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My heartbeat must have sped up a little too much with my hatred. Carlisle Cullen moved his hand torwards me.

"Don't touch me!" I almost shrieked.

"Alright, alright. Calm down." Carlisle Cullen said with that irritating smile on his face.

"Why Carlisle..." I said, only I pronounced the 's' in his name making it sound like Carlissssle. From my parents' file on him, I know he hates it when people pronounce his name like that.

"My name pronounced Carlisle, the 's' is silent. So how are you feeling and can you provide me with your parents' contact number?" He asked kindly, still not recognising me.

"No, the 'q' in your name is silent. And I was feeling fine, until I saw you, Cullen. And about my parents...don't you recoginse the daughter of those whom you sent to their deaths?" I smiled a laid-back hunter's smirk, enjoying the expression on his face when I told him the 'q' in his name was silent. This will be an easy kill. He won't even know what hit him. I watch his confusion. Moron.

"My name is Lola Dragomir. Does it ring a bell?" I said as I slowly removed all needles and stuff he stuck into me, feeling relief rushing through me. There's nothing I hate more than needles and doctors. He took a step forword to stop me but I had already grabbed the daggers I always keep with me from the straps on my thighs. I winced as I stood up, silently cursing the truck driver. Holding the daggers out in front of me, I threw myself towards Dr. Fang. The daggers were special, made up of an ancient material which could cut through vampire skin. I aimed for his neck, determined to chop off his head when suddenly the door to the ward burst open and someone(all I could see was a blur) knocked into me with enough force to slam me into the wall and before I could react, the same someone roughly grabbed my hands and pinned them to my back.

"Carlisle, are you okay?" I immedaitely recognised the voice. Edward Cullen.

"Let go of me, you moron!" I squirmed against Edward's iron hold. Damn. I wish I had my katanas with me. Those swords could really come in handy now.

"Edward, let her go. It's okay." Carlisle Cullen said.

"Carlisle, she just tried to kill you!" Edward protested. Carlisle gently pried Edward's hand from my wrists.

"Lola, is something wrong? Why are you doing this?" Carlisle asked me, his face in a mask of concern which I found strangly attractive. I mentally slapped myself. He killed my parents. I must remember that. I long to wipe that smile from his face forever but I stand no chance against two vampires, especially someone like Edward. Damn. He probably read my mind, found that I was about to kill his precious "dad" and rushed up to save him. I snorted as I rubbed my wrists.

"What's wrong?! My parents are dead! That's what's wrong!" I screeched.

"I am sorry for your lost. Allisa and Orlando were great people. They understood our way of living and accepted us..." He said.

"You have no right to speak of my parents! They are dead because of you! YOU KILLED THEM!" I screamed. I lept forward, about to punch him when pain suddenly shot through me as I leapt up and I fell hard upon the floor. As I lost consciousness, a small irrational part of me was hurt that Carlisle didn't catch me.