."

Rex and Nix ran to the rest of the squad, who was held up in the armory across the way.

"Ok boys," Rex started, "who do we have here?"

Three infantrymen came out, along with a sniper and a grenadier. A good looking force, Rex thought.

"Sir, we got cut off during the initial attack. We managed to hold up here. Good thing you came a long though. Were almost outta ammo." The original trooper Rex had met seemed to be the leader, Rex thought.

"We need to get outta here." Rex began, "Captain Axender is waiting for us to evacuate."

"Nix spoke to Axender a while ago." A trooper commented.

"Thank you trooper." Nix said, "But we have to get moving Captain."

Rex, Nix, and the squad made there way back to Axender, but to Rex's surprise, most of his men were dead. At least the droids had begun to regroup, so at least that gave them time to retreat.

Ahsoka was helping some wounded, and Rex order two of his troops to help her. Axender was checking a clone, sadly, he was dead.

"Axender! What happened?" Rex asked.

"Dang droids sent in air support." Axender said, "We gotta move, if we wanna get out alive. I've managed to get ahold of HQ, so we got LAATs on there way. But we can't get them from here, we have to extract a half a click down the trail we were following."

"Then let's do it!" Rex shouted, "befo-"

Axender cut him off, "We can't all make it. The seppies will know. I've talked to some of my men, we'll stay and hold them. Take the rest of my men and take care of them. Move fast, once the tinnies are in, I'm goona set off all the charges."

Rex understood why Axender was doing this. He had one considered it on Teth. He would have done it but Obi-Wan showed up.

"I will Axender, thanks."

Axender took off with some of his men, leaving the rest with Rex.

Ahsoka ran up with the two clones Rex had sent.

"We couldn't save them, it was too late. I'm so sorry Rex." Ahsoka whispered, she never tool deaths lightly, Rex thougt.

"Its ok Ahsoka, but we gotta get moving." Rex said.

"But what about Axender?"

"He'll catch up"

Ahsoka knew he was lying, but she couldn't change it.

They made there way to the LAATs. Rex could hear the fighting, it was heavy. As they were on their way back to HQ, Rex and Ahsoka both looked back at the same time. As they did, a huge bright flashing light blinded them. Followed by a Rex knew the droids were dead. And he knew Axender was too. But he died for his men and for the war, and that was every clones job. Axender did his job. A rush of guilt swept passed Rex, for the first time in a long time, he had realized that this, was the reality of command.